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20 Hip-Hop Workout Songs

By: Contributing Writer
All gym-goers need a solid hip-hop playlist in their collection of gym jams. Here are 20 of our favorite rap songs. Enjoy!
Date Added: 2014-08-25

22 EDM Workout Songs

By: Contributing Writer
You're never too swole to enjoy a dance party, even if it's in the gym. Check out our list of 22 awesome EDM workout beats!
Date Added: 2014-09-10

4 Ways To Fall In Love With Fitness

By: Contributing Writer
Smash through the many obstacles along the path to fitness with tactics to combat demotivation.
Date Added: 2014-09-10

Body Transformation: Caroline Found The Tooles For Success!

By: Female Transformation Of The Week
Caroline ditched her running shoes for hardcore lifts and discovered new methods to achieve long-time goals. See why her hardcore approach paid dividends!
Date Added: 2014-09-05

Body Transformation: From Success In The Weight Room To Success In Life

By: Teen Transformation Of The Week
Chris Harrington wasn't always an enterprising young personal trainer. He used to be bullied, and now he's on his way towards becoming a fitness model!
Date Added: 2014-09-15

Body Transformation: Justin Frechette Turned Adversity Into Advantage

By: Male Transformation Of The Week
This world was rough on Justin, but he was done taking it in stride. He chose to advance. With Greg Plitt's help he leads a new life!
Date Added: 2014-09-12

Body Transformation: Laura Carson Hits The Stage At 46

By: Over 40 Transformation Of The Week
After battling anorexia and endless cardio, Laura found happiness in lifting weights and competition. Here's her story!
Date Added: 2014-08-21

Body Transformation: Pat, The Body Fat Killer

By: Over 40 Transformation Of The Week
Pat completely turned his life around and obliterated 30% of his body fat.
Date Added: 2014-08-28

Body Transformation: Weight Training Saved Cole From Childhood Bullying

By: Teen Transformation Of The Week
Motivation comes from all over, but motivation from haters can be especially powerful. Cole is living proof of how he turned that negative energy into positive energy for himself!
Date Added: 2014-09-02

Gym Motivation: 8 Surefire Tips For A Great Workout

By: Shannon Clark
Walking out of the gym feeling anything but triumphant? The solution could be as simple as switching up a few minor details in how you prepare for and plan your workout. Don't dump your program until you try these tips first!
Date Added: 2014-08-22

International Transformation Of The Month: Jana Kovacovic

By: International Transformation Of The Month
Jana's busy lifestyle used to get in the way of her health. Learn how she made fitness a priority and built a body worthy of the WBFF stage!
Date Added: 2014-09-08

Jay Cutler: Lifelong Lessons On Building Mass

By: Bill Geiger
Success leaves clues, and few bodybuilders have been more successful than four-time Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler. Check out some of the biggest training-room lessons he's learned along the way.
Date Added: 2014-09-18

Look Like A Badass After Age 40

By: Danny Kavadlo
The rules of fitness don't change when you enter your fifth decade of life. But living the lifestyle becomes more important than ever. Danny Kavadlo soared into his 40s like a ripped human flag and wants to show you how to do the same!
Date Added: 2014-09-17

The Titans Of Transformation: Ryan DeLuca And Bill Phillips

By: Contributing Writer
Get a glimpse into the past, present, and future of fitness in this exclusive video with CEO Ryan DeLuca and author Bill Phillips!
Date Added: 2014-09-12

We 'Mirin Vol 82: 20 Excellent Physiques

By: We Mirin
Pull up an incline bench and grab a dumbbell, kids. It's time for another awesome volume of We 'Mirin! These 20 shots are the perfect reminder that hard work pays off.
Date Added: 2014-08-29

We 'Mirin Vol 83: 20 Ab-spirational Bodies

By: We Mirin
Summer might be slipping away, but that doesn't mean we don't have a reason to appreciate excellent abs. Here are 20 motivational photos!
Date Added: 2014-09-05

We 'Mirin Vol 84: 20 Ripped College Students

By: We Mirin
Pull up an incline bench and grab a dumbbell, kids. It's time for another awesome volume of We 'Mirin! These 20 shots are the perfect reminder that hard work pays off.
Date Added: 2014-09-12

We 'Mirin Volume 81: 20 Tattooed Fit Bodies

By: We Mirin
Fit bodies are hot. Fit bodies are extra hot when they're accentuated by awesome ink! Check out these 20 motivating photos.
Date Added: 2014-08-25

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