What Are Your Bodybuilding Goals For The New Year?

What are your bodybuilding goals for the new year? If you haven't made up your goals yet for the new year, it's not too late. Now is still a great time and our forum members have provided some great ideas and stories. Start now!

TOPIC: What Are Your Bodybuilding Goals For The New Year?

The Question:

If you haven't made up your goals yet for new year it's not too late! Now is still a great time for you to think ahead and plan your future goals. What those goals will be is entirely up to you - whether they are to lose fat, gain muscle, or just to get away from the stupid TV. The important thing is that if you make a goal make sure you complete it.

What are your bodybuilding goals for the new year? How much fat do you want to lose? How much muscle do you want to gain? Be specific.

Which goals will be the hardest to achieve?

Which will be the easiest?

Bonus Question: Are there any lifestyle changing programs in your area that people might be interested in trying out? Is there some incentive offered with these programs?

Show off your knowledge to the world!

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1st Place - blind2limits

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In the heat of New Year's past, I would spend time coming up with extravagant plans for making the biggest lifestyle change possible. The problem is that every year, those grandiose plans always burnt to a crisp as the fire and passion to make such massive changes dies.

For the new year, I'm taking a different approach. My goals are simple and straight forward -- Build Discipline, Build Strength, Build Muscle, Build Confidence -- in that order.

Build Discipline -- The Hardest Goal

Everything starts in the mind, and that's where I've fallen before. I allowed excuses and pressure to bring my plans to a halt. Instead of going to the gym and heading to sleep, there was some paperwork to be done for work -- which was never done. Instead of eating that clean meal I made, there was "no time to eat it" -- even though I found enough time for pizza, chips and soda.

I Still Found Time For Pizza, Chips And Soda
I Still Found Time For Pizza, Chips & Soda.

My family didn't help either. They constantly groaned about how I need to love myself as I am and urged me to stop trying to be like everybody else. They also made sure to remind me of how I've never followed through on any of my fitness goals -- how I've been all talk and no show. So 2008 progressed with me tearing myself down from the inside, which made it easy to let others tear me down from the outside.

My current mentality is the product of years of negativity and bad habits -- all of which need to change. First, what everyone else does and thinks doesn't matter to me. This is my change.

I need to stop competing with others and start competing with myself. Also, a mistake doesn't mean failure. Things go wrong and emergencies do occur; however, the entire program doesn't need to be restarted or ended because of one bump in the road.

Most importantly, I must focus, follow through, and never grow content. I have goals to reach. Excuses just make the journey longer than it needs to be. The mental battle against weakness is renewed with every passing day. Once I grow a strong work ethic and see the changes being made, fighting the urges to give-in will grow easier.

Build Strength And Build Muscle

With every past attempt at change, I focused on the vain goal of increasing my muscle measurements. Unfortunately, the mirror and the measuring tape are sketchy ways to track progress. The mirror is based on what I think I see and the measuring tape is prone the error.

Some time in December, I was searching for a better answer to training and measuring my progress. The answer hit me in a one-two punch while reading the transcript of a discussion on strength and size gains. Instead of focusing on my measurements, I should focus on my strength gains because the changes are easy to see over time.

Tracking strength gains is as simple as writing down the total weight lifted. Then, I came across a book that titled "Maximum Strength" by Eric Cressey and Matt Fitzgerald. One of the themes in the book is that with strength comes muscle and that's what I failed to realize in my past attempts at muscle building.

More strength is able to move more weight; and as a result, lifting heavier weights builds more muscle. With that said, these are my strength and muscle building goals for this year:

  • Deadlift - To complete one 5-rep set at 200lbs
  • Squat - To complete one 5-rep set at 200lbs
  • Bench - To complete one 5-rep set at 175lbs
  • Chin Up - To complete one 10-rep set of chin-ups with only my bodyweight
  • Pull Up - one 10-rep set of pull-ups with only my bodyweight
  • Weight - To reach and pass a total bodyweight of 200lbs with relatively low body fat percentage (8 to 12%)
  • Explore strongman events like Tire-Flipping, the Farmers Walk and Atlas Stone lifting.
  • Explore other sports and activities like football, swimming and yoga.
Build Confidence -- The Easiest Goal

As every life-coach is trained to say, "Confidence comes from within". This is true, but it doesn't mean that confidence can't be enhanced by personal achievements. The confidence will grow gradually as I continue to dedicate myself to training. Clothes will fit better as the flab disappears. Pride in the sweat and chicken breasts (the food) that went toward my transformation will be noticeable to others.

My style and appearance will change, which will make social situations less harrowing. The way I perceive myself will change once the shell of my past is left behind. The lessons learned while working to build strength and muscle can be applied to the rest of my life as well. The best part is that it will all happen because of my work -- no extra sweat necessary.

Where To Find Help Starting A Lifestyle Change In NYC

In New York City, there are too many options to list or choose to highlight just one. However, my best suggestion would be to visit any of the fitness club chains (like Gold's Gym, Crunch, Planet Fitness, New York Sports Clubs, etc.) that are holding Seasonal Promotions.

In New York City, There Are Too Many Options To List
In New York City, There Are Too Many Options To List.

These programs usually include free personal training sessions or reduced prices on a set of personal training sessions, while others may have extended trial periods. The most important thing is that fitness club chains tend to have a more inviting and less competitive environment. An environment like that can help people feel comfortable taking their first steps toward changing their lifestyles.

2nd Place - extremenergy3

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What Are Your Bodybuilding Goals For The New Year?

I actually just got done posting up my final pictures in the supplement miscellaneous section of the Bodybuilding.com forums. It was a wonderful experience doing my first cut after putting on as much muscle mass as I could since April of 2006 when I first picked up a weight.

It was a great test of mental patience and physical endurance to reach that level of conditioning for the first time in my life! I learned much about my body and its responses to different training techniques, healthier foods, and different supplementation. All these allowed me to tone up, shed fat, and lose that water weight.

But back to my goals for the new year... I WANT TO BULK!

That is, I want to bulk until May ends. A good four months from now to get to 180 lbs. The max I've ever weighed was 170 lbs. I shed about 15-18 lbs to get to where I am now at 152-155 lbs. But the muscle mass is not quite there yet.

It was quite a great experience to test my body and how it would recompose cutting, letting my body learn how to withstand a different diet and lose fat. But now it is time to put on the MASS!

In the middle of May, I plan on cutting again for 12 weeks to help my body get used to losing fat again. Plus it's the summer time! Time for the 3 B's!

Babes! Beach! And Bodybuilding! After 12 weeks is up, it's back to bulking again. And depending on how much fat I lose, I'm testing myself to get up to 190 lbs until the new year begins!

I'll be working particularly on adding much more mass and definition to chest, abs, and arms. I guess I got caught up with all the hype on the boards of everyone being just "chest, abs, and arms". So I worked my back and legs a lot. Now it's time for me to be a forum hype beast and catch up to those with those attributes as they catch up to mine.

Which Goals Will Be The Hardest And Easiest To Achieve?

Although I've been lifting weights and bodybuilding for almost three years, I have yet to master either bulking or cutting. With tremendous help from the Bodybuilding.com forums, I was able to accelerate my cutting process greatly. Way more than I expected.

So I think it is not so much which is harder, but that you receive support from a variety of sources (family, friends, and Bodybuilding.com members) and have the motivation to reach the goals you want.

I definitely have the support of my family and friends. And the forum members are a tremendous help, as usual. Whether harder or not is not the question I need to answer, it is will I reciprocate well the comments of those who want to help me. I will take heed of their advice and put it to good use for the goals I have mentioned.

Are There Any Lifestyle Changing Programs In Your Area?

Frequently, in San Francisco, Bally Total Fitness offers a "Bring a friend" or a "Bring a family member" special, allowing your guest to come in free and check out the facilities, classes, and just to work out! I think it is absolutely great because people who normally wouldn't want to go to a gym by themselves and learn about fitness now have someone to go with to experience gym life.

People Who Normally Wouldn't Want To Go By Themselves Now Have Someone To Go With
People Who Normally Wouldn't Want To Go By Themselves Now Have Someone To Go With.

I haven't been there in a couple of weeks because I'm still in college and use the gym frequently there, which is in another town. But I recall there being New Year's goal programs to lose fat, gain muscle, or tone up. Those who join the program receive a discounted price on personal training and membership, I believe.

So, everyone, it's not too late to start your lifestyle-changing/bodybuilding goals! You will be healthier, more confident, and be more happy with a better body!

3rd Place - Improves

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What Are Your Bodybuilding Goals For The New Year?

I have three main goals that I will be working on for the current year. Become bigger and stronger while (this is something I hate to see people forgetting) becoming healthier. Unlike maybe many of you reading this, I won't be fixing myself a monster goal for the end of the year.

A year is a big load of time, a lot of things can happen that could slow or accelerate your progress toward the numbers you want to reach. Setting yourself one ultimate goal can only lead to two things according to me: slowing or stopping your progress once you've reached that goal or bringing down your moral if you fail to reach it within the time you had planned. I am a strong believer that milestones or mini-goals are a far better way to do things. Like so:

Bodyweight (assuming a minimal increase in body fat):

  • 155 lbs
  • 160 lbs
  • 165 lbs
  • 170 lbs
  • 175 lbs

Total of my squat, flat bench press and deadlift numbers combined:

  • 600
  • 700
  • 800

How more rewarding! If I succeed with everything, I'll have completed 8 achievements! Plus, I believe that people should not do things like shoot for a 600 lbs raw bench, without aiming the first steps of the ladder first! Enjoy small progression congratulating yourself for every small gain that will come along!

A question that I guess should be added is the crucial, "How do you plan on succeeding with those goals?". In my case the answer is simple: bringing all aspects of training to the next level.

I will be looking into new supplements to go along with my basic stack consisting of whey and a multivitamin. Adding some casein, fish oil and creatine to the supplements I'll be using.

And what I think will make my goals more easily achievable, is the improvements I am making on a regular basis on my diet. It is more balanced than ever, and even if I think I am doing good, I'll find ways to improve it in order to get all the nutriments at the right time that my body needs to build and repair itself.

Which Goals Will Be The Hardest To Achieve?

The health part. I am confident with my "getting bigger and stronger" goals, but succeeding in them might lead to packing up some fat, and that is definitely something I want to avoid. That's why my diet will be my priority.

My Diet Will Be My Priority
My Diet Will Be My Priority.
Which Will Be The Easiest?

The "getting bigger" part will be the easiest of the three. Never would I dare to say its going to be easy. Because for everyone, beginner like pros, it is not! I am quite new to the bodybuilding world and I guess that I have some time left in front of me before I hit my first real plateau, that's mainly why I think this goal is going to be the easiest to do for me.

Are There Any Lifestyle Changing Programs In Your Area?

There aren't any decent ones in my area, but I wish there would be. I hate to see overweight people on the streets and the lifestyle change proposed on sugar filled cereal boxes aren't going to transform those people.

Please, if you are reading this, and need to get back in shape, stop waiting for a starting date that will never come, the best time to start is NOW. Dream of your future body as an incentive to start a weight loss and muscle-building routine and do it!

3rd Place - Strength4life

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Bodybuilding Goals

It never occurred to me that bodybuilding could change my life. After a while, it became my life. I used to chase down what most men my age do: women. Now, my priorities and goals have changed a lot. My new goals are to have the ability to deadlift over four hundred pounds, and to improve my nutrient timing. Both of my goals will bring me a step closer to true happiness.

The King Of All Exercises

Some people pride themselves on the bench press, and others boast about squatting. I have always been in love with deadlifting. I believe that it is the true test of strength. I will never forget the first month I began deadlifting. There were numerous times when friends and family members would compliment my physique.

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Barbell Deadlift.
Video: Windows Media

I recall one incident when a neighbor accused me of taking steroids. I was so happy! That's when I promised myself that if I was ever forced to pick one exercise, it would be the deadlift.

Unfortunately, after a while, people stopped noticing and what's worse is my PR for this amazing exercise went down. My old record was 300, and after a few months of inconsistency, it dropped down to 250. I now have the passion and the mindset to not only achieve my old record, but to exceed it by one-hundred pounds! May God be with me.

Time Is Of The Essence

As a child, eating was fairly simple; I'd eat when I was hungry and then stop when I was full. Some people can get away with this kind of mindset, but I have found that I need a food log in order to be successful. I also need to be aware of my nutrient timing.

The general rule of thumb that I have learned is that all carbs should be eaten during breakfast and post-workout. I can easily eat carbs at these times, but I always crave carbs. In the past I had six meals a day. The first three meals had a significant amount of carbs with a significant amount of protein.

My last three meals would have little carbs, but they would have high fat. At the time I was using this kind of nutrient timing, my body fat was a single digit. This is where I want to be again. Not only do I look better when I switch my dietary habits, but I feel like I am walking around Disneyland.

I plan on returning to my old ways of eating very slowly. I know that if I automatically switch patterns, I will mentally cop out. So I will take baby steps. First I'll buy some natural peanut butter and I'll force myself to eat it. Bodybuilding is about sacrifice and if I have to replace cereal with peanut butter then so be it. I know it will be worth it once I have adapted.

Which Goals Will Be The Hardest To Achieve?

I am one hundred percent sure that my nutritional goal will be the hardest to achieve. Anyone who has tried to change their dietary habits knows exactly where I am coming from when I say that it is not easy at all. Food is kind of like a drug. Obviously everyone needs it to survive, but in America I have found that there is a different issue with food: choices.

There are so many choices readily available and a lot of them aren't healthy. There are fast food joints, coffee shops filled with sugary drinks, and ice cream shops. With that being said, there is a lot of willpower that is needed when it comes to bodybuilding.

Even if one picks healthy foods, they still have to eat them at the right time. What makes matters worse is the fact that I have a never-ending sweet tooth. I know that almost anything can be achieved, and I feel that this goal is well within my range.

Which Will Be The Easiest?

Deadlifting is in no sense easy. There have been times after deadlifting that I have felt like I was going to pass out. I am also guilty of being a grunter. But, training has always been the easy part for me. I get a kick out of a brutal workout-it's an accomplishment. If I stay consistent and am able to deal with natural setbacks, then my goal of a four-hundred pound deadlift is realistic.

Are There Any Lifestyle Changing Programs In Your Area?

I am not aware of any specific lifestyle changing programs in my area because I have just moved, but I would recommend that if someone is fairly new to fitness, they should enter a 5k run/walk. They are a great motivation for "getting away from the stupid TV."