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    Healthy Recipe Database: Delicious, Healthy Recipes!

    By: Contributing Writer

    Ditch the idea that healthy food should only induce a sigh and be tasteless. Let the Healthy Recipe Database open your mind and stomach to more lip-smacking and muscle-fueling foods, while still helping you lose fat or gain muscle.

    Date Added: Jun 30, 2014

  • How The Food Guide Pyramid Can Make You Fat In 2011.

    By: Marie Spano

    When food politics and science collide, we end up with the Food Guide Pyramid which is now known as MyPyramid. It's the government's best attempt at giving one mass nutrition prescription that fits the entire nation (an impossible task).

    Date Added: Jan 25, 2011

  • Fast Food Nutritional Facts!

    By: Other Writer

    Learn the truth about your favorite fast foods. Find out how many calories, carbs, grams of fat, protein and whatever else the food you eat has. Learn how to make a healthy choice!

    Date Added: Sep 13, 2005

  • #1 Food Nutrient Database

    By: Contributing Writer

    Find out what nutrients (protein, carbs, fat, calories, vitamins, minerals) are in the foods you eat! Search the database and find foods to fit your nutrition plan.

    Date Added: Mar 24, 2003

  • The Glycemic Conundrum!

    By: Planet Muscle

    This revolutionary new food and supplement paradigm is helping bodybuilders, athletes and even couch potatoes learn how to get lean and healthy.

    Date Added: Feb 17, 2003

  • Maximize Your Results: Part 2!

    By: James Cipriani

    If your nutrition isn't in order, you can forget it. When it comes to your bodybuilding success, the way you eat is just as important as the way you train.

    Date Added: Feb 13, 2003

  • Grocery Shopping For The Bodybuilder!

    By: Clayton South

    After reading this article you should be able to determine with precision and accuracy the exact foods you ought to purchase and consume, and know the reason(s) you are purchasing and consuming them.

    Date Added: Feb 1, 2003

  • Intricacies of the Glycemic Index

    By: Eric Satterwhite

    The bodybuilder looking to gain the most from his/her training, the glycemic index is pretty familiar territory. Most of us understand the differences between low and high, which foods are high or low...

    Date Added: Jul 31, 2002

  • Glycemic Index - Food Search!


    Use this page to find the GI of certain foods or to find foods with certain GIs. You can use the criteria alone or in combination.

    Date Added: Apr 22, 2002

  • The Interactive Healthy Eating Index (IHEI)

    By: WWW

    The Interactive Healthy Eating Index (IHEI) is an online dietary assessment tool that includes nutrition messages. After providing a day's worth of dietary information, you will receive a "score" on the overall quality of your diet for that day. This "score" looks at the types and amounts of food you ate as compared to those recommended by the Food Guide Pyramid. It also tells you how much total fat, saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium you have in your diet.

    Date Added: Dec 15, 2001

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