Straight From The Lab: Workouts, Nutrition, And Lifting Tips!

Don't say we never gave you anything. In celebration of a new caliber of post-workout nutrition, here's your next year's worth of workouts, shake recipes, and cardio inspiration!

Straight From The Lab: Workouts, Nutrition, And Lifting Tips!
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You have no patience for fluff or filler in the workout plan you follow and the way you lead your fit life. Whether you've taken the Clear Muscle Challenge, pushed yourself and your partner with the Duel Trainer, or revved your aesthetic engine with Marc Megna's AMP program, you know that MuscleTech shares your commitment.

The MuscleTech Story Celebrating 20 Years of Research & Development
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Now MuscleTech is partnering with the University of Toronto to apply the same ruthless demand for quality and science to the all-new Lab Series. Exclusive to, Lab Series will deliver formulas containing full doses of key ingredients validated through clinical research, and fully disclosed formulas to maximize your results. The line launches with two products engineered for the most crucial of nutritional windows: After Build for during or after a workout, and 100 Percent Whey Advanced for your post-workout shake and general protein needs.

Don't settle for less. Trust the Lab Series for superior science, and turn it into superior results with the workouts, tips, and expert advice here!

Better Training With Coach Marc Megna

Lifts feeling lackluster? Performance coach Marc Megna, CSCS, has just what you need. His Lifting Lessons provide critical lift overviews that will help you get the most out of bread-and-butter movements. Then put them into action in his two most popular training programs!

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"Great tips from a trusted source! Marc Megna is the total definition of 'practice what you preach.'"

Marc Megna's Lifting Lessons: Squat

Don't squat deep without knowing what you're doing. Learn the important cues every burgeoning squatter needs to know!

Marc Megna's Lifting Lessons: Row

Dumbbell rows might already be a staple in your routine, but performance coach Marc Megna will show you how to perform them correctly to produce better results!

Marc Megna's Lifting Lessons: Barbell Biceps Curl

You may not know it, but you're probably not getting the most from your biceps curls—and your arms are suffering for it. Here's how to make every curl more effective!

AMP: Marc Megna's 8-Week Aesthetics Meets Performance Trainer

The 8-week AMP program will help you perform like a pro and look even better. It's the ultimate combination of aesthetics and performance. Get amped to reach your physical peak.

Duel: 6-Week Partner-Based Muscle-Building Plan

At its core, Duel is a muscle-building plan that will help you increase strength and put on quality muscle mass. But, what makes this program unique is that it's designed for training partners.

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Workouts For Every Muscle Group

MuscleTech's athletes don't keep their growth secrets to themselves. They share every rep and routine, from core to calves and everywhere in between. And when it's time for cardio, try their routines built around sled pushes, farmer carries, and hill sprints. This isn't your same old TV-watching stroll.

The 6 Best Routines For A Bigger Chest

Forget one-size-fits-all chest workouts. Here are 6 tested routines that can add size, no matter your training experience!

4 Leg Routines You Won't Soon Forget

Feel like your lower body is lacking? These 4 pro-level workouts from the athletes of Team MuscleTech will change that in a hurry!

Crazy 8's: 4 Challenging Workouts To Kick-Start Your Growth!

Jump-start stale training and spur new muscle gains with any one of these 4 challenging "Crazy 8" workouts that are anything but ordinary!

6 Workouts For Chiseled Abs

Crunch these 6 workouts for a sexy six-pack no matter your fitness goals or experience level!

Armed Anarchy: Extreme Muscle-Building Arm Workout

Wage war against your tiny biceps and baby triceps. These 8 arm-training tips and extreme muscle-building workout are just what you need for extreme growth!

6 Killer Cardio Routines From BodySpace!

Tired of mind-numbing cardio sessions? Trade in the treadmill for one of these fun—extremely effective—workouts!

For Women

Today's lifting ladies know that leg day is everyone's chance to shine—and then pay for it later when you're limping down the stairs. Here are no less than six leg-day routines guaranteed to make a strong woman out of you!

Jenna Webb's Supersets For Killer Legs And Butt

Try fitness model Jenna Webb's 4 kick-ass supersets for more shapely thighs and glutes.

5 Best BodySpace Leg Workouts For Women!

Hey ladies! Want to build strong, well- defined, athletic legs? Here are 5 of the best BodySpace leg workouts for women!

Nutrition Master Class

You've pushed every muscle until it begged for mercy. Now give it some love with protein shake recipes, muscle-building snacks, and nutritional wisdom you can put into action today!

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"Love these recipe articles. Really helps a lot to get some new ideas!"

The Best On-The-Go Muscle-Building Snacks

Meeting your protein macros can be a daunting task, especially if you're always on the go. Get big with these portable snacks that are sure to fuel your mind and power your muscle!

7 Muscle-Building Protein Shakes

Switch up your nutritional routine and step out of the mundane with these fresh takes on shakes.

7 Nutrition Tips For A Successful Transformation

Don't let your diet ruin your transformation goals. Follow these 7 tips from successful BodySpace athletes and build a rock-solid nutrition program!

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