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Perfect Legs: Karina Baymiller's High-Rep Plyometric Leg Workout

Perfect Legs: Karina Baymiller's High-Rep Plyometric Leg Workout


Skinny To Strong: Karina Baymiller's Complete Fitness Journey

Skinny To Strong: Karina Baymiller's Complete Fitness Journey


Who You 'Mirin: March Muscle Madness BodySpace Bracket

Who You 'Mirin: March Muscle Madness BodySpace Bracket

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Battle Adversity With Intensity!

Yalanda wore jackets during summer to hide her overweight body. Now she struts on stage with confidence. See how she lost 126 pounds and 27 percent body fat!

Six-Pack Spectacular!

These 20 ripped BodySpace members prove that with diet and workout dedication, you can build an insanely shredded set of awesome abs!

How To Lose 100+ Pounds In 1 Year!

If Steve had downtime, he was either training or preparing meals. That dedicated plan of attack drove him to lose 102 pounds and 30 percent body fat in one year!

Clayton Filipowicz Cut Down And Built Marine Muscle

Clayton had to lose 80 pounds to enlist in the Marine Corps and attracted the girl of his dreams. See how this teen titan later added bulk to fill out his powerful physique!

Carve A Path And A Hard Body!

Steph jumped headfirst into fitness culture and set strict rules she used to transform. Her discipline helped her torch 21 percent body fat!

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