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    Healthy Dessert Recipes

    By: Contributing Writer

    Ditch the idea that healthy dessert recipes have to be sugar-free and nasty. Let the Healthy Recipe Database awaken your taste palette to some lip-smacking, yummy desserts and treats, while helping you stay lean and healthy.

    Date Added: Oct 28, 2014

  • The Surprising Truth About Artificial Sweeteners

    By: Richard LaFountain

    Artificial sweeteners are consumed daily worldwide. They've been used for over 100 years, but are they safe?or are they to blame for your weight-loss struggles and lackluster performance in the gym?

    Date Added: Aug 6, 2015

  • Better Than Sugar: 5 Natural Alternatives

    By: Matthew Kadey, MS, RD

    Got a sweet tooth? Skip the nutritionally starved table sugar for these 5 natural sugars that may also help keep blood sugar in line.

    Date Added: Jun 4, 2014

  • This Year's Most Common Trick-Or-Treating Character: The Obese Child

    By: Jeff OConnell

    Twenty-three percent of America's have type 2 diabetes or are on the verge of it. Trick-or-treating needs to be sent packing.

    Date Added: Oct 30, 2013

  • The Skinny On Sweet: The Truth About 4 Common Artificial Sweeteners

    By: Greatist

    Just because it is calorie free doesn't mean it's a free-for-all. Learn the lingo and serving suggestions for four common sugar substitutes.

    Date Added: Jul 30, 2013

  • Sugar Addiction: A Nation In Need Of Rehab

    By: Jeff OConnell

    America's biggest public health crisis results from our addiction to the sweet stuff. Will we take action before it's too late?

    Date Added: Oct 30, 2012

  • 5 Popular Sugar Substitutes Appear Great... On The Surface!

    By: Dylan Cahn

    In any given grocery store one can easily expect to find at least five different types of sugar substitutes. I have chosen the most popular? Learn more.

    Date Added: Nov 4, 2009

  • Artificial Sweeteners Do Not Cause Cancer: Old Myths Debunked!

    By: Dr. David Ryan

    Debunking old myths is getting to be a full-time job for me. It is surprising how many people still are afraid of using artificial sweeteners. Learn more...

    Date Added: May 8, 2009

  • 8 High-Sugar Foods To Avoid & Smart Choices To Replace Them!

    By: Shannon Clark

    Here’s a list of 8 foods you need to have a close eye on if you are watching how much sugar you consume. Get the facts on how much sugar bagels and other popular foods have and healthy alternatives that are available!

    Date Added: Jun 30, 2008

  • Is Sugar Bad For A Bodybuilder?

    By: Topic Of The Week

    Sugar has become possibly the most controversial substance for bodybuilders. Even though sugar can be a huge weight gainer and cause diabetes, could it also be useful for a bodybuilder?

    Date Added: Apr 4, 2006

  • Sugar Substitutes - A Review!

    By: Mr. Ryan Swan

    In this article I will review the research on the new and old artificial sweeteners. As well I will look at who should avoid certain sweeteners and how we can all benefit by using sweeteners in everyday life. Learn more...

    Date Added: Mar 20, 2006

  • Artificial Sweeteners - Debunking The Myths!

    By: Par Deus

    The world of sweeteners has been around as far back as 1879. But then around 1970 the problems started rolling in. Learn what these sweeteners are and the myths behind them! Check it out!

    Date Added: Jan 9, 2006

  • Guide To Sugar Alternatives!

    By: Mauro Di Pasquale

    Clearly, too much sugar is not good for everybody, with all the unpleasant consequences from tooth decay to obesity and diabetes to heart disease. But how about alternatives? Does it matter where you get your sweet?

    Date Added: Apr 14, 2004

  • Use Of Nutritive And Nonnutritive Sweeteners.

    By: Mauro Di Pasquale

    It is the position of The American Dietetic Association that consumers can safely enjoy a range of nutritive and non-nutritive sweeteners when consumed in moderation and within the context of a diet consistent with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Learn more!

    Date Added: Jan 21, 2004

  • Sugar's Mind Games!

    By: Karen Sessions

    Those who are sugar dependant have the same dependency as those who are addicted to drugs, alcohol, smoking, and gambling. The sugar need provides immediate gratification.

    Date Added: Oct 31, 2003

  • Can Sugar Make You Sick?

    By: ISSA

    Sugar improves the flavor of foods and also widens the range of foods we eat. Without sugar for example, many high fiber breakfast cereals providing important nutrients would taste like cardboard, and be quite inedible.

    Date Added: Oct 30, 2003

  • Xylitol: A Sweetener For Health.

    By: Joel Tietge

    On a food label you might find xylitol classified as a carbohydrate but it is actually a natural sugar alcohol known more specifically as a polyalcohol. Learn what it does, where it comes from and how it can help you!

    Date Added: Jul 14, 2003

  • Sucralose: Is This Sweetener Right For You?

    By: Virtual Muscle

    Sucralose is the only non-nutritive sweetener made from sugar. Is it safe? Should you use it? Find out here!

    Date Added: Jun 6, 2003

  • Understanding Glycerine!

    By: Planet Muscle

    Glycerine has been considered a revolution in our industry, previously being seen as a non-nutrient additive. Find out why your bar needs glycerine!

    Date Added: May 28, 2003

  • Nutrition: An Overview Of The Five Nutrients

    By: Joe Franco

    Proper nutrition is a key component for good heath and physical fitness. For weight trainers, proper nutrition consumption is the most important aid for making gains.

    Date Added: Nov 4, 2002

  • Glycerol

    By: Jeremy Keough

    Glycerol. What is it? Does anyone have a clue why that suddenly a protein bar has 20grams of carbohydrates instead of two? What about why there is a sudden "bite" feeling in the back of your throat after eating one.

    Date Added: May 30, 2002

  • Artificial Sweeteners: Aspartame

    By: Derek Charlebois

    There are mixed beliefs about aspartame's safety. Some think it is perfectly safe. Others think it is deadly.

    Date Added: Mar 8, 2002

  • Sugar Does Not = Suicide

    By: Big Cat

    I believe this article to be a potential threat to the growth and even health of several beginners that may come across this text. Of all the articles on this site, this is the only one I have found that could be truly harmful if interpreted literally.

    Date Added: Jul 5, 2001