Joe Weider (1919-2013): Remembering The Master Blaster

Joe Weider packed multiple lifetimes' worth of accomplishment into 93 all-too-short years. We join the fitness world in marking the passing of the man who brought muscles to the masses.

Joe Weider came from humble origins in Depression-era Montreal, but he never doubted that he was destined for something great. Strength training was the tool he used to transform himself, and he wanted to make sure that everyone, everywhere, had access to it. The Master Blaster brought fitness to the masses, and we salute him for it.

Fitness wasn't just about physique for Weider. It was about taking control of your life and maximizing your ability. To mark Joe Weider's passing, we revisit his story, his most timeless lessons, and his legacy as remembered by the fitness legends who knew him.

Memorial Service Webcast

Joe Weider's Memorial Service was held Sunday, April 14, 2013. It was a memorable event of stories and successes that will never be forgotten. The complete Memorial webcast replay is no longer available.

Tributes: Remembering Joe

Joe Weider The Phenomenon

Joe Weider was more than a publisher and promoter. He was strength training's most charismatic prophet at a time when it languished in obscurity. Learn how the Master Blaster succeeded against the odds.

Joe Weider (1919-2013)

The "Master Blaster" taught the world how to train and eat for maximum health and fitness. A personal remembrance of this one-of-a-kind fitness icon.

We 'Mirin Special Edition: The Master Blaster

Joe Weider built the fitness industry as we know it. Celebrate the long and legendary life of the Master Blaster with this collection of 30 timeless photos.

8 Weider Principles

The Weider Principles have been venerated, debated, derided, rediscovered and used for decades. But modern science confirms their value more than ever!

Weighing Joe's Legacy

Until Joe Weider took the reins, bodybuilding was an obscure hardgainer of a sport. In the wake of his passing, we should all celebrate his profound influence.

Cory Everson Gives Thanks To Her Mentor

Joe Weider may have been an excellent coach, but his lessons reached far beyond biceps. Cory Everson remembers the life training she received from Joe.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Salutes Joe Weider!

Together, they made history, changed lives and shaped countless bodies. Arnold Schwarzenegger salutes his friend and mentor, the Father of Bodybuilding.

5 Reasons To Support Women's Bodybuilding

The Weider brothers created the Ms. Olympia in 1980. It's high time we give female bodybuilders the same respect we give to the men. Here are five reasons!

Lee Labrada Remembers The Legend

Joe Weider was like a father to Lee Labrada, who knew the Master Blaster through business and bodybuilding. Lee remembers the Trainer of Champions.

Muscle Memories: The Fitness World Reflects On Joe Weider

You'd be hard-pressed to find a bodybuilder or fitness person whose life wasn't influenced by Joe. Many of them shared their thoughts on his passing with us.
Joe Weider: In His Own Words

Joe Weider: In His Own Words

Weider - the name is so famous in the world of bodybuilding that you can't spend a day in the sport without hearing it.
An Interview With Joe Weider (2003)

2003 Interview With Joe Weider

People say you were never a lifter, your vitamins are bad, Muscle & Fitness is crap, you make too much money, you lie to kids about their gains. The myths are debunked.
Bodybuilding According To Joe Weider: Science Or Marketing Hype?

Bodybuilding According To Joe Weider

Find out what the science of bodybuilding means to Joe Weider, the history behind it, the beginning years and all about the Weider principles and where they came from!
Ric's Corner: Joe Weider Tribute

Ric's Corner: Joe Weider Tribute

Ric shares his tribute to Joe Weider, who passed away at age 93. Godfather and icon of bodybuiilding. Ric Drasin's relationship with Joe and how he mentored his career.