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Meet Liberator Shapes. Why settle for average sex when you can have pain free sex that is both fun, and extremely intimate. Read on if you are interested in learning more about this great product!

We often think about our physical and emotional health, but what about our sexual health? Possibly a topic many would rather avoid for a variety of reasons, but one that deserves more attention.

In my Sexual Health Corner, I will be addressing topics of interest such as sexual enhancers that improve men and women's libido, drive, performance, and stamina! And on a more serious note, I will also be revealing the reality of sexually transmitted diseases (STD's) and how you can protect yourself.

If you have any of these diseases, which I know many of you do, you'll learn how you can protect others. We will also learn about various cancers - early detection and prevention.

Whether you are male or female, straight, bi or gay, I will be inviting you to let me know your thoughts and ask any sexual health-related questions. Though I am not a doctor, I am here to talk and discuss topics that are on your mind, as long as it's sexual health-related and in good taste. With that said, let's jump into this month's topic!

Liberator Shapes
Making Love Perfect

This month, I will be discussing the Liberator, a cozy product line which guarantees to raise the standard of your lovemaking experience!

About The Liberator

A clever creation, Liberator Shapes are considered to be "Bedroom Adventure Gear," designed to make sex more enjoyable by helping to reduce pain during sex so that you can enjoy the art of love making.


Why do we have it? There are many obvious benefits of having intercourse, along with sex being an excellent form of cardio. Many forms of cardio are not exactly considered fun, while sex is enjoyable! (Or at least it should be.) Sex also helps to burn fat.

Most often people that are the happiest are having the most sex. It's true that you don't need an array of toys and gadgets to have great sex. Meet Liberator Shapes.

Why settle for average sex that may kink up your back, or tighten your hip flexors, when you can have pain-free sex that is both fun, and extremely intimate?! Read on if you are interested in learning about how to have a pain and hassle-free sex life!

Pain During Sex

Chronic pain, particularly low back pain, can affect many parts of your life. Many people feel that it affects their self-esteem, their relationships, and their ability to enjoy sex.

Other areas that often demand attention are the hip flexors (Iliopsoas), outer thighs, hamstrings, and knees. Depending on the position, even arms and shoulders get a welcome break.

Human Sexuality

Human sexuality has three aspects:

  • Sexual Function
  • Sexual Self-Concept
  • Sexual Relationships

In some cases, pain may affect one or more of these areas. Let's get a better understanding of what these three aspects of human sexuality are.

Sexual Function

Sexual function describes how we express ourselves sexually; how we make love. Pain can affect our sexual function in two ways:

      1. Chronic pain may hinder your ability to move freely, which in tern can limit the positions you can move into to have sex.

      2. Chronic pain may affect your ability to respond sexually.

Sexual Self-Concept

Let's look at the body's response during sex as three phases:

  1. Desire
  2. Excitement
  3. Climax (Orgasm)

This will help you understand why chronic pain sometimes changes sex, and as a result, relationships.

The "pleasure centers" of the brain create the Desire Phase. During the desire phase, the sexual appetite and drive are ignited.

Decreased desire, caused by pain or fear of pain can make a person turn away from sex. In reality, sex often helps to relieve pain.

Soon following is the Excitement Phase, when blood flow in a man to the penis increases, causing an erection; and in a woman, to her labia, vagina, and clitoris, causing swelling (engorgement) and lubrication to occur. During all this excitement, other areas of the body are reacting as well, but often not in a positive way...

Men who experience chronic pain may, unfortunately, find sexual excitement difficult, to the point where an erection is not possible. Woman may secrete less lubricating fluid from the vagina, lessening the excitement phase. Any negative reaction, or pain during the excitement phase, can cause the man's penis to become flaccid (limp) or the woman's vagina to become dry.

And finally, the Orgasm Phase is caused by the genital muscles, controlled by the spinal cord. These muscles contract involuntarily releasing built up sexual tension and swelling created during the excitement phase. Pain can prevent people from reaching this phase. In some cases, pain prevents people from reaching this climatic phase. Orgasm is also known as "coming," often spelled "cuming" or "cumming."

Sexual Relationships

Sexual relationships where people are in pain may also cause them to become moody as a result. Mood swings often lead to their partners feeling different about them and becoming impatient. If you or your partner is in chronic pain, try altering the sexual positions you have been trying.

There are varieties which will cause less (or no) pain at all for both you and your partner, thus improving your relationship and boosting your interest in sex again. Aside from knowing that, women may need to use some extra lubricant to prevent pain, as well. A water-soluble jelly, like K-Y Jelly, is the best. You will also want to consider the Liberator!

Liberator Shapes!

Liberator Shapes have been designed by, and for, couples who love sex and love being in love - pain free. With the Liberator, you can leave your comfort concerns at the door. Sex is easier, as you connect closer with your partner. Each Liberator Shape is packaged in re-usable, nylon storage bags.

With a heart for the community, they donate a portion of their annual net profits to several charitable organizations. These range from AIDS research and education, to the prevention of abuse of women and children. Everyone is benefiting from the usage of Liberator Shapes!


Justin H., Olympia, WA, USA:

"My wife and I are very different in terms of height and weight. I'm 6'3", 240 lbs., and she's only 5'3" and 120 lbs. We have found the Liberator Shapes very helpful as they make it possible for us to try positions that were impossible before. Trying to have sex off the edge of our bed, which is very low off the ground was very difficult, but now with the stage on the bed with the ramp placed on the stage, my wife is at my level, positioned perfectly!

We have even taken the ramp with us camping! Sex under the stars has a whole new meaning! We love the liberator shapes. They have added a lot more excitement to our love making."

Alicia P., Summit, IL, USA:

"The Liberator shapes are made of foam and come in a wide variety of colors. They are designed to help you and your partner get into and enjoy any position you want. I am not going to waste your time, so let me tell you now - these shapes are the best! I wish I had tried them sooner."

"I am now queen of the bedroom, or any room for that matter! I own the Stage, the Wedge, the Scoop, and the Ramp. Sure, they are a little hard to find storage for, but the pleasure makes owning them well worth it. To help keep them clean, they each came with two covers that are easily removable and washable.

One of the covers is waterproof, and I prefer the soft blue cover because when placed on the other shapes, it won't slide. If I had to choose my favorite it would be the Wedge. My hips and low back used to get very sore, when we are in the position of him being behind me.

Using pillows under my hips did nothing to help compared to the Wedge. A few friends have also bought them now and they love them, too; they thank us each time we see them! Yes, it's been under a month since they bought theirs; you can see what they have been doing with their time!"

Elaine M., Santa Barbara, CA, USA:

"I am a 62-year-young female, and have found the Liberator products to be excellent for people with bad backs, aches and pains, and creaky joints, along with my other medical conditions. My husband and I enjoy long loving making sessions and rely on the Wedge for comfort.

Pillows simply don't hold the shape, and are not as solid as we need, while the Wedge helps us position ourselves perfectly. We change the covers and use them as pillows for when we want to read or watch TV in bed. The Wedge has made a huge difference in our lives."

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