Time & Consistency: The Keys To The Body You Desire!

Why are more and more people failing in their attempts to achieve a healthier, leaner physique? Their workouts were great, they did their cardio, ate right too. Learn why time & consistency are the key to gains!

Why are more and more people failing in their attempts to achieve a healthier, leaner physique? Their workouts were great, they did their cardio, ate right too. Answer, they did not stick with the program long enough for it to reap it's major benefits. I believe since the introduction of these" 12 week Transformations "and other various contests holding deadlines, we are getting away from the real reason to follow a well rounded resistance training, cardiovascular training, and nutrition program. Instead of teaching people to make fitness and nutrition a "WAY OF LIFE", it has become a short-term race (12 weeks or so…) to try to win money or a car, that sets some people up for failure. Now don't get me wrong that is great motivation, and I would love to win a new car. Let me ask you this question, "What happens after the time period (ex. 12 weeks) is over? NO more goals and the person has lost their motivating factor. To be very candid with you, I have seen many people train for these various contests, and about 50% I don't even see in the gym after the deadline is over, and about 35% gain all their weight back in half the time. Again, the wrong reasons are being programmed into their heads to exercise.

I am going to breakdown the vital elements needed in order to reach your goals in attaining the healthy body you are looking for. We will pay special attention to the Time/Consistency part of the program to give you a better understanding how important making fitness a "Way of Life", truly is. Hopefully by the end of the article you will be able to paint a picture on how easy getting the body you want really is, and that there is no deadlines or failure, just REWARDS!

Resistance Training

You must workout with resistance exercise. This is going to help add lean muscle to help boost the metabolism and help tighten the loose skin. Do you know that for each pound of lean muscle you gain, your resting metabolism goes up? So this is essential for keeping your metabolism up while dieting and being able to maintain the level of fitness you are satisfied with once achieved. Make sure you include resistance training in your exercise program to stimulate lean muscle gain and metabolism. Check out 25 great beginner resistance training programs, click here!

Cardiovascular Training

Another great way to stimulate the metabolism and burn fat is by doing regular sessions of cardiovascular training. These include walking, running, swimming, biking, and the various cardio equipment found at your gym. The best times to do your cardio are first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, right after your weight training session, before bed or any time as long as you get it in.


You will only "Spin Your Wheels" on the two above items if your nutrition is not right. The right nutrition program will also increase your metabolism, promote lean muscle, promote fat loss, and enhance your recuperation from one workout to another. Remember muscle requires calories to survive, fat does not. So we can not starve ourselves in the quest to get lean. Like the old Twinlab saying goes, "FEED THE MACHINE". Make sure you get 5-6 small meals in a day, always including protein, moderate carbohydrates, trace fats, and green vegetables with meals. If your meal plan is giving you steady results, don't change a thing.

Don't take away food thinking if it is working now, taking more away will lead to more results. This can only lead to a slower metabolism and loss of muscle. If it is not broke do not fix it. Our bodies will go through progress points and stagnant points, just stay focused and give it time. IF after 3 weeks you have remained at a plateau, get the advice of a nutrition expert or personal trainer on MINOR modifications that can be made to keep you progressing forward. Most of the time it will be a manipulation of cardiovascular exercise and a change in carbohydrate consumption to break those plateaus.

Time And Consistency

Ah, Yes! The two entwined elements that will make all your efforts reap the benefits. In looking back at the previous areas, it does not seem too difficult to weight train, do your cardio, and eat clean, does it? OF course not, it almost seems too easy. SO what seems to be the problem causing the frustration and lack of results in most people? I found your answer, and please take this next sentence to heart! YOU MUST WEIGHT TRAIN, DO YOUR CARDIOVASCULAR SESSIONS, EAT A WELL-ROUNDED DIET, DAY IN AND DAY OUT FOR A LONG PERIOD OF TIME! Sorry to break the news to some of you, but there is no deadlines to an exercise program, it must become a WAY OF LIFE!

I want everyone out their to improve, so we must make our exercise program part of our daily routine, like brushing our teeth. So if you can play your part by making fitness a lifestyle, and not a job or a contest to win a new car, you will never become frustrated and as a result you will look and feel great all the time. Well, how do you stay motivated day in and day out? This is where you need to dig deep and make small goals and rewards along your journey and basically find out what makes you happy and motivated. It could be seeing that flat stomach, fitting into jeans you haven't been able to wear in 3 years, etc. DO whatever it takes to make it an enjoyable experience. NO races, NO rush, NO pressure, just do what you are supposed to do and be consistent. Once you are in the daily routine and in the "groove", all you have to do is put your self on auto pilot and you will become better and better each week, month, and year that passes by. With this mindset the contest is a race only with yourself, so the end result is this: YOU'RE THE WINNER!

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Thanks for reading! IF you have any question or comments or you would like to contact Chris for fitness training/nutritional programs, e-mail Chris Zaino at: cz2000@aol.com.