Your Work Day Can Lead To A Fat Day!

The early morning drive and the daily stress of work overload combined with inactivity, bad "eating on the go" habits and lack of sleep can lead to a fat day? See how too much stress can be a bad thing.

The early morning drive and the daily stress of work overload combined with inactivity, bad "eating on the go" habits and lack of sleep can lead to a premature sleep pattern that could last forever. None of us want that, but in a world that expects more from us as each day passes, we tend to numero uno and live each day in devotion to our work instead of ourselves.

I'm not saying you should pack your job in and take a permanent vacation; I'm saying you should take a tender approach with your body or it won't be so understanding for YOUR needs when YOU need it.


Our daily doses of stress can lead to weight gaining character called cortisol, and most of you reading this will agree, society has become that little more erratic and stressful due to our jobs increasing reliance placed upon us.

The weight is normally given plenty of support from other willing bystanders on our daily journey, such as the work place vending machine, the fast food restaurant on the drive home, oh and who could forget that long distant relative we used to refer to exercise. It's been such a long time; I'm surprised you could even pronounce its name.


Excercise Guide

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Exercise doesn't have to be a burden or a time restraint. A time managed program that includes some resistance training and cardiovascular exercise are some players that are game to help you from slipping down the road of junctions, with signs pointing to fat gain and stress.

Power walks for 30 minutes and some plyometrics such as push-ups, crunches and lunges will do wonders for your metabolism, stress release and your body's contours.


That sneaky vending machine always seems to have a persuasive nature, especially when you aren't expecting it, but when you think about it though, you have given it all the ammunition it needs to invite you in for a calorie-glazed snack of fat gain.

You probably missed breakfast, and your workload probably further postponed a healthy packed meal, come to think of it; you were so busy you probably didn't even pack a nutritious meal.

A meal replacement shake or a protein bar can act out the perfect nutritious meal to have during the day when you are on the go, and just as handy when you are commuting to and from work because this is another perfect time that the craving monster can rear its ugly head.


Ask yourself - "Is your job putting on the pounds?" If you think so, use this article as a guideline, and take a look through our article archive for further insightful information. It might just save your life!


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