ISatori Challenge Stories

iSatori Challenge Stories

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Kim Bowser's Story

"I hadn’t worn shorts in years, and I’ve never worn tank tops. I was very upset with myself that I had let myself go. I was depressed all the time. I didn’t want to be the person I was becoming. I would go to the park with my family, and it would just wear me out to walk around while my kids were on their trics or playing on the playground. I would just want to sit and watch. "

“I feel like I’m able to play with my kids more. I actually participate in their playing and in their activities. I get down on the floor with them, and we play cars and games, and I have much more energy when we go to the park or the zoo.”

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Bob Hart's Story

"I went in for a check up at the end of last year. And my doctor sat me down to tell me some surprising news: I’m a diabetic—I was diagnosed when I was like seven, and my doctors were concerned because my cholesterol was really high. They said I put on a lot of weight—about 20 pounds. I hadn’t realized I had gained so much. The doctor attributed everything to all the fast food I had been eating and wanted me to cut back if not cut it out altogether."

"In only 12 weeks, I dropped my bodyfat from 12% down to 4%. I guess 12% isn’t a lot to start with, and that’s why people were telling me I couldn’t win—they didn’t really see me as ‘that overweight.’ But I wanted to get as lean as possible and because of that I really stuck to a strict diet of lower fat and less carbohydrates than I had been eating. And I did cardio every single day for the entire 12 weeks."

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