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Glutes: Exercises, Anatomy And Tips!

Find out what exercises work best for your Glutes! The smarter you are, the bigger you'll get!

Anatomy Of The Glutes

The Glutes

Major Muscles That Act On The Hip Joint:

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Top Glute Exercises


Tips: Lying on your back with your knees bent, lift your hips off the floor while keeping your back straight. Remember to keep your glutes tight!

Tips: While on the floor on all fours, extend one leg and with the foot cocked to a point that places it in line with the head. Then raise it to a 45-degree angle with the foot elevated above the head. The key to maximum results is to concentrate on contracting the glutes throughout the full range of motion.

Tips: Grabbing the top of a chair back to brace yourself, stand up straight, lift one leg behind you while keeping the other leg straight. Bring the raised leg back to the floor and raise it again for 10 repetitions. Then do the same for the other leg. Concentrate on flexing the glutes to that you feel them do the work. This should begin to tighten and firm these muscles.

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