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    Head Games: A Reality Check On Self Acceptance

    By: Abby Huot

    It's easy to get hung up on physical flaws when you strive for perfection. Debunk the idea of a perfect body and learn how to redefine your self-worth.

    Date Added: Sep 9, 2013

  • 2015 No Limits Transformation Challenge

    By: Contributing Writer

    When your routine stays the same, you stay the same.

    Date Added: Jun 1, 2015

  • Workout Music Main Page

    By: Workout Music Playlists

    For many of us, music is the motivator behind that last rep, that new 1RM, or that faster run. We can always count on it to set the tone for a great workout.

    Date Added: Feb 3, 2015

  • 6 Ways To Use Grit To Grow

    By: Contributing Writer

    Sometimes, digging deep and pushing through the suck is the only way to survive a tough set. But if you have big-time ambitions and want to live like an athlete, you need a more sustainable mindset. You need grit!

    Date Added: Jan 30, 2015

  • Top 8 Brain-Boosting Fitness Foods

    By: Matthew Kadey, MS, RD

    If you're looking for a mental edge in the gym, here are 8 key foods for the fitness-minded bodybuilder.

    Date Added: Jan 21, 2015

  • Noah Siegel's 5 Life Lessons From The Iron

    By: Noah Siegel

    Lifting changes more than just your body. Lifting can change how you participate in and view the world. Find out what the iron has taught Noah ''The Siege'' Siegel about living a better life.

    Date Added: Jan 20, 2015

  • 3 Tips To Strengthen Your Mind

    By: Jackson Yee

    Positive mental imagery and reinforcement can help convert even the most negative trainee into an exercise optimist!

    Date Added: Dec 15, 2014

  • 10 Incredible Bodies From The #TrickOrTrain Contest!

    By: Contributing Writer

    Check out these 10 awesome Instagram shots from Bodybuilding.com's 2014 #TrickOrTrain Halloween costume contest!

    Date Added: Nov 11, 2014

  • 20 Rap Workout Songs

    By: Workout Music Playlists

    The gym is a place to crush iron and get gains. Nothing helps like a few hardcore beats. Check out our list of 20 fast-paced, goal-crushing songs guaranteed to motivate.

    Date Added: Nov 11, 2014

  • 5 Motivation Tricks Of Successful People

    By: Bryan Krahn, CSCS

    What keeps people motivated in the gym year after year? Spoiler: It ain\'t wishful thinking or magical pixie dust.

    Date Added: Nov 5, 2014

  • Fit Team Member Of The Month: Nichiren Flowers

    By: Bodybuilding.com Fit Profile Of The Month

    Never count Nichiren Flowers out. When life told him to quit football, he kept charging ahead. Now he preaches the same message to Bodybuilding.com's customers!

    Date Added: Nov 5, 2014

  • How To Win The Spartan Race World Championships

    By: Contributing Writer

    The Spartan World Championships represents more than the fastest, or the strongest, or the competitor with the greatest endurance. It represents a uniquely human kind of fitness.

    Date Added: Oct 30, 2014

  • CrossFit: 3 Mental Toughness Tips

    By: Jackson Yee

    You don't have to be a CrossFitter to apply some of their strategies for mental toughness to your own workout. Here are three tips to develop a stronger mind and a better physique!

    Date Added: Sep 30, 2014

  • Are You Ready For Game Day? Pre-Obstacle-Course Prep

    By: ShaNay Norvell

    What is game day? Game day is the day of any competition, be it a Body Building, Fitness, or in this case Obstacle Course competition. This is the opportunity to put your skills on the line and see where you rank amongst fellow competitors and peers. Learn the tricks!

    Date Added: Aug 17, 2014

  • Mind Over Muscle: Your One-Rep Max Mental Checklist

    By: Todd Bumgardner

    Stepping up to the barbell for a new PR? Here's your 5-step mental checklist for crushing your one-rep max!

    Date Added: Aug 6, 2014

  • Don't Let Negative People Derail Your Fitness

    By: Abby Huot

    Haters gonna hate, but you don't need to let their negative energy fuel your drive to succeed. Rise above the negativity with this guide.

    Date Added: Jun 3, 2014

  • Are You Ready To Overcome Your Greatest Obstacles?

    By: Jeff OConnell

    Strength and grit can help you achieve great things in the gym and in life. The legends among us have learned to combine the two. Here's how you can too.

    Date Added: May 21, 2014

  • Your Perfect Body: Visualize, Then Actualize!

    By: John Paul Catanzaro

    You shouldn't be able to lift heavy weights, and yet you do it again and again. Experienced strength athletes know that the secret to making big numbers move is the mindset of the lifter, not the size of his muscles!

    Date Added: May 7, 2014

  • 8 Ways To Get Spartan Strong!

    By: Jeff OConnell

    Everyone wants to be fitter, happier, healthier, and more successful. Making it happen requires you to step outside of your comfort zone. Let the co-founder of Spartan Race show you how!

    Date Added: Apr 14, 2014

  • Break Free From The Prison Of Your Body Image

    By: Dustin Lapray

    For three decades, I thought of myself as fat and lived accordingly. Learn the fitness secrets I used to say goodbye to unwanted weight and negative self-talk.

    Date Added: Feb 26, 2014

  • 6 Ways To Strengthen Your Mindset

    By: Contributing Writer

    Use these tips to revamp your mindset and multiply your motivation.

    Date Added: Feb 10, 2014

  • Militia Mindset: 5 Must-Read Mental Intensity Tips

    By: Andrew Vontz

    Long-term progress requires consistent mental focus. Build intensity that lasts with these five tips from the Twinlab Militia!

    Date Added: Jan 29, 2014

  • 6 Tips For Building Mental Resolve

    By: Contributing Writer

    Push through pain and adversity and let a strong mind fuel a strong body. Use these strategies to built strength where it matters most!

    Date Added: Jan 9, 2014

  • Ask The Fitness Jewell: How Do I Succeed Fitness-Wise This New Year?

    By: Jen Jewell

    I know what it's like to have the same resolutions staring up at you year after year. Here's how I broke through—and how you can too!

    Date Added: Jan 8, 2014

  • Be An Alpha Girl: 5 Tips To Better Workouts And More Self Confidence

    By: Jen Jewell

    The rank of alpha is reserved for the boldest, baddest girl in the gym. If you want to be that girl, apply these 5 tips to your workout regimen today.

    Date Added: Dec 31, 2013

  • A-Game: 4 Traits Of The Modern Alpha

    By: Craig Capurso

    The word ''alpha'' gets thrown around a lot these days. Before you start slapping the label on yourself or anyone else, take this leadership course from the fittest man on Wall Street!

    Date Added: Dec 30, 2013

  • Superfeature: Life The Alpha Life!

    By: Contributing Writer

    Don't be content to take what you're given. Take it and make it better. Embrace the alpha lifestyle laid out by these elite athletes and watch your physique and your confidence go through the roof!

    Date Added: Dec 27, 2013

  • 5 Steps To Overcoming Fear: The Good, The Bad, And The Totally Honest

    By: Abby Huot

    Fear is a normal emotion, but it doesn't have to hold you back. In fact, it can fuel your goals. Take the reins and use fear as motivation.

    Date Added: Dec 23, 2013

  • 10 Mental Boosters For A Better Workout

    By: Pauline Nordin

    Abs are not made in the kitchen, they’re made in the mind—and the same goes for the rest of your physique. Forge a positive outlook with these personal challenges, and use it to achieve a body of steel.

    Date Added: May 22, 2013

  • Insure Your Success: 4 Steps To Mental Strength!

    By: Abby Huot

    Big changes can be difficult. If you've made the commitment to health, and are feeling alone in your decision, here's some help. Here are four ways to keep negativity from winning!

    Date Added: Apr 19, 2013

  • The Power Of Focus: How To Stop Going Through The Motions

    By: JC Deen

    Where is your attention when you’re in the gym or at the table? Is it stuck on a far away goal, or dialed in on what you’re doing? Settle down, pay attention, and enjoy yourself more while you train!

    Date Added: Mar 11, 2013

  • Get In The Habit: The 30-Day Habit-Forming Challenge

    By: Sohee Lee

    You have a bucket list, even if it's not actually on paper. The question is: Are you moving closer to accomplishing it? If not, this month is your chance to change. No more excuses!

    Date Added: Feb 19, 2013

  • The Success Spiral: Joe Flacco's 6 Strategies To Go From Underdog To Overachiever

    By: Trent Lootens

    Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco has heard it all. He isn't an elite quarterback. He doesn't win big games. Whatever happens in Super Bowl XLVII, it's clear that the naysayers were wrong.

    Date Added: Jan 31, 2013

  • 22 Ways To Train Your Brain

    By: Mens Fitness

    You train hard in the gym to improve your physique. With the right training, you can also improve your intelligence. These 25 tips will help you be smarter, faster, and more efficient.

    Date Added: Nov 27, 2012

  • Beat The Winter Blues: 4 Ways To Overcome Seasonal Affective Disorder

    By: Shannon Clark

    The 'season to be jolly' is definitely not happy for everybody. Those who have Seasonal Affective Disorder must endure, rather than enjoy, the winter months. Until now, that is.

    Date Added: Nov 19, 2012

  • 8 Mental Roadblock Busters

    By: Contributing Writer

    The world will give you plenty of reasons why you can't achieve your goals. Learn to control your thoughts and your environment, and there's no challenge you can't push through.

    Date Added: Oct 22, 2012

  • 4 Mental Fat Blasters For College

    By: Jeremy Shih

    The 'Freshman 15' isn’t inevitable. Start the school year with the right mindset, and you can build a physique that will hold up even after you’ve paid off your loans.

    Date Added: Sep 7, 2012

  • Brain Power - Workouts And Your Mind

    By: Shannon Clark

    Your workout provides benefits you can't see in the weight room mirror: a healthier brain, better mood, and the tools to thrive for a lifetime.

    Date Added: Aug 20, 2012

  • Ask The Ripped Dude: How Important Is The Mental Game To Leaning Out?

    By: Obi Obadike

    I've graced more than 28 magazine covers in the past 3 years. The global fitness industry has branded me 'The World's Most Ripped Fitness Model.'

    Date Added: Apr 2, 2012

  • Wake Up To Your Dream Body: 3 Mental Tricks To Awaken Your Physique

    By: Brian Bullman

    The path to a total body transformation can be bumpy, curvy and can have some tough hills. What is the secret to smoothing those bumps and curves? Believing in yourself!

    Date Added: Jan 19, 2012

  • Lee Labrada's 12 Week Lean Body Trainer - Week 5, Day 5.

    By: Lee Labrada

    Today's workout is simple: 30 minutes of cardio, but I'd also like to cover positive self talk.

    Date Added: Feb 4, 2011

  • 5 Ways To Properly Stimulate Muscles For Maximum Growth!

    By: Joey Vaillancourt

    This article will demonstrate how to gain muscle by activating the muscles through the mind-muscle connection. Anyone can benefit by learning that proper form, technique and muscle activation come first and the weight you lift is a distant second.

    Date Added: Oct 5, 2010

  • Setting Yourself Up To Win: The Real Secret To Achieving Your Body And Fitness Goals!

    By: Lee Hayward

    Sometimes the secret to success is just surrounding yourself with successful people. Examine the conditions that you're in and determine your path to success!

    Date Added: Aug 31, 2010

  • Kai Greene | A New Breed, Vol. 2 Redemption | Part 2.

    By: Other Writer

    Ever the reluctant sage, Kai agrees to instruct at Shawn Ray's Muscle Camp 2009 along with other Pros offering expert hands-on technique, while at the same time keeping details of his diet under covers labeling it as a distraction to quell curious bystanders. Eager young NPC competitor Jason Myers jumps on the chance to work side-by-side with Kai through a specialized leg posing workout designed to strengthen the pathways connecting important muscle groups to the brain. It quickly becomes apparent to the audience and as Jason remarks later - he may have bitten off more than he could chew.

    Date Added: Aug 13, 2010

  • Visualization: 4 Steps To Re-Program Your Mind And Achieve Your Ideal Physique!

    By: Kelly Gonzalez

    Legendary bodies Arnold Schwarzenegger and Frank Zane both used the weapon of visualization to achieve greatness. Find out how to turn your daydream of an amazing physique into a reality by reprogramming your sub-conscious. Check it out!

    Date Added: Jul 20, 2010

  • Psychological Skills Training Critical To Athlete's Success!

    By: Rosie Chee

    Some coaches attribute 50-90 percent of an athlete's success to their psychological skills. Learn about the conceptual basis of psychological skills training and improve your game.

    Date Added: Jul 13, 2010

  • Develop Your Mind For Success: Best Tips & Strategies!

    By: David Robson

    A good framework for a healthy mindset is a must to ensure you remain sound of mind. Use the following tricks and strategies to empower your own success.

    Date Added: Mar 15, 2010

  • The Power Within: Why No Supplement Can Replace The Drive To Succeed!

    By: Ian Estabrook

    There are many factors that lead to impressive gains in the bodybuilding world but the most important is your drive to succeed! Learn more.

    Date Added: Dec 4, 2009

  • The Seven Deadly Sins Of Natural Bodybuilding!

    By: Connor LaVallie

    The seven deadly sins of bodybuilding serve as a guideline to some of the unwritten rules in and out of the gym. Use this guide and make better choices today!

    Date Added: Dec 1, 2009

  • How Bodybuilding Can Help You Boost Your Memory!

    By: Marie Spano

    We all forget things from time to time or select what we take in and process and dump the rest. Fortunately, this typically won't cause many problems except maybe a spouse that keeps nagging you... Learn more.

    Date Added: Nov 13, 2009

  • Do You Want To Succeed? 4 Techniques Help Like You Already Have!

    By: Roger Lockridge

    I intend to help you get that mindset by showing you some techniques that will improve your way of thinking and have you believing you are a success. Here are 4 techniques that will help you succeed. Learn more.

    Date Added: Nov 12, 2009

  • Mentally Preparing For A Big Lift: You, The Weight, And The Bar!

    By: Denmark Harris

    Many of us tell ourselves that we want to lift more weight on our bench press, but fail before we even start. Before you attempt to lift the weight make sure you are mentally prepared...

    Date Added: Nov 9, 2009

  • 6 Smart Secrets That Shave Years Off Your Body!

    By: Shannon Clark

    Luckily, there are proven strategies that you can use to slow down the aging process, helping ensure you look your absolute best for the years to come. Here are some of the main ones you should know about... Learn more.

    Date Added: Aug 17, 2009

  • Are You Moving In The Right Direction? Stop Worrying, Small Steps Lead To Success!

    By: Roger Lockridge

    You are moving along with training but feel like nothing is happening. You need to look at your successes a little differently. Here are the little steps you may not be noticing as you start losing your motivation to continue.

    Date Added: Aug 11, 2009

  • Uber Strength: Strongman TV With Corey St. Clair, Episode #6 Mind & Motivation

    By: Corey St. Clair

    Watch and learn from Idaho's strongest man, ASC Pro Strongman Corey St. Clair! Corey offers the secrets of the mind to unlock hidden potential. Topics include increasing event performance with adaptive training, workout evaluation, and motivational imagery.

    Date Added: Aug 4, 2009

  • What Is A 'Real-World Champion'? Drive & Determination Are All You Need!

    By: Roger Lockridge

    I found that to achieve your goals, you had to have that same motivation, that same drive as all the stars... How can an average nine-to-five office worker dig up the same drive? The ideas are simple but the effort is not free! Learn more.

    Date Added: Aug 4, 2009

  • 5 Big Things You Can't Live Without: Honesty Paves A Smoother Road!

    By: Marcus Smith

    You have to push yourself and your limits if you really want to find the career you love, a mate to die for, your own identity, and good health. The road can be hard. Here are 5 items you shouldn't be without to be happier. Learn more.

    Date Added: Jun 26, 2009

  • Is Your Self-Confidence Lost? Use These 5 Image-Boosting Tips!

    By: Shannon Clark

    Many of us have issues with how we look, particularly if we've grown up overweight... Fortunately by becoming more active you can really improve your self-confidence as well. Here are 5 tips to improve your self-confidence.

    Date Added: May 27, 2009

  • What Are The Most Common Everyday Things We Do, Unconsciously, To Hinder Our Fitness Progress?

    By: Topic Of The Week

    What are the most common everyday things we do, unconsciously, to hinder our fitness progress? Here's some invaluable feedback on what and why we fail and great ideas for success! Check it out!

    Date Added: Mar 17, 2009

  • Want A Better Self-Image? Use Principles Of 'The Secret' In The New Year!

    By: Jamie Eason

    The book 'The Secret' is about learning to apply the laws of attraction. In other words, attracting more of what you want and less of what you don't. As we head into the New Year, there is no reason why we cannot begin 2009 with a wonderful new outlook.

    Date Added: Dec 10, 2008

  • I Am A Competitor: The Conquest Identity Cultivation Process!

    By: Peter C. Siegel, R.H.

    Are you (in your mind) distinguishing yourself from other competitors, and asserting a particular identity... Here's a process that will truly empower you to become a successful competitor!

    Date Added: Oct 30, 2008

  • Optimize Brain Power With Bodybuilding: Nutrition & Exercise Tips!

    By: Richard Choueiri

    Bodybuilding is one of the smartest things a person can do. The implementation of a regular exercise regimen and a nutritious diet can make an individual smarter and more attentive... Learn more.

    Date Added: Oct 17, 2008

  • 12 Smart Training Tips: Promote A Healthy Mind For Success!

    By: Shannon Clark

    Today we are here to talk about training an entirely different part of your body - your brain. Yes, that's right, if you want to get optimal results from your training, you need to consider your mental state. Learn more.

    Date Added: Jul 16, 2008

  • Pastor Mike Interview: Keeping The Faith When Carb Depleted!

    By: Dr. David Ryan

    A very passionate and enthusiastic pastor shares his story about going from SuperCross to backstage at the Olympia where he offers his services to carb depleted competitors! Learn about him and additional ways that you can help.

    Date Added: Apr 4, 2008

  • Building The Mindset Of A Champion - A Review Of Think & Grow BIG!

    By: Tammo Vastenburg

    Ever felt like there's something missing in your weight-lifting goals? Why do only the champions have this? The following book review gives generous tips on how it may help you build better success in your training! Learn more.

    Date Added: Apr 2, 2008

  • Your 12-Week Transformation Guide: Mind/Muscle Link - (Section 5)

    By: David Robson

    Practicing the valuable methods for attuning your mind to success cannot be fully achieved if the mind is functioning sub-optimally. Areas such as nutrition, exercise, sleep and positive living environment will contribute to a healthy, receptive mind.

    Date Added: Feb 4, 2008

  • 12 Weeks To Your Future Physique: The Mindset - (Chapter 2)

    By: Kris Gethin

    If you find yourself wanting to make a physical change but constantly repeat the words (speaking or thinking) I really don't have time to exercise, already you are falling into the loser category. Losers make excuses.

    Date Added: Jan 7, 2008

  • AMP #26 - Pete Siegel Podcast Interview: 12-Week Transformation Success.

    By: Daniel Gastelu

    Welcome to Interview #26 in the Awesome Muscles Podcast Interview Series. Today, your host, Daniel Gastelu, talks with Peter C. Siegel, R.H., founder of PowerMind©. Hear Pete walk you through his proven 5 step workout success motivation system!

    Date Added: Jan 6, 2008

  • Mind Power: Develop It To Achieve True Greatness.

    By: David Robson

    Greatness can be achieved at any time, by anyone... Not convinced? Discover how to develop the mind power needed to transform your life for the better – Expand your personal development and goals with these comprehensive factors, plans, and more.

    Date Added: Dec 5, 2007

  • Free Your Mind And Your Body Will Follow!

    By: Jennifer Nicole Lee

    Health starts in the mind and then flows to the body. In this chapter I prep both the mind and body for the fantastic health advances that lay ahead. Here are my top 7 strategies for the right mental attitude!

    Date Added: Nov 14, 2007

  • Full Chapter Excerpt From Operation Morpheus - Mindset Insights.

    By: James Stettler

    Exclusive Bodybuilding.com full chapter Excerpt from Operation Morpheus - insights into the mindset of a bodybuilder... Believe in yourself and read on right here to learn more about how the mind can affect so many aspects of our life!

    Date Added: Oct 26, 2007

  • Building The Mind Of A Champion: Twelve Mental Training Factors!

    By: Peter C. Siegel, R.H.

    Here are the 12 Mental Training Factors which will move you toward maximum muscular results. Learn more about these mind power factors. They include mental priming, laser concentration, emotion, and more right here!

    Date Added: Oct 24, 2007

  • Applying Counseling Processes To Weight Loss.

    By: Shannon Clark

    Have you ever thought about going to counseling as a means to create a more effective diet program? Here are some possible reasons your current strategies are not working. Learn more.

    Date Added: Oct 17, 2007

  • The Peak Performance Mindset: Pre-Game Mega-Confidence Programming!

    By: Peter C. Siegel, R.H.

    With all confidence - and substantiation - I can genuinely tell you that I'm the world's foremost sports and peak-performance hypnotherapist. Here I will share some tips on getting your best game face on come play time! Check it out!

    Date Added: Oct 9, 2007

  • Pushin' Your Belief Threshold Into New Growth-Inducing Realms!

    By: Peter C. Siegel, R.H.

    Think about those who possess notably big, powerful, muscle packed physiques - and you. Hmmm... what's the difference? Push yourself to new levels of muscle growth with the following mental strategies - Includes 5 step process. Learn more right here!

    Date Added: Sep 13, 2007

  • The Timing Is Never Perfect - Avoiding Procrastination.

    By: Mike Mahler

    There's always an excuse to put off change and the timing excuse is one of the most effective forms of active procrastination. Learn why Timing is never Perfect and how to recognize when changes in life should be made.

    Date Added: Aug 13, 2007

  • Mental Approach - Generating Mental And Physical Intensity.

    By: James Kohler

    You need to have the motivation in order to generate the intensity required to spark muscle growth. Find the inspiration you need... get motivated with these great tips on goal setting, visualization, and more!

    Date Added: Aug 8, 2007

  • Category 5 Workout Intensity: Channel Your Mental Power!

    By: Peter C. Siegel, R.H.

    Have you ever had a workout where you were so feverishly driven and compelled, you felt you could, metaphorically, 'Burn a hole through steel?' Here are 5 steps you can follow to produce the ultimate workout intensity. Check it out!

    Date Added: Aug 7, 2007

  • Are You A Research Addict Or An Action Addict?

    By: Mike Mahler

    While I'm a strong believer in the importance of massive action, this action without research will lead to disastrous consequences. Learn more about these two addicts, consequences of their actions, and suggestions on breaking out of the mold.

    Date Added: Jul 16, 2007

  • The Measure Of Success: You Define What It Means.

    By: Christine Hardy

    Success - How do you describe it, define it, qualify it, and capture it? As a concept, success is quite elusive; the meaning depending solely upon the individual defining it. Find out about this concept and how you fit...

    Date Added: Jul 10, 2007

  • Physique Transformation: Failure Can Take A Back Seat To Success

    By: Jen Heath

    Did you know that if you want to reach your goals beyond a shadow of a doubt that nutrition is the number one thing that will assist you? Find out what your BMR is, physical activity level and how to fit it all in your life. Learn more!

    Date Added: Jul 3, 2007

  • Control Your Brain Chemistry & Beat Back The Cravings.

    By: Herve Duchemin

    The mere thought of something can be so powerful, that it will cause a chemical change in our brains that might fill us with delight or sadness. Learn what difficulties we face and some ideas to overcome.

    Date Added: Jun 27, 2007

  • Programming The Drive To Extreme Muscular Success!

    By: Peter C. Siegel, R.H.

    I’ve personally worked with pro athletes and champion bodybuilders for 27 years. I'll relate some personal experience on strengthening the link to foster muscular success. Learn about pre-sleep success motivation scripting right here.

    Date Added: May 21, 2007

  • Mastering The Awesome Power Of Expecting Muscle-Building Success!

    By: Peter C. Siegel, R.H.

    If your expectations are not strictly positive, success suggestive, and confidence based, they're keeping you from developing the mind/blowing muscularity you, no doubt, actually can! Get some effective tips...

    Date Added: Apr 18, 2007

  • The Power Of Failure & 5 Golden Rules For Success!

    By: Kevin Seaman

    If you make your way through life without experiencing any real failure on a regular basis, you are in essence, a true failure! Here are my Five Golden Rules to help you to use failure as leverage for success.

    Date Added: Apr 9, 2007

  • Pz's Perspective: Time To Be A Better Everything!

    By: Natural Muscle Magazine

    The struggles of the past years have been many and have kept even the most talented among us frustrated and down; but these obstacles have now been overcome... Get a fresh perspective with these pointers to take motivation to the next level!

    Date Added: Apr 6, 2007

  • Get Mental With The Psychology Of Strength!

    By: Josh Hewett

    Our mind has the ability to make us stronger, more muscular, more athletic, more powerful, even wealthier and happier! Learn 4 basic principles of mental conditioning right here to improve your results!

    Date Added: Mar 20, 2007

  • A Psychological Look - Q&A For Successful Weight Loss And Fitness.

    By: Rachael Welch

    Often when we embark on a weight loss and fitness programs we assess what it is we are looking to change. This is certainly ideal, however there frequently remain various, often uncomfortable questions. Here are five questions you should try to answer.

    Date Added: Mar 6, 2007

  • 10 Ways To Help Achieve Your Blackbelt!

    By: Pete Mills

    Training for a blackbelt is no easy task. It requires dedication and a lot of hard work. Here are ten pointers to help keep you focused and motivated in achieving that blackbelt.

    Date Added: Mar 5, 2007

  • The Equation For Seeing Success!

    By: Shannon Clark

    Certain characteristics some individuals have make them more prone to being successful so it's important you understand what these are... Have a look at the following list and see if you see yourself in any of these things.

    Date Added: Feb 1, 2007

  • Feel The Fear And Do It, Says Anthony Catanzaro.

    By: David Robson

    As a successful model, bodybuilder and businessman, Anthony practices what he preaches... Learn more about winning the battle with fear in this great interview with Anthony Catanzaro.

    Date Added: Sep 21, 2006

  • How To Love Your Body Naked, A Guide From A-Z.

    By: Pamela Micks

    If you are like most women in America, you find it almost impossible to love your body. I've put together a list of things to help in the battle of loving/hating your body. Read this A-Z guide to learn to love your body!

    Date Added: Jul 26, 2006

  • Will Power: The Master Key To The Future.

    By: Peter Knopfler

    Of all human qualities, Will has the most important role in life. Ninety-nine percent of all humans are unhappy because they lack will power. I would like to explain a little about will power and how thoughts and feelings are so important...

    Date Added: May 11, 2006

  • Opportunities & Excuses: How To View The Upcoming Day As A Success!

    By: Josh Dickinson

    Did you know, something as trivial as how you view the upcoming day can determine whether you SUCCEED or FAIL! Find out how...

    Date Added: Apr 4, 2006

  • Lose The 'Hardgainer' Mentality To Initiate New Muscle Growth.

    By: Russell Yeager

    I just don’t have the right genetics to build muscle. I have tried everything, but I just can’t get any bigger. If you have ever said any of these things, read on...

    Date Added: Mar 30, 2006

  • Making The Most Out Of Bad Situations.

    By: Shannon Clark

    Those that look at the situation with a positive mind frame are much more likely to choose wisely... Read on to get some ideas for keeping your diet balanced when bad choices are so abundant.

    Date Added: Mar 27, 2006

  • Six Surefire Ways To Never Have A Bad Workout!

    By: Myron Mielke

    Many people aren't satisfied with several aspects of their workouts. Why not change that? I am going to share with you six surefire ways to make sure you never have a bad workout again! Check it out.

    Date Added: Mar 16, 2006

  • Embracing Change: How To Make It Work For You!

    By: Shannon Clark

    Those who take a pro-active approach to change will have less stress facing them everyday... This article will share some ideas on change and how you can improve your goals in training and life in general.

    Date Added: Feb 21, 2006

  • Achieve Bodybuilding Gains By Adopting The Mindset Of A Successful Bodybuilder!

    By: Hugo Rivera

    Here are some problems that may happen if you quit a training program altogether. Included are ways of improving the situation, a split training routine and a meal plan for men and women.

    Date Added: Feb 16, 2006

  • The Secret To Building A Strong, Healthy, Muscular Body!

    By: Daniel Przyojski

    The secret to creating the kind of body you want and then keeping it requires several things before it can happen (does not include the couch!). I will detail these points right here!

    Date Added: Feb 13, 2006

  • How To 'Turn On' Your Muscles And Tune Out Distractions!

    By: Billy Beck III

    Are your goals clear for the workout today? Learn why warm-up can be so important in preparing for a session and what some of the most effective exercises are... Check it out!

    Date Added: Feb 9, 2006

  • Regaining Your Focus After A Day Of Indulgence.

    By: Shannon Clark

    What happens after you have a cheat meal or cheat day where you choose to indulge in whatever food you desire? Don't stress and follow these great tips to stay on track with your training goals!

    Date Added: Jan 17, 2006

  • The Winning Mind Set Tip Of The Week - Week 13.

    By: Kevin Seaman

    Ever try to copy and become what others have? Well if you try hard enough you can; although this copying can be both good and bad. In other words be careful what you wish for. Learn more...

    Date Added: Dec 20, 2005

  • The Obligation Of Self-Improvement.

    By: Par Deus

    It is my intent that this article prompts its sufferers to grapple with subjects as diverse as the inextricability of self-improvement from the harmony of nature, those traits which distinguish man, and the methods...

    Date Added: Dec 19, 2005

  • The Winning Mind Set Tip Of The Week - Week 12.

    By: Kevin Seaman

    One of the best ways to begin with goal setting as a habit is to work from a list on a daily basis. Here are a few tips on using a list to increase your productivity and develop your goal setting muscles. Check it out.

    Date Added: Dec 12, 2005

  • Daydream To Live Your Dreams!

    By: Brenda Kelly

    Daydreams can be your secret weapons if you can learn to access them with success. Learn more here about the power of daydreaming!

    Date Added: Dec 7, 2005

  • Confidence: Achieve It And Realize Your Potential.

    By: David Robson

    The following interview is compulsory reading for those who would like to improve their confidence levels and those who are sufficiently confident but would like to gain that all important edge. Learn more about it right here!

    Date Added: Nov 29, 2005

  • Using Visualization To Enhance Your Sporting Prowess!

    By: Kelly Baggett

    Learn about visualization and how it can improve your performance in any sport that you participate in. Some examples given here are in basketball. Learn more...

    Date Added: Nov 11, 2005

  • 15 Tips To Help You Enjoy Your Bench Press Training!

    By: Critical Bench

    Follow these tips so you can go FAR, overcome fears and enjoy every second climbing the bench press ladder.

    Date Added: Nov 4, 2005

  • Winning Mindset Of The Week - Mainpage.

    By: Kevin Seaman

    What we say and how we say it has an amazing power subconsciously in our determination and perception of the events in our life. A winning mind set can make your experiences positive. Here are some tips that may help.

    Date Added: Nov 4, 2005

  • Sports Vision - Training Your Eyesight.

    By: Peak Performance

    In most sports, you'll never achieve your true potential if your eyes aren't up to it. Here's a special report on how they can be trained.

    Date Added: Nov 2, 2005

  • The Winning Mind Set Tip Of The Week - Week 9.

    By: Kevin Seaman

    The studies show the proof that stress, supplementation, sleep, and a variety of other maintenance issues can make or break your body. Learn more with this weeks mind set tip.

    Date Added: Oct 21, 2005

  • Fear: Overcome It To Reach Your Potential.

    By: David Robson

    This article will examine the notion of fear and discuss the implications it has for those choosing to confront it as an intrinsic part of their sport. Learn more about fear and how boxers deal with it right here.

    Date Added: Oct 13, 2005

  • Does Comparing Yourself To Others Inspire You Or Hold You Back?

    By: Skip La Cour

    What is your driving force to train harder? Do you have an empowering approach? Learn what this is and how you can do it, right here!

    Date Added: Oct 10, 2005

  • The Winning Mind Set Tip Of The Week - Week 7.

    By: Kevin Seaman

    To improve on your personal attributes I am going to share a tip that will have you finding qualities of the best in your area of interest. Give it a try and see what happens!

    Date Added: Oct 4, 2005

  • What Is The Most Influential Sports Movie?

    By: Athletes Topic Of The Week

    What is the most influential sports movie? Find out what other people from the message boards think...

    Date Added: Sep 22, 2005

  • The Winning Mind Set Tip Of The Week - Week 5.

    By: Kevin Seaman

    In this week's 'Tip', I'm going to give you a few of the best strategies, I've gained through my 10+ years as a professional trainer to obtain more energy. Let's start with the mental aspect.

    Date Added: Sep 17, 2005

  • The Winning Mind Set Tip Of The Week - Week 4.

    By: Kevin Seaman

    This weeks mind set tip of the week is about watching for clues that successful people show us everyday. Try the technique below and see if you can improve your daily life. Good Luck.

    Date Added: Sep 12, 2005

  • The Winning Mind Set Tip Of The Week - Week 2.

    By: Kevin Seaman

    Have there been times when you felt uncertain about your direction, about where you were heading? Do you try to avoid things that make you feel uncomfortable? I would like to share some things that may help you find more success.

    Date Added: Aug 29, 2005

  • Welcome To The Winning Mind Set Tip Of The Week!

    By: Kevin Seaman

    What we say and how we say it has an amazing power subconsciously in our determination and perception of the events in our life. A winning mind set can make your experiences positive. Here are some tips that may help.

    Date Added: Aug 25, 2005

  • The Importance Of Self-Esteem!

    By: Charles D'Angelo

    I have read many articles and have yet to see two different worlds with regard to the fat person's world and the skinny person's world. I have seen both extremes and hope to help others who want to make major changes. First I will start with self-esteem.

    Date Added: Aug 4, 2005

  • Dieters Psychological Advantage: Part 1.

    By: Glen Danbury

    You can argue the pros and cons of different diets till your blue in the face, but one fact remains - unless you stick to your diet it will not work. This is part one of the psychological advantage for dieting.

    Date Added: Jul 19, 2005

  • Discipline: You Need It To Reach Your Bodybuilding Potential.

    By: David Robson

    We all know real champions are those who push their physiques to the limit and accept nothing but the best from themselves. Their success can be isolated to one point. Discipline! Absolute and unwavering. Read on to find out more about what discipline is.

    Date Added: Jul 7, 2005

  • The One Key To Building Muscle And Burning Fat!

    By: Gregg Gillies

    As a reader of Bodybuilding.com, you already know it's not quick or easy, no matter what plan or equipment you use. I would like to share with you one ideal that will help you succeed. The choice will then be up to you!

    Date Added: Jun 22, 2005

  • Make Better Gains: Up Your Standards!

    By: Josh Dickinson

    You would not work for your employer for nothing, so why would you settle for no results in the gym. Isn't it time to raise your standards in order to achieve those far off goals. Read on for a mind boost. Gains will come with effort!

    Date Added: Jun 21, 2005

  • The Thin Epidemic: A Road To Depression?

    By: Fawnia Dietrich

    Who do you admire for their physique? Does it inspire you to work out and eat healthy? This is a simple statement that pleads for you to take control of your life. Strict diets may cause more problems than solve.

    Date Added: Jun 15, 2005

  • How To Use Imagery To Achieve Success!

    By: Shannon Clark

    Many athletes train hard everyday, in the gym and on the field, to master skills they need to perform well. They become one of the best, but then sometimes fall apart at the competition. Find out below why this happens and how they can improve.

    Date Added: Jun 9, 2005

  • A Bodybuilder Is Born: Episode 31 - The Mind Game Of Competitive Bodybuilding.

    By: Ron Harris

    Don't let yourself get beat even before the contest begins. As we will see in this article the message boards are no exception. They can mess with your head.

    Date Added: Jun 8, 2005

  • Changing Your Interpretation: Making A Negative Situation Positive!

    By: Shannon Clark

    While we may not necessarily be able to control everything that happens in our world, we can always chose to make the best of it. To get some pointers on turning a negative situation into a positive one please read on.

    Date Added: Jun 2, 2005

  • Why Do Americans Have Such A Hard Time Keeping The Fat Off?

    By: Topic Of The Week

    Why Do Americans Have Such A Hard Time Keeping The Fat Off? Find out what other people from the message boards think...

    Date Added: May 20, 2005

  • Issues And Keeping It Real!

    By: Joey Rodrigues

    For as long as I could remember I have asked myself questions that I have yet to find the answers to. I now realize that I will never have all the answers to all the questions in my mind. Please read on to learn about some of the major issues in life.

    Date Added: May 2, 2005

  • Survival Of The Fittest!

    By: Maria Kang

    Fitness enthusiasts such as myself and others are the future of the world. Our way of thinking is creating heroes and survivors for tomorrow's world battles, successes, and defeats. Read on to get pshyched up for the future of healthier bodies!

    Date Added: Apr 25, 2005

  • The Psychology Of Success!

    By: Maria Kang

    You've got to experience life and get frustrated to know where you are weak, and where you need to improve. You've got to face the fact that life is difficult and that in order to grow you must be challenged.

    Date Added: Apr 6, 2005

  • A Surprising Excuse Used To Get Out Of Exercising.

    By: Pamela Micks

    The most often quoted excuse for not exercising is lack of time. However, you may be surprised to learn of another common barrier to getting fit. Read on to find out more...

    Date Added: Mar 14, 2005

  • Get Off Your 'But'.

    By: Jeffrey Kippel & Mindy Blackstien - WNSO/FAME

    Have you found that your competitive steam or lifting program has been falling behind and lacking the luster that it once had? Is your training hitting that dreaded plateau and you're caught in a slump that you can't climb out of?

    Date Added: Mar 1, 2005

  • Priming The Gray Matter: Eating To Think Better.

    By: Christopher Mohr

    How many of you focus on eating to think better? Here are some tricks to increase your ability to always fuel your body with some great nutrients.

    Date Added: Feb 2, 2005

  • What's Your Excuse?

    By: Shannon Clark

    For almost all excuses that come up though, you can find a way to overcome them. Often all it takes is some determination, and perhaps some creativity.

    Date Added: Jan 16, 2005

  • The Necessity Of Negative Thinking.

    By: Mike Mahler

    Contrary to what positive thinking devotees say, applying negative thinking is often necessary to achieve your goals and improve your life. Let's start off by going over some of the pitfalls of positive thinking.

    Date Added: Jan 15, 2005

  • DNF (Did Not Finish) - An Athlete's Nightmare?

    By: World Of Endurance

    How many of us enter a race with a nagging thought in our subconscious minds: please let me finish the race? To have the letter DNF (Did Not Finish - for the uninitiated) behind your name (FOR ALL TO SEE!) is an experience we would all rather avoid!

    Date Added: Jan 7, 2005

  • Creating A Winning Mindset!

    By: Other Writer

    Let's take a moment and examine the nature of using powerful thought to WIN.

    Date Added: Jan 3, 2005

  • Clean Up Your Act In 2005!

    By: Brenda Kelly

    Jump start 2005 with a new energy cycle by cleaning up your act and feel the switch flip to the on position in your world...

    Date Added: Jan 3, 2005

  • Empower The Mind To Build Muscle.

    By: David Robson

    To really channel the mind entails focusing the mind, maintaining a positive mind-set, strengthening the mind/body link and conditioning the subconscious. Learn why...

    Date Added: Dec 17, 2004

  • When Sports & Exercise Are Your Passion.

    By: Vital Signs Fitness

    Deborah walks through some of the common problems with sports training, and even touches into cross training for sports. She explains some solutions to the problems presented...

    Date Added: Dec 13, 2004

  • How To Overcome Sh*t.

    By: Brenda Kelly

    We all know by now that sh*t happens. Sh*t does not discriminate. Sh*t can be fate driven or self-inflicted. Many people experience the same sh*t over and over. Is this really necessary? I say no. Learn why...

    Date Added: Dec 9, 2004

  • A New Beginning: Rebirth Into Being A Pro.

    By: Delbert Hickman

    One of the greatest moments during my bodybuilding career was the day I finally achieved that ultimate goal and was honored with the privilege to compete as a professional in the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation (WNBF).

    Date Added: Nov 26, 2004

  • Fear: How You Can Overcome Fear.

    By: Jeremy Likness

    Sometimes, overcoming fear is as simple as programming the body to perform the motions that the mind is resisting. Learn why and how to overcome it...

    Date Added: Nov 23, 2004

  • Mind Power Doctrine Of An Iron Warrior.

    By: Dennis Weis

    There is an old adage that says, Think big, act big, to get big. It is therefore very important to learn about mind doctrine management if you want to become bigger and stronger.

    Date Added: Oct 7, 2004

  • Mind Over Muscle: The Real Secret To Amazing Strength Gains Is All Mental.

    By: Muscle Media

    Learn that the real secrets to amazing strength gains is all mentall...

    Date Added: Oct 6, 2004

  • Screaming From Within: Control Your Weight Gain.

    By: Jeffrey Kippel & Mindy Blackstien - WNSO/FAME

    Is your weight a constant battle? Before starting a weight loss program it is critical to establish why there is a weight problem to begin with. Learn why...

    Date Added: Sep 14, 2004

  • Are You A Small Fish In A Big Pond? Moving Up To College Sports.

    By: Curtis Schultz

    Many of these young athletes, if they are lucky, will make the team as a back up, some will see some playing time, then there are those who will be starters as 'true' freshman, and all of them will get a free education. Learn how to be ready...

    Date Added: Sep 13, 2004

  • Manage Your Emotions To Perform At Your Best!

    By: Peak Performance

    At the top level it is not your physical or technical expertise which separates you from the competition but your mental toughness.

    Date Added: Sep 6, 2004

  • Take Mental Charge Of Your Performance.

    By: Peak Performance

    Mental stress can hurt your performances in a variety of different ways. It can raise heart rate and oxygen consumption, harming your exercise efficiency and causing particular workout and race speeds to feel tougher than they actually should.

    Date Added: Sep 6, 2004

  • Reading The Game: Surprise Yourself!

    By: Peak Performance

    While lesser mortals grind out victories with their patient shots, eliminating risks and playing the percentages, the truly gifted seem to conjure with time. They bring an unhurried genius to their game that allows them to play shots with an audacity...

    Date Added: Aug 19, 2004

  • Sports Psychology: Do You Have What It Takes?

    By: Peak Performance

    Peak Performance has teamed up with us to bring you, the viewers, sports-specific training!

    Date Added: Aug 17, 2004

  • Happy Training!

    By: Babyboomers

    What is the point of exercise and healthy eating? Ultimately, the answer is happiness...

    Date Added: Aug 6, 2004

  • Success Is The Only Option!

    By: Joey Rodrigues

    If you have ever gotten goose bumps from watching an athlete destroy their competition, smash a world record or come through in the clutch against all odds, you are starting to feel me...

    Date Added: Aug 5, 2004

  • Herve Duchemin Sets It Straight: Android Mode!

    By: Herve Duchemin

    If you know anything about androids, you know that they are machine-like beings with superbly carved muscular structure, usually dedicated to accomplishing a specific goal or purpose. Learn how to get into android mode to accomplish your goals...

    Date Added: Jul 14, 2004

  • Modern Attitude: An Obstacle In Bodybuilding.

    By: Dean Goudie

    Most bodybuilders understand that there are many obstacles between them and the muscles they desire to achieve. A person's attitude contributes to a person's success as well, it also determines whether or not they will get their mind...

    Date Added: Jul 12, 2004

  • The Mind/Muscle Relationship!

    By: David Robson

    The brain is responsible for the processes underpinning many of our day to day actions, from completing a set bench presses to planning ones training program. It is important, to keep our brain in great shape to get the most out of our training.

    Date Added: Jun 18, 2004

  • Performance Overrides Precision!

    By: Coach Sonnon

    Most people are taught confidence in doing something specific, that only through learning specific skills will they become competent. Learn why here!

    Date Added: Jun 11, 2004

  • Controlling Late Night Binge Eating!

    By: Herve Duchemin

    I never did understand the true connection between nightfall and cheating on one's diet, but I do know that I have fallen culprit to it many times, and have known this to also be the case among numerous people I have spoken to, whether they are friends...

    Date Added: Jun 8, 2004

  • Retraining The Brain!

    By: Paul Del Vecchio

    Retraining the brain is what endurance training is all about. Learn how to control your mind to increase your sports performance...

    Date Added: Jun 1, 2004

  • 16 Tips To Looking & Feeling Great!

    By: Jesse Cannone

    I’m now going to reveal to you the 16 essential strategies that have enabled my clients to achieve the health and fitness goals they always wanted!

    Date Added: May 11, 2004

  • Powerful Mind, Powerful Body!

    By: Josh Dickinson

    When someone asks you what are your goals you should be able to give definite answers! Learn how by having a powerful mind, you can build the body of your dreams!

    Date Added: Apr 5, 2004

  • Breath Before Emotion!

    By: Coach Sonnon

    You will accelerate your training and performance in general if you orient your approach to reflect the actual science behind breathing, rather than upon urban myths. What do you see when an individual attempts to relax? You will see a change in breathing pattern!

    Date Added: Apr 1, 2004

  • Pack On Pounds By Training Your Mind!

    By: Gregg Gillies

    Tired of the way you look? Embarrassed to take off your shirt in public? Don't let your mind hold you back from achieving the body you want.

    Date Added: Mar 22, 2004

  • Continuing Evolution Of Humanity.

    By: Peter Knopfler

    For many years metaphysical writers have predicted a transition for humanity to another level of consciousness; that human evolution of thought takes another leap forward.

    Date Added: Mar 1, 2004

  • A Challenging View Point!

    By: Peter Knopfler

    The message for the millennium is self responsibility. Health is literally a product of balance, a mental, a physical and a spiritual. The mind must be stimulated, the body nurtured and the spirit enlightened. Life is showing you who you are and what you are thinking. Life is the mirror for you to see you.

    Date Added: Feb 26, 2004

  • From The Cradle To The Grave: A Look At The Human Mind!

    By: Peter Knopfler

    We realized that the mind has the ability to advise the body and that many bodily functions are actually signals from the brain, which is the life support system for the mind. We also learn that thoughts are subtle forms of energy. And that everything that is manmade came originally from a thought.

    Date Added: Feb 16, 2004

  • Following Your Own North Star!

    By: ISSA

    With the New Year upon us, set your North Star and use it as your guide through the stormy days ahead. Trust it in the same way scores of sailors and centuries of travelers have followed it to reach their final destination. It is a fail proof method of reaching your goals.

    Date Added: Feb 11, 2004

  • Sports Training: The Mental Preparation!

    By: Other Writer

    Millions of athletes spend countless hours training for their individual sports. Having said this, it takes me all of five minutes to discover where these individuals are hindering their progress the most - lack of mental preparation! Learn why and how to improve your mental prep!

    Date Added: Jan 29, 2004

  • Is Your Training Hardly Smart Or Smartly Hard?

    By: Coach Sonnon

    I hear many people saying that they're worried about performance levels as a result of recovering from an injury, and facing the ominous tick-tock of our aging. Learn why and what the difference between training hardly smart and smartly hard!

    Date Added: Jan 23, 2004

  • What Is Circulo-Respiratory Distress?

    By: Coach Sonnon

    How do you get tougher? Before I give you tips on how to increase your toughness in your training, let me go a bit more deeply into what it means to be tough.

    Date Added: Jan 22, 2004

  • Bodybuilding for Babyboomers - Optimism: The Key To Successful Exercise!

    By: Babyboomers

    Learn how by staying positive you can still reach your goals! Optismism is the key!

    Date Added: Jan 9, 2004

  • Exercise And The Mind!

    By: Peter Knopfler

    Learn about how important the mind is when it comes to exercise, dedication, focus and achieving your goals! Read on to discover some helpful tips to utilize your mind to it's fullest!

    Date Added: Dec 31, 2003

  • Panic Control For The Warrior Athlete!

    By: Coach Sonnon

    As a Sambo competitor I traveled the world to gain insight into the methods elite athletes use to augment their skills and enhance their performance. The result became Circular Strength Training System's core model: the Three Dimensional Performance Pyramid.

    Date Added: Dec 18, 2003

  • Whose Body Is This? Society's Ideal Male Body.

    By: Par Deus

    By: Tkarrde. Men today are facing a quandary regarding masculine identity. Society has put together an image of what you should and should not look like. How does one let society decide how they should look?

    Date Added: Dec 15, 2003

  • Choke! The Dirty Five Letter Word in Sports!

    By: SportSpecific.com

    The topic this month comes from an amateur equestrian who competes in show jumping. Find out how to prevent yourself from chocking when it comes down to it!

    Date Added: Nov 20, 2003

  • Size Matters... NOT! Does Size Mean You're Strong?

    By: Coach Sonnon

    I'm an average size for a man. As a matter of fact, demonstrating at the Arnold Classic certain feats of strength such as a Clean to Hand Balancing the 45LBS clubbell seemed to be more of a strength oddity for the larger-than-life beefcake brigade who couldn't even lift the Bruiser. Does size mattter?

    Date Added: Nov 19, 2003

  • Sacrifice Is My Mantra!

    By: AnimalPak

    Sacrifice. I had the word tattooed in the center of my back. It is there to remind me. It is there so I won't forget about all the pain that lies on the road ahead. Find out what I mean by this...

    Date Added: Nov 6, 2003

  • Succeed To Fail!

    By: Delbert Hickman

    For with failure, success will find you. Failure will lay the foundation that will allow you to build towards success. So, succeeding to fail is, in an odd sort of a way, a success.

    Date Added: Nov 3, 2003

  • The Importance Of Mind-Muscle Control!

    By: Herve Duchemin

    The next time you're in the gym working out, take a look around you. Do you see individuals performing set after set, simply going through the motions, so to speak? It's certainly happened to me, and I'm sure you've been a victim of it as well. Fortunately, there is a solution to this dilemma. Its root is in the establishment of proper mind-muscle control.

    Date Added: Oct 15, 2003

  • Over The Top!

    By: Jonathan Stehlik

    An over the top mentality is something that most of us need, but very few possess. Some call it intensity, others insanity or anger, but the bottom line is that unless we go over the top and push past all the mental and physical barriers, we will never grow...

    Date Added: Sep 22, 2003

  • When The Tough Get Going...

    By: Coach Sonnon

    There seems to be a toggle switch in fitness. People lump programs into one of two categories: over-training or under-training. Find out what makes the difference between those who make it and those who don't.

    Date Added: Sep 4, 2003

  • Why Losing Weight Is IN YOUR HEAD.

    By: Maia Appleby

    When you truly consider the weight-loss process, the battle waged is mostly in your mind. Learn why and what you can do to control it!

    Date Added: Aug 25, 2003

  • Cutting The Sandbags On Your Balloon!

    By: Coach Sonnon

    If you understand how things fit all together. You don't need to sit down and create a thesis on your life (though that's a great exercise in itself.) Merely having the skills developed from this exercise, you'll instantly start to innervate your life's details sending tendrils to all of your activities, pulling back anchors and releasing attachments… cutting the sandbags.

    Date Added: Aug 21, 2003

  • Staying Relaxed Under Pressure.

    By: SportSpecific.com

    Do you crumble under the pressure of big games, interviews, or important meetings? Learning how to stay composed under pressure is a key skill for performing your best in any situation. Use these tips to help control your nerves.

    Date Added: Aug 20, 2003

  • 20 Mental Strategies For Bodybuilding Success!

    By: Nick Nilsson

    Playing little mind games with yourself is a good way to motivate yourself. When your muscles fail, it is your mind that will take you to the next level. Here are a few tricks you can play on yourself to help you push your muscles harder.

    Date Added: Aug 15, 2003

  • Finding Balance: The Importance Of Self-Improvement!

    By: Anthony Church

    You go to the gym day in and day out with that vision in front of you. Find out how to find your balance and start improving yourself!

    Date Added: Aug 11, 2003

  • Imagery In Sports Training.

    By: ISSA

    Imagery alone will not make a champion. Athletes still have to spend hours in the gym and on the field and also employ some of the other psychological techniques at their service. Nonetheless, what was once thought of as parlor trickery is now an integral part of their training regime. Learn why & what it is!

    Date Added: Aug 1, 2003

  • The Top Secrets Of Bodybuilding Success

    By: Clayton South

    In this publication are those secrets; the treasure to bodybuilding success that so many look for, but that so few find. Get ready; the answers to your success have been found.

    Date Added: Jul 29, 2003

  • Aggressive Strength: What Is It & How To Use It!

    By: Mike Mahler

    We like the fact that these heroes have well-rounded strength that goes far beyond what they can do physically. This well-rounded strength is what I call Aggressive Strength. Being strong and healthy physically is definitely a critical component of aggressive strength. Learn what it is and how to use it to your advantage!

    Date Added: Jul 15, 2003

  • Psychological Strategies For Bodybuilding Success!

    By: Dr. Squat

    Success in sports performance can be likened to the practice of Zen masters. The concentration is so complete, there is no consciousness of concentration. The player must be one with his sport in order to execute it to his/her optimal ability. Learn the strategies of bodybuilding success!

    Date Added: Jul 3, 2003

  • The Mental Factor.

    By: Pauline Nordin

    Frustrated about not being able to further increase your poundages? Convinced that your muscles could lift so much more than they do? Well, it's time to open up your mind to reach a new level using your mind.

    Date Added: Jun 18, 2003

  • Visualization: Make Each Rep Count!

    By: Reform Mag

    Does the fact that some individuals who train half as hard as you and make twice the gains frustrate you? Do you wish there was a way for you to exceed your supposed genetic limitations? If you answered yes to these questions, then I think you will find this article useful. Written by Yemeni Mesa.

    Date Added: Jun 13, 2003

  • Breaking Gravity Using The Pillars Of Strength!

    By: Intensity Magazine

    To those of you whom read this and resonate with the message, join in and walk the path of the Renegade… for it's much deeper and more rewarding than just the toughest physical approach out there. Learn how to use the pillars of strength to overcome obstacles.

    Date Added: May 30, 2003

  • DC SPORTS Rx: What Are Results of Clearing Complexes?

    By: Intensity Magazine

    There are two types of complexes, somatic and psychological. As might be expected, there is often found to be overlap between the somatic and the psychological. For you the athlete it is most important that you have your mind in the right spot. Learn why!

    Date Added: May 29, 2003

  • Neuromuscular Conditioning.

    By: Softball Performance

    After studying athletes for many years it really relates to life. In order to create ideas you must flood the brain with lots of relevant information about the sport or subject. The idea is to give the brain a lot of information relative to volleyball only, and to use as its needed during play. Learn why.

    Date Added: May 28, 2003

  • Muscle Dysmorphia: Does It Affect You?

    By: Derek Charlebois

    Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought you were small, when in fact you are quite large compared to the ordinary Joe? Are you obsessed with increasing your muscle size, despite already being huge? If you have, you might have muscle dysmorphia.

    Date Added: May 23, 2003

  • Bodybuilders Quit Smoking Now!

    By: Other Writer

    The number of bodybuilders or fitness enthusiasts out there who smoke is surprisingly high. I was a smoker for 10 years and finally quit. Find out what I did and how my 6 easy steps can help You Quit Smoking!

    Date Added: May 13, 2003

  • The Thin Line Between Love and Hate!

    By: Delbert Hickman

    You see and feel about yourself like never before It's the best feeling in the world. Unfortunately, you don't remember the parts in the process that were hard to live through. Lets talk more about the Hate and Love we experience as we build a body to be proud of.

    Date Added: May 12, 2003

  • Do You Have A Bodybuilder's Contradictory Mindset?

    By: Clayton South

    Do bodybuilders REALLY do all that they can to gain muscle? Are you SURE that they do? And, most importantly, are you CERTAIN that these ideas have no impact on your ability as a bodybuilder? Find out if you have a contradictory mindset?

    Date Added: May 12, 2003

  • Minding The Body, Mending The Mind.

    By: Intensity Magazine

    It doesn't matter what you do when you have your coach push you, it matters what you can do when you don't. Can you face the challenge when the times get tough?

    Date Added: May 9, 2003

  • Fawnia's Feel Good Secrets!

    By: Fawnia Dietrich

    Find out what I do to feel good all the time, even when you are under a lot of stress.

    Date Added: May 7, 2003

  • Squat Perspective

    By: Cyberpump

    Get some appropriate perspective, especially in the squat. Stop talking yourself out of doing it, out of suffering with it because the reps will make you suffer.

    Date Added: May 5, 2003

  • Get Focused!

    By: Matt Danielsson

    There has been a lot written about getting into the right mindet. Let's zero in on what happens as you actually get to the gym, and how you can preserve that pre-workout pysche you worked so hard to achieve.

    Date Added: Apr 28, 2003

  • The Benefits Of Yoga!

    By: ISSA

    Yoga has become very popular over the last decade. Why are so many people doing it? What are the benefits and what is the commitment? Can it replace strength or cardiovascular training? Learn the benefits of Yoga!

    Date Added: Apr 16, 2003

  • What Are Powerlifters?

    By: Curtis Dennis Jr.

    Powerlifting is all about dedication, sacrifice, courage, and honor and I'm proud to be of one of that breed. I also see that all powerlifters are warriors because they don't know the meaning of the words...give up.

    Date Added: Apr 14, 2003

  • Are You A True Musclehead?

    By: Matt Danielsson

    Because so many people are getting into this lifestyle, it is hard to understand that it's more than just training HARD - you have to do it RIGHT, to get results! Find out what Matt Danielsson thinks being a real musclehead means!

    Date Added: Apr 10, 2003

  • Believe In Yourself & You Will Reach Your Goals!

    By: John DeFendis

    Everybody has the ability to believe in him or herself and achieve incredible things in life. Learn how to believe in yourself to obtain your goals!

    Date Added: Mar 25, 2003

  • Stop Making Excuses!

    By: John DeFendis

    I get so many people come up to me and ask how do I lose weight and I tell them. As soon as I get done, I get excuses from them. Well...Now is the time to STOP MAKING EXCUSES!

    Date Added: Mar 17, 2003

  • Pauline's Back Workout.

    By: Pauline Nordin

    When working your back, the more you focus on squeezing the muscles, the better the results. Find out what workout I do and why!

    Date Added: Mar 7, 2003

  • Mental Toughness Training!

    By: Mike Mahler

    Often in training, athletes attempt to create an ideal environment for maximum strength. Many athletes make a point of incorporating training into their routines that focuses on mental toughness? Learn why!

    Date Added: Feb 7, 2003

  • Bodybuilding for Babyboomers

    By: Richard Baldwin & Diane Fields

    In this weeks issue, we will discuss the benefits of a fit and healthy lifestyle and how it will help you have a better memory. Learn the secrets on how to avoid memory loss!

    Date Added: Feb 6, 2003

  • The Art Of Questioning

    By: Mike Mahler

    Sometimes in life it becomes very easy to accept things as the way they are, instead of questioning why they are the way that they are. Learn why and how these influential leaders would not stand for that.

    Date Added: Feb 5, 2003

  • The Psychology Of Bodybuilding!

    By: Kerry Dulin

    Be honest, truly honest with yourself as you read this. In doing so, the goal is to make ourselves more complete bodybuilders and perhaps more complete individuals as well.

    Date Added: Jan 22, 2003

  • The Power Of Following Your Bliss!

    By: Mike Mahler

    Now look at your life now and ask yourself if you are living those dreams. For those of you that said yes, I congratulate you. For the others, read on...

    Date Added: Jan 22, 2003

  • How Can You Be Sure You're Really A Bodybuilder?

    By: Clayton South

    Are you willing to honestly examine whether or not YOU have been living the true bodybuilding lifestyle? Then read on...

    Date Added: Jan 20, 2003

  • How To Make An Actual New Year's Resolution!

    By: Derek Charlebois

    Every year, people make so-called "New Year's Resolutions". Learn why so many fail and how to make sure you DON'T!

    Date Added: Dec 31, 2002

  • Sleep, Rest And 24-Hour Nitrogen Retention!

    By: Planet Muscle

    Well, to help each of us find our own meaning of life (besides Monday night football), we use names and labels. We have names and labels for everything in bodybuilding.

    Date Added: Dec 23, 2002

  • Playing The Mental Game

    By: Zach Marcy

    If you can't think big because of self doubt then it's time to start playing make believe. Learn how to play the mental game!

    Date Added: Dec 20, 2002

  • Behavioral Modification: What Is It And Why Could It Help You?

    By: Matthew Johnson

    If you are committed to improving yourself, the following guidelines will help you achieve your goals. Learn how chaning your behavior will change your training!

    Date Added: Dec 16, 2002

  • Hypnotism and the Charter Method: The Best Keys for Success

    By: Sean Quade

    I think I speak for all serious bodybuilders, whether you have competition goals or you just simply want a better physique, when I say that we are all constantly brainstorming for a serious way to conjure mental power to aid us along our bodybuilding journey.

    Date Added: Dec 13, 2002

  • If We Don't Dream, We Will Never Succeed

    By: Angela Mraz

    Learn the secrets of the Colombian Princess on how to make your dreams come true!

    Date Added: Dec 9, 2002

  • Bodybuilding: The Mental Game!

    By: Anthony Monetti Jr

    Learn what bodybuilding is all about for me & why I took a 3 year break!

    Date Added: Dec 5, 2002

  • Kill The OLD Myth!

    By: John Pasco

    I am here to tell you that the myth that we should surrender to 'old age', accepting without a whimper inabilities which we are told are inevitable, is dead wrong. I am a competitive bodybuilder at 74 years old!

    Date Added: Dec 2, 2002

  • So You Want To Be A Professional Bodybuilder?

    By: Matt Danielsson

    Do you think you are going to become a pro bodybuilder with no problem at all. That is your problem. Learn if it is worth trying to become a pro!

    Date Added: Nov 18, 2002

  • Mental Tools for Athletic Success

    By: Curtis Schultz

    Maintaining your psyche is as much a mental game as it is a physical undertaking. So, what is the secret to building a mental edge? Mental tools. That's what you need. Let's probe into what are some of the ways that can help you build that sustained mental edge...

    Date Added: Nov 14, 2002

  • Pumping Irony: Why Everyone Wants To Be Like Dave

    By: Dave Draper

    The drugs, the contracts, suing Weider, these are a few of the things that have happened in Dave Draper's life!

    Date Added: Nov 11, 2002

  • Genetics: How Will They Affect You?

    By: Matt Danielsson

    Genetics is a popular scapegoat for lazy people. It is very convenient, and there's no one around to prove that it is.

    Date Added: Nov 7, 2002

  • Bodybuilding Mistakes: How To Avoid Them!

    By: Matt Danielsson

    Bodybuilders worldwide tend to make very similar mistakes. I've done my share of both American and European gyms, and for some reason people seem to be falling into the same traps regardless of geographical position.

    Date Added: Oct 31, 2002

  • Goals, The Impossible Dream

    By: John Pasco

    John Pasco, a 74 year old competitive bodybuilders tells you, "Don't dream the impossible dream. Do it! Learn how to look within yourself for the motivation."

    Date Added: Oct 30, 2002

  • Your Personal Preferences Hurt Your Fitness Success

    By: Randy Herring

    While most individuals know exercise is important, many people still don't engage in physical activity on a regular basis.

    Date Added: Oct 29, 2002

  • TV Shopping: How To Not Get Scammed!

    By: Matt Danielsson

    I happened to zap into one of those late-night-TV-infomercials about the latest "miracle" devices for getting a great body. For once, my wife and I decided to actually watch the crap and get a good laugh instead of just sighing and moving on to another channel.

    Date Added: Oct 22, 2002

  • The Mind Muscle Connection

    By: Zach G.

    Something is missing, but how could it be? The answer may simply be in your mindset while working out, the mind-muscle connection, or lack thereof.

    Date Added: Oct 14, 2002

  • The Devil Is In The Details

    By: Matt Danielsson

    There are many details you want to make sure to get right in order to get the diet as effective as possible.

    Date Added: Oct 1, 2002

  • A Bodybuilding Revelation

    By: Jonathan Stehlik

    Being part of the human culture, we all belong to various groups and organizations that reflect our personal beliefs and ideas. They give us a sense of identity and belonging.

    Date Added: Oct 1, 2002

  • Get Motivated, Stay Motivated!

    By: Yunier C.

    Many guys simply stop lifting because they've lost motivation, no not you!

    Date Added: Sep 27, 2002

  • How To Get Started In The Fitness World!

    By: Brenda Kelly

    Have you been wondering how to get started in the fitness world? Do you have no where to start or no resources! Brenda Kelly has put together this for you! Find out how to get where you want to be.

    Date Added: Sep 26, 2002

  • Your Rejuvenation Starts Within Yourself

    By: John Pasco

    I am convinced, no, I know it for sure: Out there where you are reading these words there are folks who never have thought they could work out and get a muscular physique.

    Date Added: Sep 19, 2002

  • My Bodybuilding Plans Journal!

    By: Dino Pierce

    This is sort of my path to the 2003 competitive season. I have decided to post my weekly plans to the world in attempt to show you the way. Learn about motivation, training, supplements, diet and more!

    Date Added: Sep 19, 2002

  • Top 10 Bodybuilding Habits

    By: Matt Danielsson

    Find out the top ten bodybuilding habits that we acquire over time and see if they compare to yours!

    Date Added: Sep 19, 2002

  • The Evolution Of A Bodybuilder

    By: Lisa Sutton

    Without fail, I arrived armed with my meticulously planned workout etched in stone. Once I committed my routine to paper, absolutely nothing could alter my charted course.

    Date Added: Sep 13, 2002

  • Power/Bodybuilding - (Before Steroids) - My Own Story

    By: Paul Becker

    The initial flame that would change my physical being for the rest of my life was ignited three times. Written with Dennis B. Weis.

    Date Added: Sep 8, 2002

  • What Competition Means To Me!

    By: Merry Christine

    I made my first bathing suit when I was 9 years old. As long ago as that is, I still remember being frustrated because it didn't quite fit the way I wanted it to.

    Date Added: Sep 8, 2002

  • Record Breakers!

    By: Curtis Dennis Jr.

    I hope to increase the involvement of powerlifting by delivering news from the powerlifting world every other month or so.

    Date Added: Aug 26, 2002

  • Iron Game: Insights And Expressions

    By: Paul Becker

    By the time he completes his schooling, the average American has learned of weight training.

    Date Added: Aug 22, 2002

  • How To Gain Discipline.

    By: Curtis Dennis Jr.

    Discipline is the willingness to sacrifice things to achieve your goal. Learn what discipline is right here and see how it comes into play during your training.

    Date Added: Aug 22, 2002

  • The Way I Do It!

    By: Brian Lane

    Before I go on, I want to let everyone know that I do train in high volume, so if you don't like that, don't bother reading the article.

    Date Added: Aug 19, 2002

  • The Choices We Make Dictate The Life We Live

    By: Maribel Sanders

    This piece of writing will not be your typical bodybuilding article. The article you will begin to read could be a life changing experience.

    Date Added: Aug 8, 2002

  • The Dark Side! Training For Sports.

    By: Intensity Magazine

    As I have noted previously, planning and focus is imperative for the long-term success of an athlete's development.

    Date Added: Aug 6, 2002

  • Bodybuilding Is A Science

    By: Dean Goudie

    Many people believe that bodybuilding isn't a science. They believe it can be made simple and just going to the gym is sufficient to build the dream body.

    Date Added: Aug 1, 2002

  • A Freestyle Success Story of Geri Centonze

    By: Sherry Gideons

    Like many women who have dreams. Our biggest competitor is ourselves. What is the barrier to realizing your dreams? Most of the time, improper information and not enough time to focus on thing own self.

    Date Added: Jul 26, 2002

  • Physics Of Weight Training Part Five

    By: Paul Becker

    In our final installment of this series we'll look at the formula for power and how to use it to make training more productive. The formula for power is: Force X Distance -:- Time. And is measured in foot-pounds/second.

    Date Added: Jul 24, 2002

  • Mindful Athleticism

    By: Randy Herring

    It wasn't until I was on vacation in Flint, Michigan with the completion of Heller's The Importance of Nietzsche and Mill's On Liberty in July 2002 that I decided an essay like this was long overdue.

    Date Added: Jul 22, 2002

  • My Day Sucked! Now What Do I Do

    By: James Mace

    Let's face it, we all have bad days. It's a fact of life, and something we cannot change. What is even more difficult is when we let bad days get us down.

    Date Added: Jun 25, 2002

  • The Attitude and Life Of a Bodybuilder

    By: Justin Ritter

    Every writer is always making suggestions about how to lift and what to eat. But in life there is so much more than just eating a lean cut steak and lifting a bar. These are only principals to abide by.

    Date Added: Jun 19, 2002

  • The Facts on Fatigue

    By: David Knowles

    Fatigue is the failure to maintain the required or expected force due to muscular activity. Many of us know this as failure during a set. However, the majority of people don't really know the causes of fatigue and why it occurs. The answer is not limited to one reason or one cause. There are many reasons for fatigue, and many causes as well.

    Date Added: Jun 15, 2002

  • Mind Over Muscle

    By: Eric Satterwhite

    If I have a strong believe and the information to prove it, I will say it with full confidence.

    Date Added: Jun 13, 2002

  • Fat Loss Through Mental Strength!

    By: David Knowles

    So far, we have covered aspects of fat loss concerning both physical activity and nutrition. Now, we are going to turn our attention to the mental aspect of losing fat. Eating correctly and exercising consistently are both very difficult, physically and especially mentally. If you can succeed through this battle mentally, you will probably be fine in every other field. If you can convince yourself, anything is possible.

    Date Added: May 29, 2002

  • Avoiding and Overcoming Burnout in Bodybuilding

    By: Ryan Mackie

    In the quest for survival in competitive bodybuilding, here's what you need to know about this burnout, a mental nightmare. Let me take you on a journey to help understand this psychological phenomenon, so that you are well equipped to face burnout head on and win!

    Date Added: May 22, 2002

  • A New Thought

    By: Brian Lane

    Learn Ryan Mclane's way of thinking and how it can affect you. Laziness is what kills bodybuilding and how it hurts lots of big namers.

    Date Added: May 17, 2002

  • Rescue 911: How To Revive A Terrible Workout!

    By: Ron Harris

    Damn it. Something's really wrong here. That last warm-up set felt like a working set, and now the weight that should allow an easy ten reps feels like a ton of bricks. Want to prevent a bad workout before it happens? Here's how!

    Date Added: May 8, 2002

  • Making Dreams a Reality: Setting Goals

    By: Josh Henkin

    We all aspire to achieve something very important to us through training. It may be improving the way we look, our health, or help our sporting performance. The problem is so few of us actually achieve what we are striving for from our work. The question then becomes why? Learn how to go about setting goals and reaching them!

    Date Added: Mar 18, 2002

  • The Power of Visualization

    By: Jon Stehlik

    So Jon, what is visualization and how will it take my training to the next level? Well, my friend, people you've known and looked up to have been using the power of visualization to transform their lives for years. See how visualization can help your workouts get to the next level!

    Date Added: Mar 7, 2002

  • Pumping Mental Iron

    By: Andy Stevensen

    There are some people who seem to be able to focus on a goal and not waver for even a moment. Steve explains why doing things in moderation is better than animal behavior in the gym.

    Date Added: Mar 7, 2002

  • Eye of the Tiger

    By: Derek Charlebois

    Bodybuilding gives you that extra energy which allows you to endure strenuous work while most other people are still in bed

    Date Added: Mar 5, 2002

  • Year Of The Bodybuilder

    By: Delbert Hickman

    Another year has come and gone and, as I look back, I can remember how excited I was when it all began. I had high goals to achieve both professionally and personally and I was focused. Now that the year is almost at an end, I reflect back to all those times when I felt I was not going to reach that goal or that things were not going to turn out the way I had envisioned. Reflect with me.

    Date Added: Dec 27, 2001

  • The Effects Of Bodybuilding On The Mind!

    By: Other Writer

    Get in touch with reality... feeling the cold steel bar under your hands and knowing the weight that's on it... nothing is more real." You shouldn't just beleive in yourself, but be able to point to real experiences and achievements in your life

    Date Added: Dec 21, 2001

  • The Best Memory and Mind Supplements

    By: John Stamatopoulos

    John Stamatopoulos goes into detail on what is best for you and what will help you the most with memory and what will improve the most.

    Date Added: Dec 21, 2001

  • Mind Power #2

    By: John Stamatopoulos

    The 10 best steps you need to have a clean and healthy mind.

    Date Added: Dec 21, 2001

  • All Aboard! Next stop...

    By: Delbert Hickman

    Many people can easily talk about where they want to be or even how to get there. Very few can put those words into action and get there. Even fewer are committed enough to can get there and stay there. What you see as a reward will determine how you prepare. Read about my experiences to help you grow!

    Date Added: Dec 21, 2001

  • Mind Power

    By: John Stamatopoulos

    After my tetralogy about what stacks work better with each other for muscle gains or for fat loss, as well as my articles on what supplements you can take after your cycle, and what stacking combinations you should avoid, today we will talk about one of the most important weapons for your success. Your mind!

    Date Added: Dec 18, 2001

  • Huge Bodybuilding 'Mind' Article Database!

    By: Contributing Writer

    Learn the secrets to success in bodybuilding!

    Date Added: Dec 15, 2001

  • Keeping An Open Mind

    By: Big Red

    Today I'm going to talk about something far more important, that you must carry with you at all times. What I'm talking about is an open mind.

    Date Added: Dec 5, 2001

  • Perceived Limitation

    By: Delbert Hickman

    Believing that you can be exceptional is the same as Gilligan believing he could fly. Delbert tells on how everyone is different and some people's body can be only pushed so far.

    Date Added: Sep 28, 2001

  • I.C.E. III: Keys to Success

    By: Big Cat

    Learn the keys to success in bodybuilding, getting fit and staying that way! This article details patience, the pump, motivation, range of motion, free weights vs. machines and more!

    Date Added: Jun 14, 2001

  • Winning Attitude!

    By: PowerMag Writers

    Shifting your attitude begins with accepting the possibility that you have the ability (however hidden away) to do the same things that people like you have already done. Attitude is everything! Written by J.M. Blakely.

    Date Added: Apr 2, 2001