How Can One Dress To Cover Their Weight?

How can one dress to cover their weight? Many of you would like to know exactly how to do that. Well our forum members have put in there thoughts on the subject right here - Includes types and sizes of clothing, getting a tan, and more.

TOPIC: How Can One Dress To Cover Their Weight?

The Question:

Some of us may have gained a little extra weight from this holiday season and do not want to show it off to our co-workers, boss, friends, family, etc. Since it is bulking season for many of us we tend to brush it off. Nevertheless, we would rather cover up the extra fat rather than flaunt it.

How can one dress to hide their extra weight?

What are some of the best clothing items to help cover up the weight?

How much weight (how many pounds) can one expect to cover up by dressing differently?

Do you ever dress differently to cover up your weight?

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Ever get tired of the expression "Does this dress make me look fat?" or "How do I look in this dress?" Sounds ridiculous right? How can a simple outfit make you look fat? Well, the truth is that it can. Some clothes can appear to put 10lbs on your body while others can take off 10lbs.

Imagine the difference when a woman wears an oversized T-shirt with sloppy sweatpants as opposed to her wearing a silky black dress with high heels. We all know that proper clothing can give us a good impression, but it can also make you look the way you want to.

Hiding Weight
How Can One Dress To Hide Their Extra Weight?

There are many ways to make you look slimmer than you really are. The first and most important tip is to feel good about your own body. You won't convince anybody that you are thin if you yourself don't believe it. Show off some of your other positive aspects like your smile or your eyes. It doesn't have to be all about the physique. Flaunt all your positive qualities and disguise all your negative qualities.

Vertical Stripes Only:

Do not wear clothing with horizontal stripes because that will create the illusion of you being wider than you actually are. Instead, wear vertical striped clothing to draw the eye's attention up and down, making you appear taller and slimmer to others.

Vertical Stripes
Click Image To Enlarge.
You Don't See Many Short Dumpy Refs.

The worst thing you can do is wear horizontal striped clothing around any part of your body which carries a little extra weight. For example, if you have a big stomach, don't wear any horizontal striped clothing around the mid section.

Draw Attention Away From Your Body:

In order to look slimmer, you must draw attention to other parts of your body, like your face for example. In order to do so, you must experiment with different colors.

Black is not the only color out there. If you select a good skin matching color, you will draw attention to your glowing face. How do I do that? Simply pick a color that looks good on you and use different shades of that color.

Choose A Darker Wash:

If you have a little extra weight around your legs, don't wear bright colors. Choose a darker wash such as dark blue, gray or even a pair of black jeans to make your legs appear slimmer than they are.

If you are embarrassed about your backside, do not wear jeans that are faded on the backside. Bright colors will only draw attention to that part of your body. A darker wash will make you appear more slender than you really are.

Get A Tan:

A good tan can make you look thinner. Go sunbathe on a hot day or use some tanning lotion to give you that tanned look. If you want to make your face look thinner, simply apply some additional tanning lotion under your cheeks. This will give the illusion of a thinner and more slender face. If your skin is bright white, you will draw lots of unwanted attention towards yourself.

Arrange Your Hair:

Give additional volume to your hair. It will make your entire face look smaller. The reason for that is because your hair to face proportions will benefit you face and make your head look smaller. However, one you have added additional volume towards your hair, be sure to change your hairstyle from time to time so people won't think that you are choosing that specific hairstyle to look thinner.

Hair Style Hair Style
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Be Sure To Change Your Hairstyle From Time To Time.

No Tight Clothing:

Tight clothing will only flaunt your bad sides. However, dressing too loose can be just as bad. Loose clothing will create the illusion of you actually being wider and heavier than you truly are. Instead, choose softly tailored clothing that defines but does not constrain. This will flaunt your good areas and avoid the bad. Also, wear shoulder pads to make your hips look smaller.

Muscle Shirts:

Do you ever see those muscular people benching 300+ pounds in the gym wearing muscle shirts? You think to yourself, maybe I should wear muscle shirts too. The answer is no, because that will expose your weight. The opportunity for that comes later when you have reached your bodybuilding/fitness goals. It is best to go to the gym wearing a nice thick white T-shirt.



Don't just buy any accessories that look good at the mall. Instead, buy accessories that look good ON YOU. If you are a little overweight, don't buy thin bracelets or slim necklaces. You should try to find bigger accessories such as chunky bracelets and a relatively large purse. Tiny accessories will only over exaggerate your size.

Baggy Clothes:

If you feel like you are overweight, you might try to cover your midsection or legs with loose clothing. But in reality, this makes you look larger than you actually are. Only choose clothing that looks good on you. You must look at the size you are in and accept it. Baggy clothing can also give people the impression of you having bad hygiene and poor fashion taste.

Compression Shirts:

Compression shirts like Under Armour clothing look bad when you wear them outside but look good when you wear them inside your outer shirt. The reason for this is because they create the illusion of you actually looking tighter than you really do.

The effect of this trick is astounding, especially if you have a flabby gut. The compression shirt is completely undetectable from the outside unless you wear a thin T-Shirt. Another bonus is that these Under Armour compression shirts really keep you warm when it's cold, allowing you to wear less clothing. Less clothing = Less weight.

What Are Some Of The Best Clothing Items To Help Cover Up The Weight?


I would have to say belts. Belts are very important because they keep your pants up, covering your midsection. Don't sag your jeans all the way down to show half your butt because that will expose your midsection. Instead, use a belt to try to keep your pants up above your midsection so people cannot see what you are trying to hide.

The color of your belt should match with your entire outfit. Don't buy a flashy color like bright yellow because that will draw attention towards your gut. A good tip is not to tuck in your shirt unless you absolutely have to. Tucking in your shirt will only show people your midsection and might even make it look bigger than it really is.


I mentioned before to purchase relatively large handbags/purses. The reason for this is so you won't look like a giant compared to your accessories. The last thing you want to do is purchase a tiny handbag or a tiny little bracelet because that will create the illusion of you actually looking bigger than you truly are.

Choosing the wrong accessories to go with your own individual body type is the number one mistake that many people make.

Personal Hygiene:

Your personal hygiene can also determine how you look to others. If you have a nice clean cut towards your image, people will not notice that you have a little bit extra baggage.

On the other hand, if you have not shaven in months, have not cut your hair since last year and have nose hair like octopus tentacles, then people will start to think that you are a slob and critique your physique. In order to draw attention away from your bad parts, exaggerate your parts such as your eyes or haircut.


Wear stylish sunglasses and flashy hats. By wearing these accessories, you will really draw the attention to your face instead of your physique. Wear a hat that is bright and colorful to show your sense of humor.

Santa's Helper
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Everyone Loves Flashy Hats!

The first impression is very important if you are meeting new people. The last thing you want them to think of you is "wow, this guy is out of shape." You want them to notice all your good qualities such as your eyes, smile, sense of humor...

Pants Or Shorts?

If you have really thick legs, wear pants instead of shorts. Shorts will only make your legs look bigger and thicker than they really are. Wear a color that matches with your skin tone. If your clothes blend in with your skin, you will create the illusion of actually being thinner.

On the other hand, if you think you have nice calves, by all means wear shorts. Like a said above, flaunt your good qualities and hide the rest.

Clothing Size:

The size of your clothing obviously can and will add weight to your physique. Don't buy anything too tight or too loose. Find a fit that looks good on you. If you are a triple X-Large, don't shop for large. Instead, buy the triple X-Large because it will look better on you than a large would.

A good tip is to wear a tight under shirt under your shirt to make your physique look tighter. For example, if you are wearing a triple X-large flannel shirt, wear a triple X-Large compression shirt or a muscle shirt to keep the fat inside. This works very well if you have a big midsection.

How Much
How Much Weight (How Many Pounds) Can One Expect To Cover Up By Dressing Differently?

I believe that you could look 5-10 percent lighter if you knew how to dress properly. 5-10 percent is actually a lot! A 200lb man can look like he weighs only 180lbs with proper attire. Keep trying these tips and see what works best for you. It might be just one super good tip here that appears to take off 20lbs for you are it could be a combination of tips.

If you want to look even thinner, I suggest that you start/continue working out and eating healthy. Clothing can only help up to a certain extent. They will not give you a physique like Brad Pitt or Arnold but they will make you look and more importantly feel better about yourself.

On the other hand, if you were to dress badly, you can expect to gain an extra 5 to 10 pounds on your physique. By badly, I mean dressing in bright colors around the parts of your body you wish to hide and wear horizontal strips around your backside.

Dressing badly can even make the most perfect physique look average in the eyes of others. Don't copy others clothing style because what works for them might not work for you. That is why it is so important to know and understand what works the best for your individual body type.

Dressing Differently
Do You Ever Dress Differently To Cover Up Your Weight?

No, I have not. The reason for this lies in my genetics to be skinny. I actually have been wearing lots of clothing to make me look bigger than I really was back in high school. I think I have been quite successful in improving my physique for the better because I look a whole lot better shirtless now than I did two years ago.

I feel comfortable wearing an average T-Shirt that wraps around the chest tightly and leaves about an inch of space on my arms. However, if I continue dirty bulking, I can expect to cover up my weight in a little over 6 months.


A good outfit can mean the difference between looking like 160lbs or 190lbs. Choosing the perfect outfit takes time as you will have to adjust it every now and then. Try on different outfits and colors to see which one looks the best on you.

To save some time, use this article as a guideline. This article goes over everything you have to know in order to create the perfect outfit. However, I have not seen you individually in person and thus cannot tell you what looks best on you individually and that is when trial and error begins. Good luck

Thank you for reading this article. Feel free to ask me any questions on this or any other of my articles at Blink41 on

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Some of us may have gained a little extra weight from this holiday season and do not want to show it off to our co-workers, boss, friends, family, etc. Since it is bulking season for many of us we tend to brush it off. Nevertheless, we would rather cover up the extra fat rather than flaunt it.

Hiding Weight
How Can One Dress To Hide Their Extra Weight?

This topic was rather near and dear to my heart in the past, but we will get to that later. First, let's go over some basics of how your wardrobe can hide your extra weight. There are some of my factors to consider when first approaching this task.

1. Color:

We've all heard that black is slimming and white makes you look wider. This is true. Put on a dark shirt, look in the mirror, then put on a white shirt. You will see the difference in yourself. This is not just a black/white issue. This is a general rule that lighter colors make you appear larger, as where darker colors makes the eye slim down your image to the brain.

2. Pattern:

Another commonly heard comment is that vertical stripes are slimming. This is also true. One more experiment: put on a vertically striped shirt, check yourself out, then put on a horizontally striped shirt. You saw the difference.

3. Thickness:

OK I lied, you have to change another time for me to prove a point. Put on a t-shirt that you don't like the way you look in and stand in the mirror. Now put on either a smaller t-shirt or a tank top under it and look again. For some reason, you look better in the layered ensemble than you did with just the t-shirt alone.

I'm not sure of the exact science of why this works, but I believe it is because the shirt is not hugging right up against your frame now, showing off all of the soft areas that holiday parties left you with. So this is another method that you can use to hide your frame.

4. Size:

This is an obvious one. If you don't want to show off your exact body measurements these days, don't pick out a size that you would wear 2 weeks out before a contest to show off all your hard work. Instead have some clothes on hand that are one size up from the size that would be semi-tight on you.

Why only one size up and not 2 or 3? This is one situation where going overboard can have the opposite of the desired effects. If you wear something that you are swimming in, you will look even larger than you truly are, not to mention look ridiculous.

What Are Some Of The Best Clothing Items To Help Cover Up The Weight?

Taking each of the above points, we can find clothing that would fit any occasion or situation that would help to cover whatever it is that you are ashamed of.


This is an easy one. Clothing of every style and type is sold in a variety of colors that covers the whole rainbow. Obviously t-shirts can be found in any color, along with pants for every day casual wear. If you have an office job, you are in luck.

Polo shirts and button up dress shirts are very popular these days and luckily, because of current styles that are popular, are sold in just as many colors as t-shirts. So you should be able to find and wear darker clothes at the office without sacrificing your good looks that you were using to get close to that intern.


Once again we are saved by current fashion trends. VERTICAL striped shirts are everywhere these days. It's actually harder to find plain and horizontally striped shirts in stores. So your office and club look are saved. Pin striped pants are also seen everywhere these days.


So you want to add some layers? No problemo amigo. Undershirts/tanktops/wifebeaters(sorry), or whatever you want to call them, go under any shirt and do not show unless you are wearing a thin white shirt (but you know from the above information that you have those white shirts in your drawer, waiting for better days, right?).

Also, with the colder weather these days, I like to put on thermal shirts occasionally when wearing t-shirts to add a layer to myself. This not only keeps me warmer, but also makes me appear better when I'm not feeling my most vascular.

When going out with a special gal or heading to the office, suit jackets are becoming very popular at clubs, wearing them with either button up dress shirts or even t-shirts and jeans. These will definitely hide your figure and you can combine this with the pinstripe pattern (which is vertical!) for the ultimate illusion.


Pretty self explanatory. All clothes come in all sizes. If you have the resources or ability, you could have your clothes specially tailored or let out to customize their fit with your body shape. If you are like me, slept through Home Economics class and have a wallet that only carries ID and nothing more, then you are at the mercy of whatever you can find and will need to spend some extra time in the stores looking for something that fits you right.

How Much
How Much Weight (How Many Pounds) Can One Expect To Cover Up By Dressing Differently?

I cannot give any specific numbers on how much a person can expect to cover up by implementing the methods above. These are simply things that I used when I was larger to make myself comfortable in public.

After losing a large amount of weight, I would tell people how much I used to weigh (~300 pounds) and they would be astonished and tell me that they never thought I weighed that much. Their estimates were usually around 250-260. So for me, personally, my illusion covered up 40-50 pounds of extra weight.

I believe its just a matter of finding what works best for you. It may be a combination of things I stated above, or it may be something completely different that I didn't even think of. There is only so much you can do though. I think that even Houdini would be hard pressed to make a 400 pound person appear to be at a fitness model size.

Dress Differently
Do You Ever Dress Differently To Cover Up Your Weight?

These days, I am proud to say that I do not have to cover up much weight. There are days/weeks where I feel bloated or unhappy with myself and I may wear a baggy sweatshirt or an extra layer to class just to keep my mind off of it. But I am quite happy with my body and very seldom hide it. High school was a different story.

As mentioned above and in past articles, before finding bodybuilding, I was quite large and rocked the scale at 300 pounds. Luckily for me, at the time I was in high school, hip hop clothing was in style (even for Caucasian farm boys like me, or so I thought).

So I was able to hide a portion of my weight with baggy jeans and shirts that never showed off my true physique. Another piece of luck occurred when I left high school, discovered bodybuilding, and lost weight. My style of dress was changing to include tighter pieces of clothing and it just so happened to occur right with my weight loss.

So in the end, you can use these techniques above, but they should only be temporary tools used while you are dieting and exercising to have a more permanent fix and make yourself healthier and happier.

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Hiding Weight
How Can One Dress To Hide Their Extra Weight?

Put on a few extra pounds during the holidays? You're not alone. The average American gains a whopping five pounds between Thanksgiving and New Years1.

Between bulking season and the holiday season, this can be an especially tough time for bodybuilders as we start looking forward to the cutting season. Luckily there a few things we can do to give the appearance of slimmer look by making a few simple wardrobe changes.

Wear clothes that fit. The biggest mistake you can make is to attempt to hide those extra pounds under clothes that are too big or excessively baggy. Baggy clothes don't hide anything, they just add bulk. Tight clothes, on the other hand, show off everything. Choosing clothes that are comfortable and fit correctly is the first step to looking great.

Color makes a difference! Ever wonder why black makes you look thinner? Unlike light colors, dark colors absorb the light and recede into the background. Navy, black, and brown can all do the same trick, but the darker the color the better. How you combine these colors makes a difference as well.

Try to stick with one color palette to create an unbroken vertical line down your body.2 You can also add color directly to your body by tanning! Why do you think bodybuilders set up stage dramatically darker than average? Tanning not only slims you, it hides all those tiny imperfections and creates a smooth, lean look.

Get taller. Using a monochrome color scheme can also create the illusion of height and taller is slimmer! If you choose clothing with patterns, make sure to look for items with vertical lines. Vertical lines elongate and slim you, whereas horizontal lines add width.

Equally important is standing up straight and tall. You can inches to your height and therefore subtract pounds from your look just by fixing your posture. So stand tall and proud!2

Create balance by showing off what you've got and hiding that which you've got too much of! Let's say, for example, that you are top heavy. Wear a darker colored top, perhaps one with vertical stripes, but nothing with loud patterns or bright colors. Contrast that with a brighter color pants or jeans or loud shoes and the eyes will be drawn away from your problem area and down.3

You can use accessories to accomplish the same thing. Got beautiful eyes? Draw the eyes up to your face by adding some accessories to your dark attire. For men, hats are a fantastic addition as are some cool shades. Adding some bright highlights to your hair will also draw the eyes your face. For women, the same thing can be accomplished by colorful earrings, necklaces and scarves.

What Are Some Of The Best Clothing Items To Help Cover Up The Weight?

Carrying a few extra pounds around the midline? Blazers or jackets with one or two pockets at your natural waistline can add shape and help define your waistline. Jackets that have multiple buttons only emphasize your waist line and should be avoided as should double-breasted jackets, those with heavy materials, and long trench coat style jackets.

Slightly shorter jackets can make the legs look longer; creating the height illusion we talked about earlier. V-neck sweaters and shirts are another great choice if you are carry your extra weight around your stomach area. V-necks draw eyes up and away from the waist.3

Choosing the right pants can make a big difference. Pants that are too short will make you look shorter and heavier, while pants that are too long will pool around your shoes and add bulk. "Skinny pants" are all the rage these days. These are jeans that fit snugly, taper at the bottom, and can definitely make you look slimmer. But they may not work for everyone.

Typically, skinny jeans make skinny people look skinnier! Take it from a bodybuilder with small calves and big hips- jeans that are too clingy around the hips only make them look wider! I have found that a slightly relaxed fit around the hips with a touch of tapering towards the bottom looks much better than an all-around tight-fitting jean. Jeans with no front pockets will also help you look smaller.

For women, high-heels have their own set of problems but they go a long a way to making you look taller and slimmer. Men can into the act too. Remember the Seinfeld episode where Kramer talks Mickey into using lifts?

Check out for some real life "tall shoes". But when looking for shoes with a bit of a heel, be sure to avoid shoes that are bulky or have wide toes, like the old school Doc Martens. They only serve to make your legs look shorter.

How Much
How Much Weight (How Many Pounds) Can One Expect To Cover Up By Dressing Differently?

There is no magic pill for dieting and there are no magical clothes that hide 50 extra pounds. The good news, however, is that you realistically look 5-10lbs lighter by incorporating some of these wardrobe tips. That may be just enough put the confidence back in your step and send you into cutting season feeling a little lighter.

Dress Differently
Do You Ever Dress Differently To Cover Up Your Weight?

A victim of the "post contest rebound", I put on a whopping 30lbs in two months. At 5'3'' this was quite a feat. I have since learned how to managed coming off the contest diet in a healthy manner, but that's a subject for another article. During this phase, I employed every trick I mentioned above.

The endless cutting and bulking cycles bodybuilders experience can wreak havoc with our emotions and our self-image. While learning how manage these losses and gains in a constructive way is of utmost importance, the addition of a few of these wardrobe tips can help ease the burden.



3rd Place - Mtguy8787
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Some of us may have gained a little extra weight from this holiday season and do not want to show it off to our co workers, boss, friends, family, etc. Since it is bulking season for many of us we tend to brush it off. Nevertheless, we would rather cover up the extra fat rather than flaunt it.

Hiding Weight
How Can One Dress To Hide Their Extra Weight?

General Tips:

    • Wear lighter, natural fabrics like cotton or linen. Avoid heavy materials like tweed or flannel.

    • Choose darker colors over lighter ones. Dark colors work much better to create the illusion of being lighter. An all black outfit, or one of a single color can be a good way to go.

    • Avoid wearing t-shirts. T-shirts have a way of clinging to that gut, thus maximizing the flaw. A baggy t-shirt does little to disguise extra weight.

    • Wear clothes that fit well. Tight clothing will obviously showcase that extra weight. However, clothing that is too baggy or shapeless will also make the extra weight very apparent.

    • Make use of tailors. Finding clothing that fits perfectly for you can be difficult. A tailor can be well worth the cost, especially if you are in a professional line of work.

Use Those Stripes:

A striped, button down shirt can create the illusion of weighing less then you do. Always choose shirts that have vertical stripes. Choose a shirt with thinner stripes, rather than thick ones. Again, remember to choose darker, more subtle colors that will not stand out.

Striped shirts can also create the illusion of being taller, which is also a plus for someone trying to hide their weight. Avoid horizontal stripes, as these create the illusion of being shorter and wider. Pinstriped pants, along with a striped shirt, can also add to the illusion of being taller.

Wear An Undershirt:

A snug-fitting, yet comfortable undershirt can go a long ways to hide some of that weight. An undershirt will help to hold in that gut, or any extra bits of fat on the body. A tight shirt made out of a synthetic material, such as Under Armour, will do the best job at this. However, this may not be the most comfortable for some people.

Without an undershirt, the extra weight will be much more visible through that suit or button-down shirt. Remember to tuck your undershirt into your pants. For casual dress, a pullover sweater can be a good option. Choose one with a relaxed fit, but not one that is baggy.

Choose The Right Suit:

A well tailored suit is key to disguising extra weight. A poor fitting suit can draw attention to a large gut, even if it is loose fitting. A suit that is too short will not help to disguise extra mid-section weight. It can also create the illusion of being shorter, which is definitely not a good thing.

If you are a professional who frequently dresses up, the extra time and cost of getting a well tailored suit will be well worth it. A double breasted suit or blazer can also help to hide extra weight in the mid-section area. A 3/4 length jacket or blazer is an ideal length to wear.

Avoid Pleated Pants:

If you are carrying more weight than you would like on your butt, avoid pleated pants. Pleated pants tend to cling more to this area, thus enhancing this flaw. Choose flat fronted pants for a more professional situation, or a darker, relaxed fitting pair of jeans for casual wear. For the professional, choose pants without pockets, as these can cause the mid-section to stand out more.

Wear A Belt:

Wearing your pants at the right level is very important. Finding the right belt/pants combo is essential for this. Do not let your pants slide down; wear them at navel level. Be sure not to wear your belt too tightly. Wear it just tight enough to hold your pants at the right level.

Choose The Right Jacket:

A longer jacket can also help to disguise a large gut. A 3/4 length jacket, one that goes slightly lower than the pants pockets, is best. Choose one that is not too loose on the shoulders and chest.

Enhance Your Best Areas:

In addition to disguising the bad areas, dress to show off your best parts. If you have extra weight on your mid section, but a well developed chest & shoulders, wear something that enhances that. Choose something that is sung, but not tight, around your chest and shoulders, yet loose in the mid-sectional area.

If your legs and calves are in good shape, but you carry extra weight in your gut and thighs, pant legs which are slightly tapered can help draw attention to the legs, rather than a gut.

Draw Attention Away From The Flaws:

A section of different color can draw attention away from another area. A tie which stands out can draw attention from away from a gut. For the professional, cuff-links or a shiny watch can draw attention. Other accessories such as a necklace, a hat or cap, or a briefcase can draw attention to those areas of the body.

Make Yourself Look Taller:

Creating the illusion of being taller also helps to disguise weight. Avoid patterned clothes, except for thin, vertical stripes.

      • Make sure your pants cover your socks, but do not cover more than an inch or so of your shoes.

      • If you are shorter, and wear a buttoned suit or blazer, choose one with fewer buttons, rather than more.

      • Make sure any jackets or blazers are long enough. They should around 3/4 length, falling a bit below the hips.

      • Wear pants at the right height; just above the hips, near navel height.

      • Avoid elevator type shoes. These are much too obvious.

      • Pinstriped pants can help create a taller look.

      • Flat-front pants with pinstripes

What Are Some Of The Best Clothing Items To Help Cover Up The Weight?


A snug undershirt will go a long way in sucking up some of the extra fat. This will help decrease its visibility through the outer layer of clothing. Just make sure it is comfortable. Synthetic undershirts such as Under Armour would be the most effective, if it suits your preference.


Belts are very important for holding the pants at the right level. If you pant are too low, it will highlight a gut. Too high, and it can make one look shorter, as well as looking ridiculous.


A well-fitted 3/4 length blazer or jacket can do wonders in covering up a gut, and any other extra weight in the mid-section area. If you are wearing a blazer or suit, make sure that it fits well around the chest & shoulders.

Baggy clothing around this area will make it look smaller in proportion to the center of the body. This in turn, can highlight extra weight in this area.


Certain accessories can draw attention away from other parts of your body. For woman, a small, stylish handbag can draw attention away from the stomach, butt, and legs. A hat, shiny necklace, or sunglasses can also have the same effect.

How Much
How Much Weight (How Many Pounds) Can One Expect To Cover Up By Dressing Differently?

This will vary greatly based on height, the weight distribution, and body proportions. A taller individual will generally be able to hide more weight easier. A person with wider shoulders and a better developed chest will also be able to disguise a gut or large mid-section more easily. A taller, broad shouldered individual may be able to hide 20 or 30 extra pounds by dressing strategically.

Others may not have as much luck. A shorter, smaller framed individual may be only able to hide 10 or 15 with the same amount of effort.

Dress Differently
Do You Ever Dress Differently To Cover Up Your Weight?

No, and I am glad that I have never had to do so. Thanks in part to my body type, I have never had any problems with being overweight. Working out to improve my physique has become as much a part of my lifestyle as eating or sleeping. Hopefully, I will never have to dress to disguise my weight.