2014 Fitness Olympia Report: Oksana Grishina Is Fitness Olympia Champion

After years of coming in second place to Adela Garcia, Oksana Grishina finally wins her first Olympia title!

It's one thing to look great. It's a whole other deal to look great and perform an acrobatic routine while carb- and-water depleted. But that's what Fitness competitors do each and every time they hit the stage. It's a sport that combines the aesthetics of physique with an entertaining twist. If you like looking at fit women doing insane tricks, then you need to sign up for the Fitness division fan club.

Known for her inventive, artistic, and difficult routines, Oksana Grishina has been a crowd favorite for years, and tonight she was finally awarded first place. Grishina has been worthy of a gold medal for a long time, but could never quite get past the eight-time champion Adela Garcia. Once Garcia hung up her dancing shoes, the door was wide open. But Grishina didn't just walk through the door; she barged in with a performance that blew the rest of her competition out of the water. "I want to thank my fans," she said. "You make me do my best."

Oksana Grishina

Here's how the top six shook out:

  1. Oksana Grishina
  2. Regiane Da Silva
  3. Tanji Johnson
  4. Bethany Cisternino
  5. Myriam Capes
  6. Fiona Harris

While Grishina was predicted to have snagged 4th or 5th in the physique round, her performance—which makes up 2/3 of the scoring—flung her into the top spot. Her funny aerobics instructor routine quickly became a sexy nod to the ever-popular chair dance. She displayed great balance and control through her movements and, as she had at the Arnold with her pole routine, once again demonstrated her amazing flexibility.

Although Grishina's show was the clear winner, Regiane Da Silva's Ken-and-Barbie costume and high-flying acrobatics were also great, and were an impressive way to follow her top callout in the physique round earlier today.

Tanji Johnson continued to impress the judges and the audience with her physique and her routine. This year, she favored the crowd—and played up her nickname—with a little Energizer Bunny costume.

Myriam Capes's angel/devil routine was one of the best of the evening. She put her gymnastics background to good use by displaying excellent control in very difficult strength moves while keeping up the energy.

Regiane Da Silva, Tanji Johnson, Bethany Cisternino, Myriam Capes

After each competitor performed, they were brought back in their posing suits for the confirmation round and final placings. Oksana earned first, and Regiane Da Silva jumped six spots from last year's 8th place finish to take second. Tanji Johnson earned third place, a repeat of her placing last year, and Bethany Cisternino traded Myriam Capes for the 4th place spot.

Cheers to all the Fitness competitors!

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