4 Alpha Male Meals To Build Your Body

Looking to eat like a true alpha male? Return to your caveman roots and feed your muscles with these carnivorous wild-game recipes.

Fact: Every true alpha male must know his way around the kitchen. You have to fuel your body so you can power through workouts and build good, lean muscle.

What says "alpha male" more than wild game? Imagine a caveman returning home to the family, dragging hundreds of pounds of pure muscle food in tow. (Cue the Spartan chant "Aroo!") Whether you hunt wild game or buy it in the store like me, adding a variety of wild game meats to your diet makes sense. Wild game's generally leaner with about one-third fewer calories than lean beef. Plus, it's packed with minerals like iron and zinc.

Here are four customizable, protein-packed meals every alpha male and Fit Men Cook fan should add to his diet.

1. Wild Boar Meatball Sub

With football season in high gear, now's the time to start thinking about good eats for tailgating and game-watching parties—and who can resist a meatball sub? Especially one this diesel. Next game, serve up this certified alpha male food.

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2. Spicy Barbecue Bison Stuffed Sweet Potato with Grilled Asparagus

It's a simple formula: Eat big to get big. This great post-workout meal will reward your muscles for a job well done. Caution: After sinking your teeth into this, you'll never see a sweet potato the same way again. Sorry.

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3. Cajun Venison Dirty Rice

Fire up that oven and break out your cast-iron skillet like a true alpha male. This recipe takes a Southern classic and turns it into a muscle-building meal like none other.

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4. Buffalo Pear Recovery Burger

Wheat germ may be one of the most underused ingredients in healthy cooking, but it's an ingredient every alpha male should know about. Wheat germ is the most vitamin-rich part of the wheat kernel. It's loaded with fiber and vitamin B. It's also known to help improve muscular energy, reflexes, and the utilization of oxygen during exercise, making it a perfect addition to your daily diet. Plus, it creates a great crust for "frying" proteins and veggies.

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