Ask A Fitness Model Issue 6!

What does a guy have to do to find a girl that is into fitness as much as him, what is the too short in the fitness industry, how do you get into personal training, what exercises will help my lower back/glutes and more...

Questions & Answers

Hi Christina. I am a guy who works out a lot and takes care of myself. How can I hook up with a fitness girl whom cares about her body just as much as I do?

Well, the more obvious answer is to constantly put yourself into environments where there are women working out or training. A gym would be a great place. You have to be careful though; women (including myself) aren't very fond of being hit on in the gym while we are trying to workout. Just say hi, and if you see a girl you are attracted to try to be there the same time she is every day.

Then when it is appropriate, (not in the middle of her workout, maybe when she is filling up her water bottle) strike up a mini conversation. Some other great places to meet "fitness chicks" as you say is in any type of aerobics, or kickboxing class.

Try shopping at a whole foods market on a busy day like Saturday. Go to the beach. Get involved in some type of sporting event in your area like a marathon. Go rock climbing. There are tons of places to meet women just like yourself. The bar, or a football game with the guys is probably not one of them!

Other Ways:

You give good advice. So it is my turn to ask you something! To be a fitness model is there a height limit? I am 5'2", which is pretty short to be a model. Am I just dreaming to become a model? Thanks.

The truth is the only way your height would limit you is if you aspired to be a high fashion model (like Adriana Lima or Tyra Banks). Unless you wanted to walk the runways in New York, your height is not a problem. Almost every fitness model I know is under 5'5". I am actually on the taller side to be a fitness model (5'9").

The truth is, girls like Pamela Anderson, Carmen Electra, Trish Stratus, etc. are all very tiny and short. If your body is proportionate, and you are in good shape, you can be a successful lingerie, swimsuit, and fitness model. You are not just dreaming! Go for it, you will never know if you never try.

Christina, Hi! I am a 20 year old female who presently lives in Colorado. I will be moving to California soon. I am interested in becoming a personal trainer, working at a gym for starters, then who knows what! Anyway, I am curious how to get even get started in becoming a trainer. Any suggestions? Or who I should get my certification by? How long it takes? Thank you! Tanya

Hi Tanya. The first thing I would suggest doing is calling the gyms in the area you want a job (in your case California). Determine the top five gyms where you would like to work, and ask all of them what Certification they prefer their trainers to have. In my experience, the preferred certification in the South is AFAA.

When I called gyms in LA, more preferred ISSA. Once you determine which certification to go for, look online for their official website. ( Usually there is a step by step process, and a toll free number you can call to speak with an advisor. The usual procedure is that you will find out when there is a certification class in your area.

It usually costs a few hundred dollars to take the class, which lasts 1-3 days tops including the actual testing where you will receive your certification. As long as you pay attention during the course, the test is usually easy to pass. Once you receive your certification, you can begin hunting for a job. I would even recommend training some friends for little or no cost to them before you apply to a gym.

This would serve two purposes, it will give you some experience on what to expect once you actually start training. The other purpose is that in exchange for you training them, you can ask if they would mind being a reference for you when you are applying for the job. You can use them as "past clients" when applying for the actual job. Good luck!

Hi! I know you can't spot reduce, but I am thin everywhere except the sides of my hips, or actually my lower back, that hang out over my low-rise jeans. I would love to tone this area, but I don't know how. Any suggestions?

Yes. I love wearing low rise jeans. There are several ways I try to ward off that dreaded "back fat". You are correct that there is no way to spot reduce. You can, however, build and tighten the lower back muscle, and your glutes which both are exposed in a true pair of low riders. You need to make sure you continue to eat healthy, and do cardio.

There are a lot of what I call "skinny fat" women that are thin, but flabby because they don't work out. You need to make sure and incorporate some weight training in your routine to avoid the flab.

To tighten your glutes try walking lunges, rear lunges, squats, weighted step ups on an elevated platform, and the butt blaster.

Some of my favorite back toning exercises are good mornings, and the lower back extension machine. Once you build muscle, it will be much easier to maintain a tight lower back.

Glute Training Articles:

I have spent the past couple of months really trying to gain muscle. I have slowed down on the cardio and really pushed the weight lifting. I have seen great results, but now I am ready to cut the fat out. How can I loose the fat and keep the muscle underneath?

You are one step ahead of the game. It is much easier to lose fat when you have muscle underneath. The more muscle you have, the more calories your body burns naturally. Now, to lean out like you want, you need to step up the cardio again. I would do at least 30 minutes 4-5 times a week. You need to make sure and take in LOTS of protein to maintain muscle mass while burning fat.

I would recommend taking in 1-2 grams of protein per pound of body weight depending on the amount of cardio you are doing, and how strict your diet is. Another good supplement that will help you maintain muscle is glutamine. Maintain weight training, just add the cardio in. Hope that answers some of your questions.