Ronny Rockel: Looking To Do Major Damage At The 2011 Arnold Classic.

He’s one to watch as the day of bodybuilding destiny draws nearer.

Ronny Rockel: Looking To Do Major Damage At The 2011 Arnold Classic

Much of the talk concerning the 2011 Arnold Classic has so far centered on those who have either won or come close to winning this title as being likely to rein supreme at next weekend's showdown.

While the Dexter's, Branch's and Martinez's of the pro game are obvious front runners for many, one man who should never be counted out is the ever-improving Ronny Rockel who, in placing sixth at his last two major events—the 2010 Arnold and Olympia contests—has proven that he is fully capable of taking on and taking out a few big names as he steadily climbs his way to the top.

Always famous for his outstanding symmetry and proportion, Rockel now has greater mass appeal thanks to a recent five pound gain in pure muscle. With his great balance and more than adequate muscular development he is hoping for major success at this year's Arnold Classic, top three being his primary objective.

And who can really argue with the German champion, one of the IFBB's most popular competitors and one who keeps getting better with each passing year?

A determined and highly motivated competitor, Rockel has not once during his eight year pro career had a single year of respite from the rigors of intense training, having competed each season since he turned professional in 2003.

An obvious and enormous vested interest in what he is doing as a pro bodybuilder has no doubt sustained his lengthy and consistent involvement in the sport.

Increasingly higher placements, greater financial rewards and an elevation in status have helped, it could be said, firmly established Rockel as one of the true greats of the game.

Rockel anticipates great success as he prepares to again face off against his fellow Arnold Classic elite players in what will be his fourth run for the title (his initial inclusion was in 2007—he placed eighth).

With the improvements he has made coupled with the fact that he is now a proven threat to any title challenger, Rockel can, without argument, be secure in the knowledge that he will be the best he has ever been, for one thing that is certain about Ronny is his propensity to dial it in.

In the following interview Ronny Rockel divulges how he has kept it simple in order to make some of the best gains of his career.

Q: In recent photos you appear to show massive improvements, especially in conditioning, compared to the last time you competed. Exactly what improvements have you made to your physique since competing at the 2010 Mr. Olympia?

Ronny Rockel: For the 2010 pro season I improved my entire body. I worked particularly hard on my back but still think I can make further improvements.

Now I am the very best I have ever looked and feel confident of success at the [2011] Arnold Classic.

Q: What kind of physique are you hoping to present onstage at the 2011 Arnold Classic?

A: At the Arnold I will present myself better than I did on the 2010 Olympia stage.

I have succeeded in packing around five pounds of lean muscle on my body. Everyone will see the result when I step onstage at the Arnold.

Q: Five pounds of lean muscle is good progress: especially given you competed in September's Olympia and have been in pre contest mode most of the time since then. What did you do to gain this much over such a short period?

A: In all honesty I don't know. I structured my training, nutrition, and supplementation the same way as before. Perhaps it is genetic [Ronny smiles].

Q: What drives Ronny Rockel to be the best he can be? What motivates you to make your improvements Ronny?

A: I like to be on the top. It's that simple. Making gradual improvements each year helps me to get to the top.

Q: What did you do differently to make your improvements—as far as weight training and nutrition is concerned?

A: I changed nothing. I had the same preparation as I did for the 2010 Olympia. I usually change nothing if it is all functioning well.

The time factor is what is crucial for me. You cannot shorten the time it takes to prepare for a show so you have to make the most of the time you have. But hard training is the most important thing for me.

Q: How have you structured your cardio this year? Has it changed compared to previous years?

A: No, it [cardio] has not changed. I arrange my cardio-training to where I am doing one hour in the morning on an empty stomach. This is the best way for me to cut the fat to become leaner.

Q: How would you describe your diet? How many calories are you eating per day and what is the ratio of protein/carbohydrates and fats upon which your diet is based?

A: I don't like to give too much about my diet away but I can tell you that I eat 3000 calories per day comprised of 400 grams of protein, and 150 grams of carbohydrates with 80 grams of fat.

Q: Has you supplementation changed, or are you sticking with what has worked in the past? What changes have been made—if any—and how have these helped you with both the training process and in piling on the mass and getting cut?

A: I did not change my supplementation. As I already said, why change something change which functions well?

Q: How do you address post-training nutrition? What do you do following your workouts to start the re-building process?

A: After training I take liquid BCAAs and amino acids, glutamine powder, beta alanine, liquid magnesium and whey protein, all products coming from Best Body Nutrition, my sponsor.

Q: What is your current training style? What training methods do you use?

A: I do FST-7 sets and reduction sets combined with giant sets. It is a very intense schedule and it has worked great for me.

Q: What is your bodyweight right now and what do you expect it will be onstage in one week from now?

A: My weight is now 235 pounds and onstage it will be round about 230.

Q: How do you think you will compare to your competition at this year's Arnold Classic? Who at this point do you see as being the major players?

A: I think the major players are Branch Warren, Dexter Jackson, and Dennis Wolf and last, but not least, me, myself and I. And I want to be the winner in this match up.

Q: How do you feel mentally this far out from the Arnold Classic? Has your confidence improved as your results over recent years have improved?

A: I feel good and I look forward to the match and a top placement. In this, I believe firmly.

Q: What do you do to get fired up for a training session? What process do you usually go through prior to training?

A: I do not think about anything, I simply do it!

Before training I take the following from Best Body Nutrition: BCAA powder, pyruvate caps, beta alanine, fat burner, pre workout, and liquid L-carnitine.

Q: What do you consider to be most important when training for a pro show: training, nutrition or supplementation or motivation?

A: To do well comes down to a combination of everything. One of these factors is no good without the others to support it.

So to be successful you must be able to balance out your training, nutrition and your mental approach.

Q: Are you, at this year's Arnold Classic, expecting to be the best you have ever been on an IFBB pro stage?

A: Naturally I expect to be at my best, but I nevertheless also want to constantly improve.

Q: What will give you an advantage at this show?

A: My advantage is my balance and my symmetry.

Q: Where do you realistically think you will place at this year's Arnold Classic?

A: I will place myself in the top three.

Q: What are your plans for the remainder of the IFBB pro season following the Arnold Classic?

A: In the spring I will start on the Grand Prix in England, Spain and Germany.

In the autumn I will begin preparing for the Mr. Olympia and likewise with the Grand Prix in Spain.

Q: What message would you like to give to those many fans that will be coming to watch you competing at your best one week from now?

A: I want to thank all of my fans for their interest and their support.

I hope to see many of my fans in Columbus and present them a great showing. It will be fun.

Thank you for this interview David, and your interest.