Superfeature: Live The Alpha Life!

Don't be content to take what you're given. Take it and make it better. Embrace the alpha lifestyle laid out by these elite athletes and watch your physique and your confidence go through the roof!

The world says: Don't push too hard. Don't dream too big. Be careful not to seem "obsessed." Play it safe, follow the plan, and let good things come to you.

But you don't listen. You know the view from the top is always worth the climb—or even better, the sprint. Sure, there's not room for everybody up there, but that's just fine with you.

If this sounds like the voice in your head when you set foot in the gym, you might be an alpha. If you are, or if you just have the alpha itch, these articles are for you. Mind, body, kitchen, weight room, and workplace—we've got all the angles covered to help you rise above the rest.

Becoming Alpha: 5 Alpha Training Tips

Are you sick of lifting with limited results? Looking to push past your peak? Break through your gym rut and get the most out of your sweat session with these workout tips.

Be An Alpha Girl

The rank of alpha is reserved for the boldest, baddest girl in the gym. If you want that status, apply these 5 tips to your workout regimen today.

A-Game: 4 Traits Of The Modern Alpha

The word ''alpha'' gets thrown around a lot these days. Before you start slapping the label on yourself or anyone else, take this leadership course from the fittest man on Wall Street!

The 10 Rules Of Alpha Muscle-Building Nutrition

Working out but have yet to see gains? It could be your meal plan. Clean up your diet and learn how to pack on the muscle and pass on the pounds with these nutrition tips.

4 Alpha Male Meals To Build Your Body

Looking to eat like a true alpha male? Return to your caveman roots and feed your muscles with these carnivorous, wild-game recipes.

6 Tips For Building Mental Resolve

Push through pain and adversity and let a strong mind fuel a strong body with these strategies for solidifying mental resolve.