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10 Incredible Bodies From The #TrickOrTrain Contest!

By: Contributing Writer
Check out these 10 awesome Instagram shots from's 2014 #TrickOrTrain Halloween costume contest!
Date Added: 2014-11-11

20 Rap Workout Songs

By: Contributing Writer
The gym is a place to crush iron and get gains. Nothing helps like a few hardcore beats. Check out our list of 20 fast-paced, goal-crushing songs guaranteed to motivate.
Date Added: 2014-11-11

23 Cardio Workout Songs

By: Contributing Writer
Improve your cardio workouts with great beats and fun lyrics. Here's the ultimate playlist for your next sweat session!
Date Added: 2014-10-29

4 Ways To Influence The Unfit

By: Abby Huot
Inspiring unmotivated friends and family members to get fit can be tricky. Learn how to navigate this sometimes-sore subject the right way.
Date Added: 2014-11-10

5 Motivation Tricks Of Successful People

By: Contributing Writer
What keeps people motivated in the gym year after year? Spoiler: It ain't wishful thinking or magical pixie dust.
Date Added: 2014-11-05

A Closer Look Into Ashley Kaltwasser's Olympia Win

By: Shannon Clark
Take a peek into how the two-time Olympia Bikini winner preps to take home the win on the international stage.
Date Added: 2014-10-30

Body Transformation: From Scrawny To Swole

By: Teen Transformation Of The Week
Gavin Schmitt looked like a beanpole during in his middle teens, which didn't impress his peers or the young ladies. He squared up his diet--and look at him now!
Date Added: 2014-11-10

Body Transformation: Jimmy Silenced His Doubters

By: Male Transformation Of The Week
Despite what his friends and family thought, Jimmy pushed on and wowed them all in the end.
Date Added: 2014-10-27

Body Transformation: Tate Confer, From Fat To Fit

By: Teen Transformation Of The Week
Tired of being overweight and out of shape, Tate Confer decided to take his fitness into his own hands. With his family's help, he transformed his body and embraced a new, healthy lifestyle.
Date Added: 2014-10-27 Commercials

By: Contributing Writer is dedicated to changing lives through information, motivation, and supplementation. Watch our new commercials and spread the word!
Date Added: 2014-10-27

BodySpace Member Of The Month Bry Jensen: Feel The Burn

By: BodySpace Member Of The Month
Bry Jensen is a model, writer, trainer, and now the BodySpace Member of the Month. This firecracker is about ready to blast off!
Date Added: 2014-11-19

CT Fletcher: Bigger And Badder Than The Rest Part 2

By: Nick Collias
Why fight it? You know you want more CT Fletcher in your life. If you're one of his 'iron addicts' or want to challenge him to a bench battle, read our second interview with the man himself!
Date Added: 2014-11-17

Fit Team Member Of The Month: Nichiren Flowers

By: Fit Profile Of The Month
Never count Nichiren Flowers out. When life told him to quit football, he kept charging ahead. Now he preaches the same message to's customers!
Date Added: 2014-11-05

How To Win The Spartan Race World Championships

By: Contributing Writer
The Spartan World Championships represents more than the fastest, or the strongest, or the competitor with the greatest endurance. It represents a uniquely human kind of fitness.
Date Added: 2014-10-30

Jennifer Dawn's 7 Laws Of The Fit Life

By: Contributing Writer
When you inevitably encounter obstacles, you must be trained to overcome them. Abide by Jennifer Dawn's 7 Laws of the Fit Life!
Date Added: 2014-11-20

We 'Mirin Vol 91: 26 Shocking Costumes That Will Leave You Breathless

By: We Mirin
What wizardry is this? None, friends! These costumed heroes and muscular specters refined their physiques with hard work! No tricks, just training.
Date Added: 2014-10-29

We 'Mirin Vol 92: 15 Inspiring Physiques

By: We Mirin
Before you hit the gym, scroll through another excellent volume of We 'Mirin. These 15 inspiring physiques are even better than a scoop of your favorite pre-workout!
Date Added: 2014-11-10

You Can't Fake A True Fitness Transformation

By: Isaac Hinds
Think before-and-after photos are nothing more than tricks of shadow and posing? Professional fitness photographer Isaac Hinds sets the record straight.
Date Added: 2014-11-07

Zach Even-Esh: Evolution Of A Bodybuilder

By: Nick Collias
Zach Even-Esh teaches young athletes how to use the world as their gym, while still saving time for heavy barbells. Here's his plan to help you toughen up and get comfortable being uncomfortable!
Date Added: 2014-11-12

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