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    We 'Mirin

    By: We Mirin

    This weekly collection of ripped BodySpace members will push your motivation into overdrive! Get inspired to crush your fitness goals.

    Date Added: Dec 5, 2014

  • 2015 Fit Squad 6-Week Challenge

    By: Bodybuilding Contests

    Join me for the Fit Squad 6-Week Challenge. $35,000 in prizes! Register today! #BBCOMFitSquad @bodybuildingcom @MuscleTech

    Date Added: Sep 20, 2015

  • 2015 Next Level Transformation Challenge

    By: Contributing Writer

    Think you've reached your peak, done everything your body can do? Think again.

    Date Added: Aug 19, 2015

  • 2015 No Limits Transformation Challenge

    By: Contributing Writer

    When your routine stays the same, you stay the same.

    Date Added: Jun 1, 2015

  • Transform For Life

    By: Contributing Writer

    We want you to keep your fit lifestyle going!

    Date Added: May 9, 2015

  • Fitness Reboot: Starting Over Doesn't Have To Suck

    By: Abby Huot

    Don't fret over a few pounds of winter pudge. Here's your 5-step plan for getting back on track.

    Date Added: Apr 27, 2015

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger's 6 Rules For Success

    By: Contributing Writer

    Discover the 6 rules the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger says were crucial for his success in bodybuilding, Hollywood, politics, and every challenge along the way.

    Date Added: Apr 24, 2015

  • Lyons' Roar: A Bodybuilder Battles Multiple Sclerosis

    By: Steven Stiefel

    David Lyons doesn't let his battle against multiple sclerosis knock him off his feet. He's fought back, continuing his bodybuilding training while assisting others by creating the MS Fitness Challenge.

    Date Added: Apr 24, 2015

  • Krystal Cantu: One Arm, No Excuses

    By: Cassie Smith

    CrossFit athlete Krystal Cantu may have one arm, but it doesn't stop her from lifting heavy and breaking PRs. This is her inspiring story!

    Date Added: Apr 2, 2015

  • 5 Ways Your Brain Is Sabotaging Your Fat Loss

    By: Sohee Lee

    Building your best body takes hard work. But hard work with the wrong mindset can actually leave you further away from where you want to be. This list is where real fat-loss progress begins!

    Date Added: Mar 19, 2015

  • We 'Mirin Vol 94: 15 Amazing Bodies

    By: We Mirin

    We know: the week just doesn't feel right without a volume of We 'Mirin! Here are 15 more insane physiques to inspire your workout!

    Date Added: Dec 8, 2014

  • We 'Mirin Vol 93: 20 Fitness Buddies

    By: We Mirin

    Your gym buddy is more than just your spotter and motivator: They're your swolemate. Here are 20 awesome examples that prove friendships forged under the weight of iron are the strongest of them all!

    Date Added: Nov 28, 2014

  • Fitstagram Vol. 18: #FlexFriday

    By: Fitstagram

    Looking for some gymspiration to get you through the holiday weekend? We\\\'ve served up a heaping plate of awesome. Check out the shredded physiques of athletes who definitely put their turkey-day gains to good use!

    Date Added: Nov 28, 2014

  • 4 Ways To Influence The Unfit

    By: Abby Huot

    Inspiring unmotivated friends and family members to get fit can be tricky. Learn how to navigate this sometimes-sore subject the right way.

    Date Added: Nov 10, 2014

  • 4 Ways To Deal With Fitness Disappointment

    By: Abby Huot

    Disappointment can own you forever, or change you completely?for the better. The choice is yours.

    Date Added: Oct 22, 2014

  • Gym Motivation: 8 Surefire Tips For A Great Workout

    By: Shannon Clark

    Walking out of the gym feeling anything but triumphant? The solution could be as simple as switching up a few minor details in how you prepare for and plan your workout. Don't dump your program until you try these tips first!

    Date Added: Aug 22, 2014

  • The Power Of Focus: How To Stop Going Through The Motions

    By: JC Deen

    Where is your attention when you’re in the gym or at the table? Is it stuck on a far away goal, or dialed in on what you’re doing? Settle down, pay attention, and enjoy yourself more while you train!

    Date Added: Mar 11, 2013

  • Prevent A Pig-Out: 6 Steps To Better Willpower

    By: Mens Health

    Your best weight-loss intentions will inevitably come face-to-face with temptation. Learn to boost your willpower, and keep the pounds off.

    Date Added: Jan 21, 2013

  • 7 Tips For Iron-Clad Self-Discipline

    By: Jackson Yee

    If you fall off the workout wagon, you're likely to fall headfirst. Here's how to steel your self-discipline for any challenge.

    Date Added: Feb 8, 2012

  • BodyGroup Of The Month: 0 Days Waisted

    By: BodyGroup Of The Month

    When it comes to fitness, there's no room for waste—especially in the waist. 0 Days Waisted is a group committed to hitting goals, setting new ones, and breathing fitness for life.

    Date Added: Nov 17, 2011

  • 4 Ways To Keep Your Fitness In Focus – No Matter What

    By: Lauren Abraham

    The life road contains series of switchbacks and hairpin curves, forcing you to change direction in the middle of your voyage. When you reach an obstacle, you power through.

    Date Added: Nov 11, 2011

  • 4 Easy Ways To Stick With Your Workout Program!

    By: Shannon Clark

    Are you and your workout losing your stickiness? Stay stuck with these tips that are guaranteed to keep your workouts interesting and doable!

    Date Added: Aug 18, 2011

  • Ric's Corner: Gym Gossip & Cliques.

    By: Ric Drasin

    Ric's noticed (you probably have too) that most gyms have noticeably segmented social groups and recommends steering clear to avoid negative influences. Noella talks about fitness and self-esteem and observes another distraction in the gym environment: the temptation of flirting, hook-ups, and relationships with other members. Work out for the right reasons, to look good and to feel good about yourself.

    Date Added: Jan 25, 2011

  • New Year's Resolutions? Take Care Of The Old Ones First!

    By: Roger Lockridge

    With 2010 on its way out you may be looking ahead towards the new goals that you hope to accomplish in 2011. However it's never too late to try and accomplish your 2010 goals. Who says you can't have it all?

    Date Added: Dec 27, 2010

  • Ava Cowan: Naturally Driven | Training Philosophy.

    By: Ava Cowan

    In this tell all exposé, get Ava's professional caliber tips on training for competition, including special emphasis on back and legs. No magic tricks here, it's straight bodybuilding with compound movements, standard rep ranges, and strict form. Layne continues to calibrate her program in light of the individual subtleties of contest prep.

    Date Added: Nov 3, 2010

  • Ava Cowan: Naturally Driven | Foundations Of Success.

    By: Ava Cowan

    With her sites squarely set on the Olympia, Ava finds her network of support a key factor, with Gaspari Nutrition, Layne, and others her cornerstone to build from. Intimidating the competition doesn't hurt either. Not surprisingly she tracks he macronutrients like a hawk, utilizing online tools for logging and fine tuning. She adds that water manipulation is the key to muscle fullness going into a show.

    Date Added: Oct 27, 2010

  • Ava Cowan: Naturally Driven | Ava's Story.

    By: Ava Cowan

    Connecting through BodySpace and eventually in person at the Olympia, Layne and Ava quickly formed a comfortable working relationship. Layne proves to be the essential weapon to facilitate her already fierce drive for excellence, quickly rising into a formidable player even amidst the enhanced competition. This army brat and California girl turned to personal training and bodybuilding as an outlet for her razor-edged focus after going through the Hollywood meat grinder.

    Date Added: Oct 20, 2010

  • 5 Best Ways To Stay Focused And Limit Distractions During Your Workout!

    By: Kelly Gonzalez

    You need to get the most out of your time at the gym! In order to zone in, this often means zoning distractions out. Enough chitchat. It’s time to get focused! Find out the 5 best ways to stay focused here!

    Date Added: Jul 19, 2010

  • How Dedication And Commitment Can Help You Achieve Your Goals!

    By: Ric Drasin

    Have you had an injury and struggled to get back to the gym? Read Ric Drasin's story about how dedication to his ideal physique has kept him fired up for over 40 years!

    Date Added: Jun 16, 2010

  • It's Spring - Are You Sticking To Your 2010 Resolutions?

    By: Roger Lockridge

    The new year isn't so new anymore, but that doesn't mean you can just forget about your New Year's Resolutions! There's still time to achieve them! Find the motivation to succeed right here.

    Date Added: Jun 14, 2010

  • Empower Me In 6, Season 3: Rock Gym.

    By: Other Writer

    Shawnee pops in again at Cy's home for a fitness checkup, and finds out Cy's weekdays are easy, but temptations show up on the weekends. This week Shawnee brings in her secret weapon, Life Coach Wendy Ladd to discuss accountability and discipline with Cy, and offer some tips for the viewers. Down at the Rock Gym in Long Beach, Cy's in for an exciting day of rock climbing. Manager Emily offers tips on climbing.

    Date Added: May 19, 2010

  • Empower Me In 6, Season 3: Cy Gets Drenched.

    By: Other Writer

    At Cy's home, Shawnee lays out her plan and finds out that Cy used to be very active and fit years ago. Then, it's on to the infamous fridge raid where Cy reveals his ice tea habit. At Michael Blanks' Body Theory Fitness Center, Cy gets the standard fitness assessment before getting initiated at their exclusive DRENCH cardio class. Shawnee offers tips on disclosing health information to your trainer.

    Date Added: Apr 7, 2010

  • 12 Steps To Rejuvenate Lost Goals: Get Back On The Fitness Track Now!

    By: Diana Rini

    Have you ever resolved to get back on track with your fitness program on a Monday or after the New Year? If you are ready to make a change to a healthier lifestyle, don't wait... Here are 12 easy steps to get you on track! Learn more.

    Date Added: Feb 26, 2010

  • Empower Me In 6, Season 2: Back On Track.

    By: Other Writer

    Arlene and Shawnee sit down and evaluate Arlene's dedication level to the program. She admits her work schedule has kept her from giving 100%, but they talk things out and she re-commits to excellence.

    Date Added: Jan 29, 2010

  • Video Tip Of The Week, #76: Bob Chick's Consistency Tip!

    By: Video Tip Of The Week

    IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Bob Cicherillo brings you this week's Video Tip Of The Week. Getting in all your workouts can be a challenge with busy lifestyles. Scheduling a specific time for your training can help you stay on track towards your goals.

    Date Added: Dec 29, 2009

  • Ric's Corner: Dedication.

    By: Ric Drasin

    To really make progress with your fitness, Ric suggests to put away the cell phone and small talk at the gym and get focused. For many this part may come easy, but usually dieting is different ball game. Successful in many endeavors including wrestling and bodybuilding, Ric attributes this to hardcore dedication.

    Date Added: Dec 17, 2009

  • Tony Shares Tips To Success Through Determination In 2010!

    By: David Robson

    Tony discusses determination and how it can take us beyond mediocre. Exclusive training plans included for success in 2010. Try them... it's never too late!

    Date Added: Dec 16, 2009

  • 13 Excuses That Will Ruin Your Diet & Tips To Avoid Them!

    By: Rebekah Baumgardner

    How do you know you're making an excuse? Here are 13 examples with ways of shutting them down. Find out more and overcome diet disaster.

    Date Added: Nov 20, 2009

  • Warning: Your Priority List Must Be In Order To Stay On Top!

    By: Maureen Meehan

    As a working mother of three, it's not easy to compete, or even stay in shape. Believe me, I could find many excuses why I can't train. Here's a look into my life and what I do to stay on top. Check it out.

    Date Added: Nov 18, 2009

  • Mentally Preparing For A Big Lift: You, The Weight, And The Bar!

    By: Denmark Harris

    Many of us tell ourselves that we want to lift more weight on our bench press, but fail before we even start. Before you attempt to lift the weight make sure you are mentally prepared...

    Date Added: Nov 9, 2009

  • Video Tip Of The Week, #64: Sean Harley's Opinion Tip.

    By: Video Tip Of The Week

    2009 BodySpace Model Search winner Sean Harley brings you this week's Video Tip of the Week. If you want to find out what you need to improve on, Sean suggests seeking out an unbiased opinion such as a stranger at the gym, or a judge if you compete.

    Date Added: Oct 6, 2009

  • Rebuilding Ron Lester, Episode #8: Ron Gets Real.

    By: Rob Riches

    Several months after initially working with Ron, Rob is back to check up on his progress and invites him to his home. In this candid conversation, Ron opens up about some of his personal issues impeding his fitness goals and makes new commitments.

    Date Added: Aug 26, 2009

  • Uber Strength: Strongman TV With Corey St. Clair, Episode #6 Mind & Motivation

    By: Corey St. Clair

    Watch and learn from Idaho's strongest man, ASC Pro Strongman Corey St. Clair! Corey offers the secrets of the mind to unlock hidden potential. Topics include increasing event performance with adaptive training, workout evaluation, and motivational imagery.

    Date Added: Aug 4, 2009

  • Importance Of Adaptation, Part II - The Mind: Grow By Repetition!

    By: Randy Herring

    In this second part I will talk about how important it is to do the same workout so the mind adapts and grows with each same workout... Here's great insight making more demand on your mind while training. Learn more.

    Date Added: Jul 1, 2009

  • Why Is It So Hard For Modern Man To Commit To Fitness?

    By: Topic Of The Week

    Why is it so hard for modern man to commit to fitness? At some point, everyone wants to be stronger, lose weight, gain muscle, and workout. But it's the consistent effort that is difficult. Here's more...

    Date Added: Jan 16, 2009

  • What Tools Can Help New Year's Resolutions Become A Reality?

    By: Topic Of The Week

    What tools can help New Year's resolutions become a reality? Our forum members have put together some great tools & strategies for anyone eager to change their lives for the better. Read on for more!

    Date Added: Nov 12, 2008

  • Bare Minimum Training: Consistency - (Part 7)

    By: Bill Belfert

    Ok, you want to know The Big Secret? Well, there is something that works just like magic! Are you sitting down? Ready? The magic pill, the secret...drum roll please... Consistency!

    Date Added: Jan 1, 2008

  • Make Your Holiday Willpower Stronger Than Social Pressures.

    By: Contributing Writer

    You need to be prepared for the social pressures to break your willpower over the holiday season. Here are a few strategies that will help you stick with your healthy lifestyle commitment. Try them out!

    Date Added: Nov 29, 2007

  • Learn Commitment And What It Means To Go 'All In.'

    By: Christine Hardy

    We do ourselves a great disservice when we blur the lines between intention and commitment. You see, an intention is a simply a thought. Learn what commitment truly is and why many fail.

    Date Added: Aug 30, 2007

  • What Is The Best Way For A Beginner To Kick Off Their New Year's Resolution?

    By: Topic Of The Week

    What is the best way for a beginner to kick off their new year's resolution? Our forum members put their collective knowledge together for beginners with resolutions and tips to keep them going.

    Date Added: Feb 5, 2007

  • Ask A Fitness Model Issue 12: Leaving Behind Mediocrity - Taking It To The Next Level.

    By: Christina Lindley

    You made the initial investment in your body. You bought the gym membership, all of the appropriate supplements... Now, are you ready to put fort the persistence to succeed? Get fired up with these suggestions.

    Date Added: Jan 17, 2007

  • Holiday Survival Guide & Goal Setting!

    By: Tina Marina

    It's that time of the year again. Time to set some realistic goals and most importantly too be honest with yourself. Here are some ideas with valuable tips for getting a new you! Try them out and succeed.

    Date Added: Jan 3, 2007

  • Bodybuilders & Champions Do Have Free-Time!

    By: Aaron Links

    What do champions own? What do they do? I mean, bodybuilding is totally awesome, but you can't be in the gym all day every day. Most people work to body build and have hobbies. Pyrotechnics and Ferraris rock!

    Date Added: Nov 14, 2006

  • Dan Gastelu's Awesome Muscles Series: Motivation Podcast!

    By: Daniel Gastelu

    This week, Dan Gastelu speaks on the special topic of motivation. Being the best takes plenty of dedication and effort. Learn how to turn your dreams and goals into reality!

    Date Added: Aug 29, 2006

  • The Decision To Make A Life Altering Change.

    By: Mr. Ryan Swan

    The six stages of change and increasing chances of living a better life - I am going to present an overview of the six stages to help you see where you are at and where you need to go. Interested? Great read on for more...

    Date Added: Apr 27, 2006

  • Make Yourself Accountable For Everything You Do.

    By: Skip La Cour

    Make yourself accountable in your grand bodybuilding goals. Make a checklist to create and maintain standards that are good for you. Read on for more.

    Date Added: Mar 13, 2006

  • Winning Mindset Of The Week - Mainpage.

    By: Kevin Seaman

    What we say and how we say it has an amazing power subconsciously in our determination and perception of the events in our life. A winning mind set can make your experiences positive. Here are some tips that may help.

    Date Added: Nov 4, 2005

  • How Can A Bodybuilder Manage Their Time?

    By: Topic Of The Week

    How can a bodybuilder manage their time? Find out what other people from the message boards think...

    Date Added: Oct 14, 2005

  • Mainstream Muscle: Your Guide To Keeping Fit In The Fast Lane.

    By: Reform Mag

    Gone are the days of when you were a college athlete. Now you are a family man with no time to workout and pants that barely fit. Here is a guide that can help you stay fit in the fast lane.

    Date Added: Sep 15, 2005

  • Stop The Madness: Is Inconsistency Sabotaging Your Gains?

    By: Par Deus

    Here are some tips to help make training a regular part of your life...

    Date Added: Aug 19, 2005

  • Establishing A Set Point: Part 2!

    By: Myron Mielke

    In the first article on set points, we looked at an example of clothing sizes to present the idea of a set point. This is part two and will review a set point and share a story about mainting and keeping the set point.

    Date Added: Jul 19, 2005

  • 60+ Hours A Week: Keep Your Priorities Straight!

    By: Mark Subsinsky

    The demands of modern living force all of us to make choices. With that being said I would like to share my list of priorities and important items for staying healthy.

    Date Added: Jul 6, 2005

  • Diary Of A Madman!

    By: AnimalPak

    The following entries show a true dedication of hardcore ehtics and determination. They will inspire...

    Date Added: Jun 27, 2005

  • Dedication Vs. Obsession.


    I want you to avoid obsessive interest because only then will you actually have the chance to achieve your natural physique and strength potential. Learn why and the difference between dedication and obsession...

    Date Added: Jan 6, 2005

  • The Name Of The Game Is Effort!


    Athletes, bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts, strength coaches, personal trainers, and any one else interested in training and conditioning search for these answers on a daily basis - in hopes of finding the perfect strength training routine...

    Date Added: Aug 13, 2004

  • Training For A Purpose!

    By: Babyboomers

    Do you want a better body? How much are you willing to pay for it? Many people are willing to pay a lot of money but NOT willing to pay in terms of effort. Check out these tips from the babyboomers on how to get your dream body...

    Date Added: Jul 9, 2004

  • How Your Personality Affects Your Training!

    By: David Robson

    By developing greater insight into who we are, training weak points can be challenged, and overcome. Read below to find out more about different personality types!

    Date Added: May 28, 2004

  • 6 Ways To Get More Out Of Your Daily Life!

    By: Hans Hauiskaanto

    Almost everybody finds it difficult to arrange time to train. That is why in this article I have listed six ways to get more out of each day. In addition to training, reading this article will help you in your daily chores too.

    Date Added: Apr 28, 2004

  • Taking It Up A Notch In 2004!

    By: Russell Yeager

    Persistence and determination pays off! Keep this in mind as you embark on your journey to building your ultimate physique and taking your level of health, fitness, and life up a notch in the upcoming year!

    Date Added: Jan 9, 2004

  • New Year: A Time To Reflect!

    By: Peter Knopfler

    As another year comes to an end, a new one appears on the horizon. Learn the importance of reflecting back and setting new goals for the upcoming year!

    Date Added: Dec 31, 2003

  • Bodybuilding - Lifestyle, Not Pastime.

    By: Dean Goudie

    Learn the importance of dedication and how to live, breathe and sleep bodybuilding.

    Date Added: Dec 3, 2003

  • Maintaining Training Enthusiasm!


    Maintaining enthusiasm is very important for training success. The failure to remain enthusiastic is generally traceable to either BOREDOM or STALENESS. Learn why!

    Date Added: Oct 28, 2003

  • I Can, I Can't…

    By: Jeremy Likness

    You've heard it before. Never say I can't. Think positive. But how do the things we say, feel, and believe truly affect our lives? Every day you have internal conversations with yourself, and the way that you conduct those conversations will have a tremendous impact on your success. There is much more to positive thinking than can, can't.

    Date Added: Oct 23, 2003

  • The Importance Of Mind-Muscle Control!

    By: Herve Duchemin

    The next time you're in the gym working out, take a look around you. Do you see individuals performing set after set, simply going through the motions, so to speak? It's certainly happened to me, and I'm sure you've been a victim of it as well. Fortunately, there is a solution to this dilemma. Its root is in the establishment of proper mind-muscle control.

    Date Added: Oct 15, 2003

  • Get Your Motivation Back On Track!

    By: Shane Giese

    I want you to be as motivated as you were when you started. Read on and learn many unique ideas to get your motivation back on track!

    Date Added: Aug 5, 2003

  • The Top Secrets Of Bodybuilding Success

    By: Clayton South

    In this publication are those secrets; the treasure to bodybuilding success that so many look for, but that so few find. Get ready; the answers to your success have been found.

    Date Added: Jul 29, 2003

  • Bodybuilding Vs A Social Life!

    By: Other Writer

    Ok muscleheads, how many of you feel like your social life has gone down the drain since your quest to become the next Arnold began? Let me begin this article by saying that it doesn't have to be that way!

    Date Added: Jul 21, 2003

  • How To Get Motivated & Stay Motivated!

    By: ISSA

    What got you into bodybuilding? Was it seeing a bodybuilding show? Learn how to get motivated and stay motivated because the more you focus on what you're working to achieve, the less distractions enter your awareness. This lifts you out of the state of mind that can't see success.

    Date Added: Jul 9, 2003

  • Consistency: The Key To Progress In Your Fitness Program.

    By: Chris Zaino

    Through my years of personal training, I have noticed the one main ingredient that keeps people from reaching their fitness goals. That is consistency! Learn why and how it relates to all aspects of losing fat!

    Date Added: Jun 20, 2003

  • Dedication Vs. Obsession: Are You Taking It Too Far?


    Not only is tempered enthusiasm for training a healthier approach than an obsessive enthusiasm, it actually ends up over the long term in being more productive. Learn to avoid this common mistake!

    Date Added: Jun 2, 2003

  • How I Went From Fat To Competing In Figure Competitions!

    By: Lauri Rothberg

    My entire childhood was one of absolute torture. The other kids in school would all get together in the hallways and bark at me. This abuse went on for more than 10 years. And in all honesty, it is only recently that I realized they were wrong... I knew it was that moment when I made up my mind. I was going to start over. Find out what I did to get in shape!

    Date Added: May 29, 2003

  • The 4 Rules Of Mental Focus!

    By: Matt Danielsson

    I think everybody gets the impulse to be lazy from time to time. Find out how to mentally focus on completing your goals! Find out here...

    Date Added: May 15, 2003

  • Get Focused!

    By: Matt Danielsson

    There has been a lot written about getting into the right mindet. Let's zero in on what happens as you actually get to the gym, and how you can preserve that pre-workout pysche you worked so hard to achieve.

    Date Added: Apr 28, 2003

  • Stop Making Excuses!

    By: John DeFendis

    I get so many people come up to me and ask how do I lose weight and I tell them. As soon as I get done, I get excuses from them. Well...Now is the time to STOP MAKING EXCUSES!

    Date Added: Mar 17, 2003

  • How To Be A Bodybuilder

    By: Jason Bennett

    There are two types of bodybuilders: Those who try out all the muscle gaining plans out there and those who stick with what works. Which type are you?

    Date Added: Mar 3, 2003

  • Bodybuilding for Babyboomers - Motivation!

    By: Babyboomers

    Countless articles are written about motivation, where to seek it and how to keep it. But, what about those few that are found hitting the gym and pumping iron through snowstorms, holidays and adversity?

    Date Added: Feb 27, 2003

  • Is Your Training Program A Job Or Career?

    By: Intensity Magazine

    A career in the Iron Game, in the context of the "Oldtimers" meant, "an occupation or profession, especially one requiring special training, followed as one's lifework.

    Date Added: Feb 22, 2003

  • Laying The Right Foundation!

    By: Matt Danielsson

    Whether you're fresh to the gym or are just coming back after a long layoff, there will be a phase which has great benefits - and setbacks. Try this program to help you get on the right track!

    Date Added: Feb 20, 2003

  • Man On A Mission: Maintaining Focus

    By: Jonathan Stehlik

    The loss of focus is just as detrimental to your lifting gains as a bad diet. How many people do you know who have a decent diet and workout all the time, and yet they never go up in weight or gain a substantial amount of size?

    Date Added: Jan 31, 2003

  • Work Out Or Wimp Out!

    By: Critical Bench

    Thinking of skipping that workout today? Sounds tempting, doesn't it? Learn these motivational tips to help keep you going!

    Date Added: Jan 29, 2003

  • The Power Of Music!

    By: Mike Mahler

    No doubt about it, music is a powerful tool and one that should be taken advantage of. At the same time, music should be used judiciously for optimal performance.

    Date Added: Jan 24, 2003

  • Goal Setting 101: Creating A Vision!

    By: Dino Pierce

    Dreams, goals, and potential are useless without having the ability to follow through with them. Learn why you should compose a vision, how to do it, and why you should read it every day.

    Date Added: Jan 15, 2003

  • Resolve To Evolve!

    By: Delbert Hickman

    Each time this year, the number of gym goers increases by nearly 50%. However, within just a few weeks that number drops dramatically. Learn why!

    Date Added: Jan 14, 2003


    By: Chris Zaino

    From experience I can tell you that there is one important emotion that can lock you onto your target and never look back. This powerful emotion is Passion.

    Date Added: Jan 3, 2003

  • Finding Time: A Bodybuilder's Nightmare!

    By: Matt Danielsson

    So how does one find ways to work out regularly, when there never seem to be enough time? Not to mention maintaining a DIET! I say - no problem!

    Date Added: Jan 2, 2003

  • How To Make An Actual New Year's Resolution!

    By: Derek Charlebois

    Every year, people make so-called "New Year's Resolutions". Learn why so many fail and how to make sure you DON'T!

    Date Added: Dec 31, 2002

  • The 4 Concepts Of New Year's Resolutions!

    By: Zach G.

    Learn the four concepts so many people are looking for. Learn the secrets on how to keep your New Year's Resolutions!

    Date Added: Dec 31, 2002

  • Sticking With New Year's Resolutions

    By: Mike Murphy

    Learn how to stick with your New Years Resolutions!

    Date Added: Dec 26, 2002

  • Playing The Mental Game

    By: Zach Marcy

    If you can't think big because of self doubt then it's time to start playing make believe. Learn how to play the mental game!

    Date Added: Dec 20, 2002

  • Brenda Kelly's Tools & Rules

    By: Brenda Kelly

    The question I've been asked the most often over the years are: What is your diet program? What exactly do you eat? How often, how much, how come? Learn what I eat and how I keep in shape!

    Date Added: Dec 5, 2002

  • Demolition Man - Learn How To Train Harder!

    By: Jason Bennett

    If you are a bodybuilder, weightlifter, exerciser, whatever, listen up; I have some news for you. It is a flash that just came in over the fitness hot lines. You ready? "TRAIN HARDER." Learn how I do it for gains!

    Date Added: Dec 3, 2002

  • Just Another Workout

    By: Dave Draper

    Workouts are tough, both physically and mentally, and it's essential to value each and every training session. Therein lies the apprehension.

    Date Added: Nov 21, 2002

  • Negative Adaptation

    By: Dean Goudie

    Learn just how far the body goes to fight off the muscle we so desperately try to obtain.

    Date Added: Nov 18, 2002

  • So You Want To Be A Professional Bodybuilder?

    By: Matt Danielsson

    Do you think you are going to become a pro bodybuilder with no problem at all. That is your problem. Learn if it is worth trying to become a pro!

    Date Added: Nov 18, 2002

  • Transformation Of The Month


    Have you made a dramatic change either by gaining muscle of by losing all the weight you have been hoping for, if so, send in your pics, stats, what got you started and why and you could be next month's winner!

    Date Added: Nov 12, 2002

  • Bodybuilding Goal Checklist

    By: Shawn LeBrun

    Learn the keys to achieving your goals with a bodybuilding checklist!

    Date Added: Oct 23, 2002

  • Basic Instinct: Harnessing Your Powers of Intuition for Explosive Growth!

    By: Ron Harris

    We have all been conditioned to look to the "experts" to guide us through this often confusing maze of bodybuilding. After all, few of us have all the relevant information in terms of physiology, kinesiology, nutrition, biochemistry, and applied chemistry that we would optimally desire.

    Date Added: Oct 1, 2002

  • Tricks Of The Trade

    By: Dean Goudie

    There are many different ways to build muscle, and it's up to each individual person to figure out which work for them, but make sure you are aware of all the options that are available to you.

    Date Added: Sep 17, 2002

  • The Evolution Of A Bodybuilder

    By: Lisa Sutton

    Without fail, I arrived armed with my meticulously planned workout etched in stone. Once I committed my routine to paper, absolutely nothing could alter my charted course.

    Date Added: Sep 13, 2002

  • Training Past 40!

    By: Dave Draper

    If you've been training since your teens or twenties and you're now over 40 you know, of course, you're hooked. You can't let go. But then conventional wisdom slaps you in the face and tells you you're in for a change in your training and expectations.

    Date Added: Sep 12, 2002

  • My Journey To Get Big

    By: Ron White

    The bulk of the time in between was spent dreaming of muscles, lifting and bodybuilding. Why the delay? Sheer timidity and embarrassment!

    Date Added: Sep 11, 2002

  • Never Say Die!

    By: Layne Norton

    Especially when your life revolved around preparing for a bodybuilding contest for 15 weeks and you don't place as well as you would have liked.

    Date Added: Sep 10, 2002

  • Bodybuilding for Babyboomers - Body Sculpting And Toning: Average Commitment, Average Results!

    By: Babyboomers

    Have you been trying to improve parts of your body but you are not getting the results that you want, find out more...

    Date Added: Sep 9, 2002

  • Positive Lifting

    By: David Knowles

    Have you ever heard someone say to his training partner "get your mind right" before a set? That's what I mean by having a certain mind-set.

    Date Added: Sep 9, 2002

  • Power/Bodybuilding - (Before Steroids) - My Own Story

    By: Paul Becker

    The initial flame that would change my physical being for the rest of my life was ignited three times. Written with Dennis B. Weis.

    Date Added: Sep 8, 2002

  • Never Stop Growing!

    By: Ron Harris

    Ask yourself, is this exactly the way you wanted to look? I didn't think so. Don't worry. I'm not going to leave you hanging.

    Date Added: Sep 7, 2002

  • Mental Toughness Training!

    By: Intensity Magazine

    I understand the principle behind this and it is applicable for power lifters, Olympic Weight Lifters, and bodybuilders.

    Date Added: Sep 5, 2002

  • Learning About Stars

    By: James Sadek

    The questions and there answers are posted below in what I believe to be a pretty decent way to somehow get to know these guys a little better in regards to there bodybuilding.

    Date Added: Sep 3, 2002

  • Exercise & Rest Principle Formula

    By: Paul Becker

    Using the 1-legged squat as an example, begin by performing this exercise for as many ultra-strict repetitions as possible within a 10 second time frame.

    Date Added: Sep 1, 2002

  • Overcoming Stress

    By: Dave Draper

    But the stress factors are gathering over the day until you want to scream.

    Date Added: Aug 30, 2002

  • Ten Tips To Help You Get Big!

    By: Paul Becker

    You see, you need to set goals and keep to them.

    Date Added: Aug 30, 2002

  • Fawnia's Keys to Success!

    By: Fawnia Dietrich

    Drink at least 2 liters of water every day. Tea and coffee does not count, but you can drink them. Do your weights (30-60 min) and cardio after your weights (20-45 min) at some point in your day, 5-6 days a week.

    Date Added: Aug 27, 2002

  • Plateau Busting - The Sadek Way

    By: James Sadek

    I understand what people go through, I have gone through it but I wouldn't call it a plateau, that words definition

    Date Added: Aug 27, 2002

  • Herculean Champions!

    By: Curtis Dennis Jr.

    Everyone has a person who motivated them into lifting. Many of us would say Arnold because his physique is something we all wanted.

    Date Added: Aug 22, 2002

  • Iron Game: Insights And Expressions

    By: Paul Becker

    By the time he completes his schooling, the average American has learned of weight training.

    Date Added: Aug 22, 2002

  • How To Gain Discipline.

    By: Curtis Dennis Jr.

    Discipline is the willingness to sacrifice things to achieve your goal. Learn what discipline is right here and see how it comes into play during your training.

    Date Added: Aug 22, 2002

  • Balancing Act

    By: Delbert Hickman

    What you decide to do in the 24 hours is based on your individual priority. That priority is defined by your attempt at self-actualization or the need to feel a sense of being. As each day comes and goes, those priorities can and will change.

    Date Added: Aug 21, 2002

  • How To Get Ripped To The Shreds

    By: Francesco Casillo

    I begun practising B.B. a couple of months before turning 17 years old. The first contest I entered I got 3rd, the second I got 2nd, and the third I got 1st!

    Date Added: Aug 20, 2002

  • Eat, Drink, Sleep Bodybuilding

    By: Tommy Bell

    Bodybuilding is an extreme sport, period. To be a bodybuilder involves so much more than going to the gym and lifting weights. One must be willing to eat, drink, and sleep bodybuilding.

    Date Added: Aug 20, 2002

  • The Way I Do It!

    By: Brian Lane

    Before I go on, I want to let everyone know that I do train in high volume, so if you don't like that, don't bother reading the article.

    Date Added: Aug 19, 2002

  • How I Mix Training And Trucking!

    By: Tom Molnar

    I read these articles in the magazines about guys who do split routines - part in the morning, part in the afternoon. Must be nice.

    Date Added: Aug 16, 2002

  • The Tortoise and the Hare! Why Do Some People Gain Faster?

    By: Ron Harris

    You wonder why you bother training and eating seven meals a day for years, when someone else can look bigger and better in months.

    Date Added: Aug 16, 2002

  • How I Am Training To Win The 2002 Australian Teenage Nationals

    By: James Sadek

    I thought I might give you a bit of an insight into how I prepare myself for training each morning.

    Date Added: Aug 15, 2002

  • A Personal Success Story

    By: Female Transformation Of The Week

    Shara Vigeant has always battled with her weight until she met Erin Winters and Jay Hutton. These two helped Shara transform her into a chissled hard body.

    Date Added: Aug 12, 2002

  • Living With Perfection

    By: Eric Satterwhite

    Simply put, bodybuilding is a sub-culture. That alone makes being a bodybuilder all than much harder.

    Date Added: Aug 12, 2002

  • Dare To Dream

    By: Sherry Gideons

    How many missed opportunities for joy and fulfillment are waiting for you, right now as you read this?

    Date Added: Aug 8, 2002

  • The Choices We Make Dictate The Life We Live

    By: Maribel Sanders

    This piece of writing will not be your typical bodybuilding article. The article you will begin to read could be a life changing experience.

    Date Added: Aug 8, 2002

  • A Bodybuilding Revelation

    By: Derek Charlebois

    My will power and motivation have been weak. But that all changed that night.

    Date Added: Aug 4, 2002

  • On Target With Dave Draper

    By: Dave Draper

    How come it was Dave Draper achieving such an unusual feat? Because he's recognized as a major figure in the sport of bodybuilding and he's now firmly back in action in the iron scene after a prolonged absence of almost 15 years.

    Date Added: Aug 4, 2002

  • A Freestyle Success Story of Geri Centonze

    By: Sherry Gideons

    Like many women who have dreams. Our biggest competitor is ourselves. What is the barrier to realizing your dreams? Most of the time, improper information and not enough time to focus on thing own self.

    Date Added: Jul 26, 2002

  • Intensity: The Most Important Factor in Bodybuilding

    By: Shawn LeBrun

    Two guys can do the same exact fitness routine with the exercises, the same number of sets, and the same number of reps, yet still have two completely different outcomes as far positive results (not accounting for genetic differences or anabolic aids). How?

    Date Added: Jul 25, 2002

  • A Woman's Battle

    By: Lisa Sutton

    Every time that I train a woman, I am fighting against the images of what this society considers attractive. With every rep, my female clients are waging a battle within. On the one hand, they want to be healthy and fit but on the other hand, they are deathly afraid that lifting weights and increasing muscularity will make them look too masculine.

    Date Added: Jul 22, 2002

  • My First Ever 'Proper' Off-Season

    By: Ryan Mackie

    After nine years of bodybuilding I am finally embarking on my first 'proper' off-season. I realize that sounds quite strange, because by now I should have mastered the art of building solid new muscle in the off-season.

    Date Added: Jul 22, 2002

  • Bodybuilding On Wheels

    By: Curtis Schultz

    Muscled athletes wheel their way to the victory stand each year at the NPC Wheelchair National Bodybuilding Championships. Promoter Frank Dalto holds the show in sunny Florida. The Wheelchair Nationals is in its seventh year.

    Date Added: Jul 17, 2002

  • My Philosophy of Fitness

    By: Katrina Humphrey

    I feel fitness is a passion and a confidence builder. Expressing passion through fitness is a great way to feel alive and engaged in the world -which is truly the best simple pleasure.

    Date Added: Jul 16, 2002

  • The Will To Win: My Story

    By: John Gray

    The story begins just over a year and a half ago, and it chronicles my transition from avid weightlifter to Champion Bodybuilder. Oh yeah, and the bumps and bruises and obstacles that I encountered along the way.

    Date Added: Jul 15, 2002

  • How I Successfully Completed The "Body For Life" Challenge...

    By: Ryan Mackie

    The journey I went on over that three month period was fantastic and has positively improved my life in many ways.

    Date Added: Jul 11, 2002

  • One Road Map to Success

    By: Delbert Hickman

    With the majority of Americans failing to achieve the minimum amount of daily exercise is the reason for this isolation.

    Date Added: Jul 10, 2002

  • Let's Get Ready to Rumble!

    By: Delbert Hickman

    I was in peak conditioning and confident that day. My dream still eluded me. I was unable to earn my pro status that day. Upon my return from Virginia, the last thing I wanted to do was to begin training or even thinking about competition. I was drained.

    Date Added: Jul 8, 2002

  • Bodybuilding My Way

    By: Sean Nalewanyj

    Bodybuilding is simple. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand the basic concept of muscle stimulation and growth. However, this doesn't mean that it's easy. In fact, it is very difficult. Extremely difficult.

    Date Added: Jul 8, 2002

  • Blueprint Your Success

    By: Ben Black

    Do you disappear from the gym into oblivion for weeks on end? Do you hit the snooze button in favor of your morning run? Do you find yourself having a cheat meal everyday?

    Date Added: Jul 8, 2002

  • Team Cobra Bodybuilding Timeline!

    By: James Mace

    As all of us heeded the call to serve our country, we sent out another call as well. This went out to those who wished to take their bodies to the next level, through improved nutrition and weightlifting.

    Date Added: Jun 28, 2002

  • Randy's Advanced Muscle-Building & Fat Loss Training Regimen

    By: Randy Herring

    I am following an Intermediate 4-day Split modified for Advanced Training so I can train body parts more frequently to cycle my weight & rep scheme and also to vary the exercises and technique.

    Date Added: Jun 28, 2002

  • My Day Sucked! Now What Do I Do

    By: James Mace

    Let's face it, we all have bad days. It's a fact of life, and something we cannot change. What is even more difficult is when we let bad days get us down.

    Date Added: Jun 25, 2002

  • Hardcore: 9 Ways To Get Mentally Prepared For Competition!

    By: John Gray

    What are the most important factors in determining a bodybuilder's success? I suppose there are probably as many answers to this question as there are bodybuilders concerned with it.

    Date Added: Jun 25, 2002

  • The Facts on Fatigue

    By: David Knowles

    Fatigue is the failure to maintain the required or expected force due to muscular activity. Many of us know this as failure during a set. However, the majority of people don't really know the causes of fatigue and why it occurs. The answer is not limited to one reason or one cause. There are many reasons for fatigue, and many causes as well.

    Date Added: Jun 15, 2002

  • Recuperation And Muscle Growth

    By: Randy Herring

    Recuperation is your body's ability to recover after exercise. The quicker recovery the quicker strength and mass gains will come. If you do not follow the nutritional rules - at specific times when necessary, if you neglect to listen to your body's warning signs of possible overtraining

    Date Added: Jun 11, 2002

  • Rebounding From Setbacks

    By: James Mace

    Keep up the tenacity, and never give up no matter what life throws your way, and your dreams will become reality! Learn how to bounce back from setbacks!

    Date Added: Jun 11, 2002

  • A Modern Day Hercules!

    By: Ben Black

    A total body workout, performed three times a week (Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday) is efficient because it places an emphasis on working the entire body in one session.

    Date Added: Jun 7, 2002

  • Being 'Lean And Mean' Shouldn't Be Just A Summer Thing!

    By: Ryan Mackie

    Many bodybuilders who spent the colder months 'bulking up' are also now on a dieting cycle to remove the fat and uncover the new muscle that they spent months trying to build. Learn the benefits of staying lean and muscular year round!

    Date Added: May 29, 2002

  • Avoiding and Overcoming Burnout in Bodybuilding

    By: Ryan Mackie

    In the quest for survival in competitive bodybuilding, here's what you need to know about this burnout, a mental nightmare. Let me take you on a journey to help understand this psychological phenomenon, so that you are well equipped to face burnout head on and win!

    Date Added: May 22, 2002

  • Finding Your Motivation

    By: Charlie Poole

    I just kept my goals in mind and was constantly finding things to keep me motivated. I have made attempts in the past to get into shape, but for one reason or another I would always fall short of my goals.

    Date Added: May 20, 2002

  • Bodybuilding: My Story

    By: Sean Nalewanjy

    Sean Nalewanjy talks about how he got to where he is today and what it takes to become a bodybuilder when you are young.

    Date Added: May 18, 2002

  • Building A Body In A Busy World!

    By: Mike Murphy

    For many, bodybuilding is a desire, or a dream. Most people can't find the time or are able to stand the pain it takes. Consistency is the key to unlocking the potential of your body. Consistency not only in your lifting, but your training as well.

    Date Added: May 16, 2002

  • Rescue 911: How To Revive A Terrible Workout!

    By: Ron Harris

    Damn it. Something's really wrong here. That last warm-up set felt like a working set, and now the weight that should allow an easy ten reps feels like a ton of bricks. Want to prevent a bad workout before it happens? Here's how!

    Date Added: May 8, 2002

  • Bodybuilding Success: Will You Reach Your Potential

    By: Jonathan Stehlik

    As bodybuilders we all have varying degrees of competitiveness within us. We wouldn't have started lifting if it wasn't for our inner souls driving us to reach our physical limits and create for ourselves bodies that would set us apart from the rest of the world. Will we achieve this though?

    Date Added: May 1, 2002

  • Mental Strength

    By: David Knowles

    It's one thing to be physically strong in the gym. It's another to be mentally tough also. This can make all difference for a person. The biggest guy can be made to look the smallest if he doesn't have it upstairs, and vice-versa.

    Date Added: May 1, 2002

  • Making Time and Making the Most of Your Time

    By: David Knowles

    I think that it goes without saying that if you want to succeed in bodybuilding, you need to make time in order to train. However, problems are encountered with an extremely busy schedule. Trust me, even with the busiest schedule you can have time to workout. Sacrifice is key. Here's how to write a schedule to make the most of your day.

    Date Added: May 1, 2002

  • I'm Just Not Motivated...

    By: Derek Charlebois

    So how can you boost your motivation? In this article I'm going to give you some ideas and some things I do. Derek explains alot about motivation and where to get it from if you don't know where.

    Date Added: Apr 24, 2002

  • Motivational Moments

    By: Sherry Gideons

    You're working out on a regular basis. You're pretty proud of yourself. But wait... You've gotten this far before and still slipped off the wagon. How do you make sure you stick with the program this time? See waht Sherry has to say on how to get motivated to go on.

    Date Added: Apr 5, 2002

  • The Top 10 Needs In Bodybuilding

    By: AJ

    To be a bodybuilder or even better, a good or successful bodybuilder you require certain things to have and do to get the best gains and carry on going right through your career and be successful. This article contains 10 needs in bodybuilding in order to be successful.

    Date Added: Apr 2, 2002

  • Peer Review for Gain 4lbs of Muscle in 10 Days!

    By: Todd Torns

    This is way too much work for your muscles to handle (overtraining), which will lead to excess cortisol buildup.

    Date Added: Apr 2, 2002

  • Doing Manual Labor!

    By: Big Red

    Over my past 2 years of serious bodybuilding I have made many costly mistakes. For some reason I keep making new ones too, but this is only part of the learning process, and I feel by telling you about my mistakes will help you to avoid making them yourself (so you can make your own.

    Date Added: Apr 2, 2002

  • You Can Do It.

    By: James Sadek

    So you want to become a teenage bodybuilder do you? Its tough, it's demanding but most of all it will be one of the best things you will ever accomplish as the rewards are both mental and physical. I will now tell you a normal day for me with eating and training approaching The Sydney Titles.

    Date Added: Apr 2, 2002

  • Dealing With Parents

    By: John LeMare

    I don't know about you but my parents hate the thought of me bodybuilding. I envy all of you who have supporting parents who encourage you to eat right and go to the gym. Here's what you need to know to convince your parents that your bodybuilding "lifestyle" is okay.

    Date Added: Apr 1, 2002

  • My Success Factors Continued...

    By: Delbert Hickman

    This is part two continuing the tips on success in bodybuilding. Learn what I use to reach my goals so that you can reach yours!

    Date Added: Apr 1, 2002

  • You May Be Your Biggest Problem

    By: Todd Blue

    It seems that when ever we don't see any obvious growth or any new strength gains in some time we automatically run and search the message boards, read the magazines and just research the entire supplement and workout routine world in order to spark that new growth so we can get that next 5 or 10 pounds.

    Date Added: Mar 29, 2002

  • The Power of Visualization

    By: Jon Stehlik

    So Jon, what is visualization and how will it take my training to the next level? Well, my friend, people you've known and looked up to have been using the power of visualization to transform their lives for years. See how visualization can help your workouts get to the next level!

    Date Added: Mar 7, 2002

  • Strength Culture and The Nature Of The Beast

    By: Andy Stevensen

    To be born strong and healthy and to have a good solid up bringing doesn't guarantee you a job anymore. It takes something more. It takes moral strength to sacrifice. It takes greater moral strength to sacrifice your desires.

    Date Added: Mar 7, 2002

  • Make Weight Lifting Fun

    By: Chris Meraz

    If you feel you have reached a plateau, do not give up it is a natural part of working out. Here are a few tips that might help you to make your lifting experience more enjoyable!

    Date Added: Mar 7, 2002

  • Has Your Motivation Got the Best of You?

    By: John Lemare

    In my opinion if you have lost your motivation you will nearly always give a half hearted effort. If you have lost your motivation, read this article.

    Date Added: Mar 7, 2002

  • Enjoy Your Bodybuilding Experience

    By: Brian Lane

    It's your life, enjoy it! Bodybuilding is no exception. If you ever want to buy any supplements, or any equipment, you should. You should set goals for yourself, and if you reach those goals, buy the stuff you wanted.

    Date Added: Mar 7, 2002

  • Pumping Mental Iron

    By: Andy Stevensen

    There are some people who seem to be able to focus on a goal and not waver for even a moment. Steve explains why doing things in moderation is better than animal behavior in the gym.

    Date Added: Mar 7, 2002

  • When Weights Don't Work

    By: Andy Stevensen

    When it all comes down to it, you have the power to determine whether you want to have the sand kicked in your face, or whether you want to shove his foot down his throat. Its all about sacrifice and determination. So what'cha gonna do...just sit there? Get readin'!

    Date Added: Mar 7, 2002

  • Knowledge is POWER

    By: Delbert Hickman

    The knowledge you acquire empowers you in so many ways. You learn to avoid the pitfalls that have stifled you and prevented you from realizing the things you want to achieve. In this article, I hope to ease some of the painful learning process and pull together some of the meaningful details you have probably seen yet not fully understood how to use.

    Date Added: Feb 22, 2002

  • Success in the Gym

    By: Phano Som

    So ask yourself this question and remember to be honest: What type of mentality do you have going into an intense work out? Are you looking forward to the self-inflicted pain using poundages which are heavy for you or do you go scurrying towards the cardio machine and dinky weights for the next 2 hours?

    Date Added: Feb 13, 2002

  • Pure Burning Desire

    By: Curtis Dennis

    I can tell you for DAMN sure that I'm not genetically gifted, I just had pure desire to get stronger. To me, that's all you need to succeed at any sport.

    Date Added: Feb 11, 2002

  • Determination Makes a Champion

    By: John LeMare

    What makes a good bodybuilder a great bodybuilder? What separates the winners from the losers? For people wishing to take their willpower to the max start training for a show and you will see what it takes for competitive bodybuilders to compete.

    Date Added: Jan 22, 2002

  • Getting on Track... And Sticking With It!

    By: Other Writer

    Hello 12-Week Body Transformation Challenge Competitor! Learn what you need to stick with your program! The health, fitness and energy you gain will reciprocate into every other aspect of your life. It's time to get motivated!

    Date Added: Jan 16, 2002

  • Pushing to the REAL Limit of Your Strength

    By: Seth Pauley

    Push it to the max with high intensity training techniques! Be prepared for the most amazing results you will ever see! The fact is, most lifters terminate the set far short of complete and true failure.

    Date Added: Dec 21, 2001

  • Ultimate Sacrifice

    By: Delbert Hickman

    Every day during the bodybuilding season, men and women all over the world make the ultimate sacrifice. Or should I say, "Ultimate Sacrifices". Things that most of the population take for granted. These sacrifices that are made can mean the difference between success or failure, winning or losing. Sacrifices that the average person would never dream of making. What are some of the types of sacrifices I am talking about? Read on and find out!

    Date Added: Dec 21, 2001

  • Futile Minds, Feeble Bodies

    By: Delbert Hickman

    Making the decision to avoid futility at all cost and committing to realizing your potential, will ultimately 'result' in gaining strength and removing weakness. I feel that building a better body teaches this best. What do you think?

    Date Added: Dec 21, 2001

  • A Bodybuilder's Dream

    By: Delbert Hickman

    In this article, I want to maybe inspire those readers or even competitors who want to win and want to know what it truly takes to win. I'll take you through my personal experience. I hope you enjoy the ride!

    Date Added: Dec 21, 2001

  • Huge Bodybuilding 'Mind' Article Database!

    By: Contributing Writer

    Learn the secrets to success in bodybuilding!

    Date Added: Dec 15, 2001

  • Training in the ZONE!

    By: Phano Paul Som

    Now that you've established the motivation behind your training, you are ready to search out your "zone." Phano goes into detail on telling if your in the zone and how much better you will be in the zone.

    Date Added: Dec 15, 2001

  • Sound Advice for Staying On-Track

    By: Wayne Mercer

    Learn all the tips you need to keep yourself on-track and consistent with your training. There's a lot of great tips here like: "Don't kill yourself on the first couple of trips to the gym, and keep everything in perspective."

    Date Added: Jul 9, 2001

  • I.C.E. III: Keys to Success

    By: Big Cat

    Learn the keys to success in bodybuilding, getting fit and staying that way! This article details patience, the pump, motivation, range of motion, free weights vs. machines and more!

    Date Added: Jun 14, 2001

  • My Success Factors

    By: Delbert Hickman

    In this article, I am going to talk about what I perceive as necessary "Success Factors" that helped to guide me to achieving my ultimate goal, winning an overall championship! Learn my success factors so you can use them too!

    Date Added: Apr 2, 2001

  • A Cool Mind Trick

    By: Curtis Dennis

    Even wonder why incredible feats of strength are performed under pressure? Well, one answer comes to mind…the brain. Teach yourself to use this power in the gym!

    Date Added: Apr 2, 2001

  • The Rules For Hardcore Bodybuilders

    By: Contributing Writer

    These are the most important rules (to me anyways) for bodybuilding. These rules are a guaranteed way to grow, unless you have some bad genes in you. Otherwise, these are some of the few things in bodybuilding that works for everyone.

    Date Added: Mar 7, 2001

  • Focus and Visualization

    By: Joe Corleone

    Hello to my fellow trainees, whomever you are (gym rats, models, pencil neck teens, athletes, ladies, middle aged, or average Joe's just trying to look good) I identify and wanna help all of you whether you have a body like Arnold, Aretha Franklin, Terrell Davis or a skeleton- I am here. Get the visualization tips you need!

    Date Added: Mar 7, 2001