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Week 11 was full of the unexpected. Week 12, on the other hand, is all about the grind. Their spontaneous half-marathon completed, Kris Gethin and Sunshine head back to the gym and to a local pond to continue adding muscle, burning fat, and mastering the complexities of open-water swimming.

Kris also shares his recipe—of sorts—for the elixir of eternal life. This mottled green sludge contains turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, magnesium powder, glutamine, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, omega-3 oil, and the fermented dairy product kefir. Bottoms up! Just remember to shake it well and hold your nose.

Fans of Kris' DTP or Dramatic Transformation Principle style of training take note: This week's strength training is all DTP! Download the workouts to follow them yourself—after watching Kris and Craig Capurso train DTP legs, of course.

Training and Nutrition Tips from Week 12:

  • Kris will be the first to admit that open-water swimming and pool swimming are two entirely different animals. If you want to do a tri, practicing open-water swimming is a must!
  • After his first successful lap in murky Quinn's Pond, Kris allows himself momentary congratulations, but nothing more. "One lap is better than nothing. Then get back out there," his coach tells him.
  • Distance running, biking, swimming—they're all quite tranquil once you find your rhythm. Or at least they can be. Try to find peace where you can.
  • When doing interval work—which is an essential part of your conditioning here—build up to max intensity. Don't leap in on the first set, or you'll run out of gas. But by the third or fourth set, you should be raging.
  • Kris has to step outside of his comfort zone this week. He runs in the evening—which he hates—and swaps the times of a bike and a run to fit them around his busy schedule. The lesson for you: Do what you've got to do. But do the work, too.

Ambitious athletic goals require strategic nutrition. Fuel up right to get big and go long.

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