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This Young Buck Rid Himself Of Bad Habits!

Ahmed went from one extreme to the other when it came to his nutrition. Read on to see how he found the middle ground that worked for him and helped him make an awesome teen transformation!

Vital Stats

Name: Ahmed Enaitalla


Bodyspace: snake2934

Ahmed Enaitalla Ahmed Enaitalla


148 lbs
Body Fat:


175 lbs
Body Fat:

Why I Got Started

I was an athletic kid when I was younger, but I had broken my leg at the age of 8 and I stayed home for a long time, just eating and eating. Soon it became a habit and I stopped playing all sports; all I did was eat junk and play video games. Kids started bullying me in middle school, teasing me about my weight and looks.

I wasn't able to play sports with the friends that I did have, and I was never able to pass a fitness test at my school. I decided to change my life around, but started starving myself and ended up with anorexia for about two years.

Finally, I started researching about bodybuilding and how to diet correctly, and now I'm on my journey to achieving the aesthetics I've always dreamed off.

The bullies are nowhere to be found now!

How I Did It

Initially, I starved myself and just did a lot of jump rope. I dropped 60 pounds in about 3 months, and soon I was anorexic. I started researching more about dieting, weightlifting, and cardio and I put together a plan and set it in motion.

I joined the gym by myself, and now I work out with a bunch of friends whom I've inspired to come workout. I still have a long way to go, but definitely better than the past me.

Whether alone or with friends, Ahmed is a one-man, gym-wrecking machine!
I joined the gym by myself, and now I work out with a bunch of friends whom I've inspired to come workout
Whether alone or with friends, Ahmed is a gym-wrecking machine!




Meal 2:

  • sandwich


    6 oz turkey breast, 2 slices whole wheat bread, 1 slice American cheese

  • milk

    fat-free milk

    1 carton

Meal 3:

Meal 4: Pre Workout

Meal 5: Post Workout

Meal 6:

  • sandwich


    6 oz turkey breast, 2 slices whole wheat bread, 1 slice American cheese

Meal 7: Before Bed


I use use a modified version of Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe, which uses two workouts, A and B, performed on non-consecutive days, and rotated each week.

The program is done 3 days per week with one workout being done twice per week every other week.

Workout A:

Workout B:

Week 1:

  • Mon: Workout A
  • Tues: Off
  • Wed: Workout B
  • Thurs: Off
  • Fri: Workout A
  • Sat: Off
  • Sun: Off

Week 2:

  • Mon: Workout B
  • Tues: Off
  • Wed: Workout A
  • Thurs: Off
  • Fri: Workout B
  • Sat: Off
  • Sun: Off

Suggestions for Others

Don't change the way you look because others make fun of you, although it's a great motivator to start out with, it eventually dies out. Work out for you, work out to look better, feel better and just to lead an overall healthier life. Patience is key in this sport, and I too struggle with patience but never give up.

Remember, dieting is important and if you lift without eating correctly, you won't get far. I wasted a lot of my time lifting without proper diet and I regret it now, all because I was scared to gain weight again. Also, make sure you work out correctly, form is very important, not only for progress but in order to avoid injuries.

Be safe, get big and most importantly, just remember that only you can change you. Believe in yourself, even when no else believes in you, it's your body, it's your health and it's your life.

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