Time can get away from us when we're watching TV, which can often be a bad thing for our fitness goals. If you find yourself spending too much time lying on the sofa and not enough time at the gym, this TV workout is a great way to turn veg time into gain time!

Broadcast and cable TV stations run about 14 minutes of commercials for every hour of programming. That gives you plenty of chances to get up and grab a bag of chips...or you could hit the floor and carve out some sculpted abs!

Even if you watch Netflix, Hulu, or other services with no commercials, just take a break every 10-15 minutes during your show to knock out these exercises.

The 3-Exercise TV Ab Workout

You need only three exercises for this ab workout; the lying leg raise, the classic abdominal crunch, and the side plank. The lying leg raises will target your lower abs, the crunches will blast your upper abs, and the side planks will put your obliques to work. I won't call out sets or reps because the unit of measurement here is time.

Option 1: Basic

When your program breaks for the first commercial, get down on the floor. As the commercial airs, start repping out with lying leg raises. Don't count, just go. When the second commercial starts, switch to the crunch until the next commercial begins. Then, hit a side plank and hold it until that commercial ends, at which point you will switch sides. If the break has more than four commercials, keep rotating exercises with each new commercial until your show comes back on.

Lying leg raise

You want at least 30 seconds of consistent work before changing exercises, so if the commercials last for 15 seconds or less, do each exercise over the course of two commercials.

Option 2: Advanced

This version is a little tougher. When the first commercial break begins, start with the lying leg raise. Your goal is to perform as many leg raises as you can during the entire commercial break. Depending on the show, you can expect a commercial break to last 2-3 minutes, so you'll be doing a lot of reps. If you have to stop before the show comes back on, rest for 10 seconds, then keep going until the break ends.

When your second break comes up, perform crunches the same way. The third and fourth breaks are devoted to your side planks (one break for each side). By the time your show ends, you'll have done some major work on your midsection!

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