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Buy 1 Get 1 Free Fiber + Probiotic, 30 Servings
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Contains 5g of fiber and 1 bil CFU per serving for immune & digestive health*
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Optimum 20% Off Fitness Fiber, 195 Grams
Optimum Nutrition
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Unflavored Versatility!
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Digestive Health*
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Pure Bulk Fiber!
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+ Fiber
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Super Seed, 600 Grams
Garden Of Life
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Beyond Fiber
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Save 30% over $110 w/Code: JANSAVE Organic Antioxidant Fruit & Fiber, 22 Servings
BetterBody Foods
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A mix of fruits, veggies, and contains 6g plant-based protein per serving with neutral and unsweetened taste
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Save 30% over $110 w/Code: JANSAVE Fiber-3, 16 Oz.
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High In Omega-3!
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Mega Pack!
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Indroduction To Fiber


Stay Regular, Stay Strong*

Fiber is an indigestible substance that comes from the walls of plant cells, which can provide many health benefits. Making sure that you get enough fiber in your diet is going to be important for not only warding off hunger pains but for also helping to keep you regular. Those who aren't taking in enough daily fiber are going to find not only do they not feel as well as they could, but they may become bloated very quickly.

Fortunately, when you're unable to get the fiber you need through proper food choices, supplementation is there to help you. Fiber supplements will offer both insoluble and soluble fiber; the two main types that help keep your system functioning properly.


Take In Enough Fiber

Maintaining regular fiber intake with your diet can be a difficult task, especially when you're busy. The fiber-rich foods that you should be including in your diet include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, and guar gum, but it's easy to fall short - especially if you're on a low-carb diet.

That's why fiber supplements are so helpful. All you have to do is add some extra fiber when you need it, and you can maintain healthy levels of fiber in your diet. The benefits of fiber may include:

  • A slower digestion time to help you stay feeling full longer*
  • Enhanced regularity so you never feel backed up*

Don't Forget Your Fiber

Anyone can benefit from taking a fiber supplement when they're in need. Even if your goal is to build muscle and not lose fat, chances are good you may not be getting enough fiber in your diet.

If you're neglecting your fruits and vegetables, a fiber supplement will ensure you don't fall short in this nutrient and help to promote good overall health.* Supplementing your fiber will give you added assurance that your always covered.

Maximize Your Fiber Intake

If you want to get the most benefits from using a fiber supplement, you should be aiming to bring your total daily intake up to around 25-30 grams per day minimum. So, take a look at how much you are usually getting in your regular diet, and then use a supplement to bring you up to that level.

Avoid taking your fiber supplement too close to your workout however as this could potentially cause some discomfort while doing physical activity.