Kris Gethin's DTPXtreme: A Week In Hell

Only a mind like Kris Gethin's could dream up a training gauntlet as cruel as DTPXtreme. If you've been struggling to survive Kris's Muscle-Building trainer, get motivated by his writings from when he experienced it the first time!

Kris Gethin's DTPXtreme: A Week In Hell

Editor's Note: If you started the new Kris Gethin Muscle-Building Trainer back when it was released in December 2014, then you've recently begun Week 7, the first week of the DTPXtreme portion of the program. If so, you know that this style of training is hardcore even by the standards of Gethin, the lord of hardcore himself.

How do we know this? Gethin shared his experience, day by day, on his BodySpace Bodyblog. If you've been scrambling to find the mindset to power you through your daily punishment, look no further. In his own words, here are Gethin's musings from his first week ofDTP Xtreme. Let them drive you to unnatural results.

Sept. 1, 2014 Day 43, Legs and Calves

The first day of DTPXtreme. Every day over the past six weeks had prepared me for this. I felt anxious and nervous as I drove to the gym. I knew my legs were going to break. It was like having a dislocation put back in place. You know it's for the greater good, but it's going to fucking hurt.

Already on the first exercise I began to disintegrate. The pain overflowed from me until I could see my bones fragmenting. I needed reviving between every set to relive the torture. I couldn't distinguish between my brain and body. One was taking it too far, but the other somehow survived.

"My reps became a peaceful gathering of mass murderers taking my muscle fibers' lives slowly by draining their blood."

The pain dried up my thoughts, feelings, and emotions, and made my muscles feel safe to die. My reps became a peaceful gathering of mass murderers taking my muscle fibers' lives slowly by draining their blood. I was on remote, hearing my screams internally pierce me while others outside looked on. I forgot about the future and the past because, like pain, they never last.

I never wanted to be like anyone else. I lie to normality enough for it to hate me and turn against me. It's the only way I can evolve. I have to kill it so it can kill the human in me. Then I can trade it for the Kaged Muscle—part animal, part machine. It's the only monster that can breed in an environment filled with the lactic acid and burning flesh that comes from this type of training.

Anyone reading this will think this is overdramatized. But people thought DTP was hard. DTPXtreme is another animal. Once you watch the videos, try to live in this and not hate it. I live in it and love it.

Day 43 Video
Watch The Video - 18:36

Sept. 2, 2014 Day 44, Chest and Biceps

I don't know what I've let myself in for. The pump residing in me began to split my chest after the very first set. I stretched it out, and then just as I was about to begin my second set, I had to get up and stretch again. The pump was so torturous; it restricted my ROM and taunted that it was going to tear my muscles off the bone.

I could see my physique grow as I glanced at my reflection. I rarely look in the mirror, and I'm nearly always covered up, but the expansion today was undeniable and couldn't be hidden. Within myself, I felt my veins fill up with someone else's blood. This couldn't possibly only be mine; there was simply too much blood for my body to hold. I was splitting from every angle. It was unexplainable.

Several people commented. Even Pradeep, the owner of Elixir Fitness, said I looked much different today. He has seen me every day for the past seven weeks and is an experienced bodybuilder and top celeb trainer, so I valued his opinion.

"I remember thinking to myself how blind all the haters are who say I can't grow from this type of training."

I remember thinking to myself how blind all the haters are who say I can't grow from this type of training. They simply aren't built for this type of training. Too weak, too insecure, too scared—too human. They don't know it, but they live in fear. In here, to succeed, I have to do what I fear. Xtreme methods for extreme results. Unnatural principles for unnatural outcomes.

I want to be the battering ram to open the door for others to follow. If it means being treated like a blunt instrument against the iron, I'll do it. I need the iron to forge me over the next five weeks to survive the wreckage I'll crash against every day. This is DTPXtreme. I created the monster; now I'll have to live like one to survive it.

Sept. 3, 2014 Day 45, Back and Abs

I rely on schedule, process, and structure. I'm a machine for processing my supplements, meals, and workouts. I give nourishment to my carcass, abuse it into retaliation, and feed my brain with knowledge, all at exact intervals like a selective process in one of the "Saw" movies. If I don't meet the exact interval, time and requirement, I perceive this loss and weakness as seriously as dying. I will not die.

When bedtime comes, I consider it a time machine to tomorrow's breakfast, and then it starts all over again.

Sept. 4, 2014 Day 46, Shoulders

I tried to keep my eyes glued to the floor when I was training today. I knew what I was and I didn't want people to be exposed to it. It's best to keep the beast on a leash. When I looked into the mirror, I saw a world inside it where I am ignored. I wanted to be on that side of the mirror, looking in and leaving nothing but handprints that can't be wiped away. I could breathe in there. I could see the steam on the mirror—my perfect vacation.

I gave my dedication to the workout and made it matter. I allowed the weights to hammer me so the world didn't get the chance. I wanted to be the end of something, so I had nothing to be taken away when I walked out. I burned myself in every exercise and extinguished myself in gasoline, which made a beautiful glow. I had to numb my weakness and touch the fears. Satisfaction has no friends, so I embraced destruction. I cradled it and then fell into its arms as I obliterated the screaming fibers from my delts.

"I allowed the weights to hammer me so the world didn't get the chance."

Twelve hours later and the rage is still there, but I'm not concerned about it. I'm home now. I don't have to sidestep my violence. It's contained. I'll free it from the Kage when I let it loose in the gym tomorrow.

Sept. 5, 2014 Day 47, Triceps and Calves

I chased sleep last night but couldn't catch it for more than 45 minutes at a time. Regardless, I felt better today than I did yesterday. I had no mental intensity or aggression about me, but I got in a great workout anyway. I drilled in 36 sets for triceps alone and 12 for calves.

I could feel my skin splitting and I experienced my muscle fibers breeding out of desperation to survive. I put them in fear of becoming extinct through the repetitive torment. My friend Jag helped me push out the extra reps that my aggression normally would.

I have to prepare all my meals and supplements for tomorrow. The schedule tomorrow is back-to-back jammed, but at least I am moving. Sitting still sucks. Even when my body and brain get battered like during this week, I have to keep moving. If I slow down, it will create complacency and weakness. Fuck that. When the wheels fall off, I'll drag my ass.

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