Jennifer Broomfield, Sweeping Her Way Through Bodybuilding!

Teenage bodybuilding sensation Jennifer Broomfield arranged her schedule to talk with after a grueling preparation for a recent contest. Who knows, some of you teenage iron pumpers might take some of Jenny's direction and start competing.

Teenage bodybuilding sensation Jennifer Broomfield arranged her schedule to talk with after a grueling preparation for a recent contest. Who knows, some of you teenage iron pumpers might take some of Jenny's direction and start competing. In her quest to become a bodybuilder Jenny has overcome some roadblocks and your everyday teenage obstacles of wanting to go out with friends every night and following the crowd. Now, she has taken a different following, and her peer pressure comes from the likes of Cory Everson and current Mrs. Olympia Lenda Murray. Already this year Jenny has placed in her bodybuilding ventures for 2002 and she is hoping to once again take that same bodybuilding progress into 2003. What is your full name?

Jennifer Elaine Broomfield When and where were you born Jenn?

I was born on Sept. 5th, 1983 in Massachusetts. I'm not big on astrology, but I am a Virgo. Since you started getting into bodybuilding pretty heavily what is your weight (Normal/Contest)?

Normal weight: 135
Last Contest: 125 That's not much of a diet. You only have a ten-pound off-season mark? Where do you live?

Boston, Massachusetts Are you seeing anyone special?

(Smiles) I have a lil crush. But no, nothing exclusive. What are your features like?

My eyes are blue/green/gold and my hair is strawberry-blonde. Do you have any brothers or sisters?

Yes, I have three brothers and two sisters. Big fam, love 'em. What do your parent's do?

My father runs a coil-winding machinery co. and is big on fixing up cars. He is an elder in our church and teaches Sunday school with my mother. My mother works part time for him and loves to cook, sew and be a mommy. They are so cute. How was your childhood? Where did you grow up?

I had a wonderful childhood, raised in a Christian home and had plenty of siblings to play/rival with. Did you play any sports when you were growing up?

Soccer when I was little and I ran track and wrestled in high school. The funny thing is, I hated most team sports in school. I think I failed gym once for just not going. Though if it was a strength competition like who can do the most pull ups etc., I was all about setting new records, and did. What did you do after high school?

Oh man, let me think on this one…that was a long time ago (just kidding). I am taking some college courses now and am moving to queens and going to massage therapy school in NYC next year. After that there is more. But we will see about specifics later. I love learning. There is so much more that I want to learn about. I don't know where to start! What started you in bodybuilding?

I have always been very muscular, even as a child. I wouldn't wear shorts because I thought that my legs were funny shaped compared to the other girls (until I found out what developed quadriceps looked like). I think I actually have a pic of me at 7 years old, and you can SEE my quads and biceps! I mean they are little, but still not typical. My whole fam is like I have the genetics. I became very depressed in my younger teens and was diagnosed with major depression. I did a lot of reading and praying and decided that I was going to fight my chemical imbalance naturally with the endorphins exercise releases. I began to beat my body like an animal in the gym, everyday. God gave me such a passion for it and I loved it (still do). My body began to change and I thought, "well I'm doing the work anyway I might as well compete." I changed my diet a lil and learned more about nutrition for bodybuilding (which also helps fight depression). I competed and it was amazing! I fell in love with the sport and even after I corrected my depression, I kept on sculpting my body. When did you actually get serious in bodybuilding?

I got serious when I watched my body change as I competed. When I saw how different I looked and the results from the work that I had put in, it just drove me further, wanting more. Though, I was always serious about training, I think it was actually stepping on that stage made me addicted to the competing. What is next on the plate for you?

I am picking up a lil powerlifting in the next few months, trying to GROW this winter and come in strong for the next season. What is your best experience in bodybuilding?

My best experience was the first time I stepped on stage and the rush that I got from it. I knew it was for me. Your worst experience?

Hmm... I'd have to say the prep work for the first few shows... I was unable to totally control my emotions because I wasn't used to feeling the way I do when I diet down hard. The intensity is great, the ups and downs of dieting…I love it, but controlling it as far as my mood, emotional stability, etc., was very hard for me the first few times I dieted down. It's something I am much better at now. Do you have any favorite exercise?

As far as weight training, I love it all. I love beating my body in the gym with the weight. But I have to admit, when I am cutting down I HATE THE CARDIO TWICE A DAY. I do it, but I don't like it. Yeah, I can relate. I hate doing cardio! Any interesting diet things during competition?

Hmm, naw boring: I do a high protein, moderate fat, low carbs, low cals, hard cardio program. How many weeks before a contest do you start to train? Any secrets?

What!?!? Come on Curtis, you and I both know this is a YEAR ROUND sport. IF you are serious, then there is no "off-season" there is a growing season, but not an off-season. I Train HARD all year round. 15 weeks before my last comp was when I cut carbs down, lowered my caloric intake and increased my cardio. I am still dieting down now for shows coming up in NOV. Natural bodybuilders need to diet longer... As a "Natural" BB what type of supplements do you use?

I think that supplementation is a very important part of bodybuilding and general nutrition. Oh man I sound like I am at work! (GNC) Okay, for cut down I may use an ephedra/caffeine stack, CLA, calcium-D-glucarate, sodium usniate and vanadyl sulfate. I pretty much always use WHEY PROTEIN, flaxseed oil, glutamine and branched chain amino acids. I mess around with different name brand products if they have a nice combo I like for building mass or something, I try it. Right now I am trying Sterobol by Ultra Lab, and Nitrovarin by NutraSport. Getting my supplements from a sponsoring company, NUTTY'S NUTRITION helps A LOT! I totally couldn't do it without them. So, do you see any things that need to be changed in the sport of female bodybuilding?

I have not been in this industry for too long, but in the short time I have, this is what I have come to find. To start off, the sport of females bodybuilding hasn't been around to long. It picked up in the 80's and not many people know much about it. Half the reason they don't is because there is no real coverage of the sport. When the average person thinks female bodybuilder they think "ugly, over-drugged woman trying to be a man". I'd like to change that so the world knows more about the art of sculpting a beautiful female physique. It would also be nice if the judges would decided what it is they are looking for and if it was more consistent. Jenny, what do you do when you're not bodybuilding?

Well, though it's a huge part of my everyday life, no, I don't live in the gym training, or the kitchen eating protein. I do work, train clients, go to school, work on my website, study, write papers, and sometimes I even try to fit in being 19, and hang out with friends, or maybe even go on a date. Though most weekends I am in a different state for modeling, trade shows, etc. (I am very busy), I really do enjoy it. Can you give some advice for those teenagers who want to start bodybuilding?

I definitely encourage the idea, and offer support and advice, though I tell them it's hard work too. Bodybuilding isn't just a sport you pick up on the side, it's a lifestyle and it takes dedication and drive that most people just don't have. I am very supportive of new people coming into the sport, cuz well…I'm new too. Tell me something our readers do not know about you?

Betcha didn't know I could squat triple my body weight (grinning). Wow! You got me in the legs department. Have you done any television/magazine covers/film/commercials?

Right now I am being interviewed for a documentary on female bodybuilding that will be coming out next year. It's supposed to hit the physiological standpoint of FBB and is very positive in general. In it I am representing a young woman going into bodybuilding. I am actually getting into more commercial modeling now. So hopefully I'll have more to say soon! Has anyone been your inspiration?

God is all my inspiration and drive. That's cool! I know you just started in Bodybuilding but where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

Ya know what's funny? In 10 years I'll be only be 29. I don't know where I will be and I don't want to plan it out. I want to let it roll, that's what makes life fun. I know I will be fit! That's about it. What are your best and worst qualities as a person?

These are some hard questions. I think that as a person I have been blessed with a good heart. I am a very caring person and am able to express that well. My worst quality is probably that I am too sensitive sometimes. What kind of people turn you off/on?

Off: people who are judgmental and set in there ways.
On: big, veiny, muscular men (smiles). QUICK QUESTIONS

What are your favorites?

  • Television Show: I hardly ever watch TV (no time)…but, News Radio, Who's Line, or Drew Carey…something to make me laugh.
  • Movie: The old Sabrina with Audrey Hepburn
  • Actor: Anthony Hopkins
  • Actress: Julia Roberts & Audrey Hepburn
  • Foods: Steak
  • Bar Drink: Now, you know I am underage ;o)
  • Type of Music: Trance & Techno club beats, but I love so many types of music. Thanks Jenn, it was lots of fun talking with a very bright and intelligent women such as yourself.

I hope this is everything you are looking for, and thank you so much for being so patient with me. I also wanted to ask you if you had any inside tips for me, I'm starting powerlifting this fall (just for fun really)! And I am training with some guys who know their stuff…but I figured I'd ask cuz aren't you the expert? Anyway, my site is still in progress…man, I have NO TIME.. But it's coming along. I'm even going to have a comic strip! I'm ordering 8x10's and stuff now.. It's gonna be a good site. Anyway let me know if this and the pics were okay.

Jenny Thanks again Jenn! I'll drop a few little tid bits your way every now and then. For those of you interested in pictures or having this Teenage Fem Fatal help you in your bodybuilding endeavors, you can e-mail her at