Podcast Episode 2: The Crazy Life of a Crazy-fit Couple

Deep talk and serious goofing off with one of the fittest couples in the industry. Chassidy and Antonio Smothers talk with hosts Nick Collias and Dr. Krissy Kendall about lifting, love, beer, bacon, and Instagram.

Podcast Episode 2: The Crazy Life of a Crazy-fit Couple

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Episode 2: The Crazy Life of a Crazy-fit Couple. Deep talk and serious goofing off with one of the fittest couples in the industry. Chassidy and Antonio Smothers talk with hosts Nick Collias and Dr. Krissy Kendall about lifting, love, beer, bacon, and Instagram.

Publish Date: Friday, October 28, 2016

Ep. isode 2 Highlights & Transcript


  • Who's on the morning team?
  • Moon striations and lunar spray-tans are things. Seriously.
  • The mysterious eighth and ninth body fat pinch-points
  • Please clean your belly button when Krissy tests your bodyfat
  • Sorry, "sucking it in" doesn't help your BF%
  • The couple that shreds together, weds and beds together
  • Why it's not a good idea for a couple to prep at the same time
  • Matching pro cards = relationship goals
  • Matching pitchers of mimosas = relationship goals
  • How Instagram brought contest prep to fans
  • The challenges that contest prep poses to a couple
  • Communicating by letters when you're married? Welcome to the military!
  • How Chassidy keeps up her masterful posing skills
  • What’s in the Smothers family fridge?
  • How to navigate the "constructive criticism" tightrope
  • The case for competing once to "get it out of the way"
  • Why Chassidy doesn't compete much anymore
  • How to keep your show placing from defining you
  • In-N-Out vs. Five Guys vs. Red Robin
  • How to describe beer if you don’t drink it
  • The judgement a muscular person gets subjected in a non-muscular world
  • How to deal with the commenters
  • How Chassidy and Antonio met
  • How many IBUs does a raspberry cider have?


Nick Collias: Rolling.

Dr. Krissy Kendall: We're rolling. Action.

Nick: Hello, hello, hello. Welcome to The Bodybuilding.com Podcast, extra special AM edition, bright and early in Boise, Idaho.

Krissy: Wooh, really.

Nick: Waiting for the iced tea to kick in here.

Antonio Smothers: We're on Mountain West time. This is not California time.

Nick: I'm Nick Collias, deputy editor at Bodybuilding.com along with our science editor in a non-blue shirt this morning. She actually occasionally will not wear her famous blue blouse, Krissy Kendall.

Krissy: Take it in.

Nick: We're all on the morning team. I know you're on the morning team, Krissy, because when I show up at, like, 5:30, 5:45 sometimes-

Krissy: I'm finishing up my workout.

Nick: -she's like 99 flights of stairs into the workout.

Krissy: Yeah.

Nick: Along with us, as well, we have Chassidy Smothers, bikini pro and Bodybuilding.com athlete.

Chassidy Smothers: Hello, hello.

Nick: Hair extraordinaire.

Chassidy: Yeah.

Antonio: The girl with the hair.

Nick: That's right. She's got the best hair on my Instagram right now.

Chassidy: Without a doubt.

Nick: It's almost like rings around a planet or something like that.

Chassidy: It's my crown.

Krissy: It's an aura.

Nick: It definitely does have sort of a cosmic vibe to it.

Chassidy: I receive that. Thank you.

Nick: Also on board in the cave, we have Antonio 'Tonio' Smothers. If you want to get his attention on the street, you just shout Tonio.

Antonio: You'll get my attention real quick.

Nick: There might be Antonios all around you.

Antonio: There might be.

Nick: Physique pro, Beast Sports athlete, what am I missing?

Antonio: Not pro yet.

Nick: No? Oh.

Krissy: Yet.

Antonio: Yet.

Nick: Yet, but that's right around the corner.

Antonio: That's the plan, yeah.

Nick: Okay. You guys on the morning team as well, in life?

Antonio: Oh, I'm not this one.

Chassidy: Not right now. I was in the military, so I had no choice, so now that I'm not in the military, I kind of take my time a little bit more.

Nick: Oh yeah, there's military morning team, and then there's us.

Chassidy: Right.

Nick: Did you see the moon setting when you got up this morning? The moon was beautiful. I got up at like 5:30, I was out the door, and there was this huge, orange moon setting off in the distance. You could see all the striations and gains on it.

Krissy: It was pretty swole.

Nick: It reminded me of everybody around here. It was orange too, so it looked like it had just tanned.

Krissy: Got a tan? Yeah.

Antonio: You saw glutes and everything.

Nick: Exactly. It probably wasn't even setting. It probably was just going to your desk to get-

Krissy: Right.

Nick: That's what everybody does at this time of the year. Krissy has a line of, "Where's Krissy? She's clipping some pinches.

Antonio: Really?

Krissy: Yeah, and it's the most awkward part is we usually just find empty rooms to go into, so I'm in there. We hardly ever close the door and lock it, but then I've got guys in there who will just strip down in their pants without a shirt, and I'm just over there pinching them, and I hope whoever walks by knows what we're doing.

Nick: Maybe because I work very close to you, Krissy, the couple of times I've gotten a body fat test from her, I'll put shorts on. I'll unclip my shirt, but I'm not going in there and just dropping trow or anything. It's okay to do that?

Krissy: Yeah. That's what Chris does. Yeah. It's just like ... I got boxers on, we're okay. I'm like trust me, I've done this for years. The things I have seen.

Nick: Okay, but boxers, I don't get down to the boxers.

Krissy: No, I won't do them naked.

Nick: No. Not like-

Antonio: The real body fat test.

Nick: Yeah, exactly. There's nine different places you clip, you don't want to know what the ninth one is.

Krissy: Yeah, eight and nine are the mystery ones.

Antonio: Have you seen some embarrassing underwear? Joe Boxer, like small-

Krissy: No, the underwear is fine. It's the body hair and the distribution of body hair on different parts that you don't typically think someone would have that much hair. Then, the amount of crap that you can find in a belly button, because we go-

Nick: What are you doing clipping their belly button.

Krissy: We go just to the side of it, and you learn to basically go an inch from the belly button, so you'll do your thumb, your first knuckle, so you'll put it right next to their belly button, so you're up in there.

Nick: A knuckle in at the belly button.

Krissy: Knuckle in the belly button. It's like what have you been doing the last-

Antonio: Is that bacon?

Krissy: -or not doing, yeah.

Nick: Here, I thought you were so fixated on the actual body fat process you didn't notice any of that stuff.

Krissy: No! That's why people get self-conscious; they're trying to suck in, and I'm like, "Trust me, that is the last thing ... I am looking at every other awkward part of this to find it interesting."

Nick: Sucking in doesn't help though, right?

Krissy: No, sucking in does not help, believe it or not. It's so funny. I tell people to relax, especially I do the triceps, relax, and all the sudden, it's like flex. Can you see my ... I'm like, "That's not relaxed." It's not going to help you.

Nick: You get-

Antonio: Style points.

Nick: -yeah, one percentage point down for style.

Krissy: Right.

Nick: Anyway, so yeah, Antonio and Chassidy have the same last name. They're not brother and sister. They're actually husband and wife, the fittest couple you'll probably ever meet.

Antonio: Yeah.

Chassidy: Yeah.

Nick: Do you guys know anybody else in your lives that are both super hardcore training, hard training, physique athletes?

Antonio: I won't say that, because I'm competing with them. I know no one. Yeah, no, we do.

Nick: Okay. You're not the only ones.

Antonio: Yeah, we definitely do. In Sacramento, it's a lot.

Nick: Really?

Antonio: Yeah, it's a lot. There's some, actually, in our gym. We'll randomly do ab workouts together, just to show people that we're better than them.

Nick: That's what adults-

Chassidy: Yes, yes.

Antonio: That's how it works. You walk into the gym, you got the serious face.

Nick: That's right. Yeah, couple that shreds together, what?

Antonio: It was going good-

Krissy: Weds, but they're already wedded.

Nick: Beds together. I'm assuming you guys maybe sleep in the same bed? I don't want to assume.

Antonio: Somebody's going to take that and put it on a t-shirt.

Nick: That's right.

Chassidy: That would be weird.

Nick: The thing I've always wondered, though, is does it make it twice as easy or twice as hard to have both of you on prep at the same time? "Oh, we can share the work," or is it like, "God damn, this is complicated, we're both doing it."

Antonio: We were just talking about this.

Chassidy: Yeah, we were. Our last prep we did at the same time where we actually were both competing at the same show, we decided we weren't going to do that anymore.

Antonio: It's just too-

Chassidy: Yeah, it's way too much. It's much better if one of us are competing and the other person is there to support and be the assistant. It just seems much easier, I think. What do you think?

Antonio: Let's be honest, I feel that competing, as much as people say it's not, I think it's selfish.

Chassidy: It is.

Antonio: It's a lot about you. It really is, because from the tanning, to making sure your hair's right, especially the women. Men, you know, haircut, boom. Women, makeup, bikini got to be right.

Chassidy: Nails, waxing.

Antonio: It's just the jewelry, if you wear jewelry. It's so much, so exactly what she said. We try to do a show at the same time, simultaneously, doesn't work out, not the way we want it to.

Chassidy: No, because you want to be there, especially show day, to encourage and support the other one. You got this. Let me help you with your mental. If you guys are both focused on your individual shows, might be a silent moment.

Antonio: It's a quiet last moment.

Chassidy: Yeah, very quiet.

Nick: Is that how it gets? It gets quiet where you're in your head, like-

Antonio: Cooking is where-

Nick: -oh God, I'm kind of miserable right now.

Antonio: -quietest during cooking time, because we don't cook. We're just like, "I don't want to do this."

Chassidy: Yeah.

Nick: Not looking forward to this food that's going to enter my face.

Chassidy: Right. Same thing I've been having. Yeah.

Nick: Yeah, I imagine it's got to be kind of a lonely process doing contest prep. It's selfish, but also, you're doing a lot on your own, even if you have a training partner. There's so much that you're not really talking, you're just doing.

Antonio: Yeah.

Chassidy: Right.

Antonio: We get to auto pilot at some point.

Chassidy: For sure.

Antonio: We've done a couple, how many shows have we done?

Chassidy: A lot.

Antonio: A lot of shows, so I think now we've been able to find a cruise control. You can push, push, but I'm saying as far as the mental, you just lock in and cruise control.

Chassidy: There gets to be that point, definitely, where you were talking about with lonely. It gets to that point where okay, now I can't really go to these events anymore. It's just too much, or it's too tempting. We're too close. I can't be around this many people right now. It does feel like it's lonely as you get close to the show, because you dial in and you're locked in, and you can't do much.

Antonio: Can I just say one thing though? We get caught up in all the shows, all the shows, every movie, everything-

Chassidy: Every Netflix original. We're there.

Antonio: When it's not prep time, I'm out and about, but yeah, go back and watch stuff from three years ago. Remember that show? Let's go watch it.

Nick: That's rest. I can't move right now. I'm just going to let some stuff enter through my eyes and ears.

Antonio: I'm telling you, yeah. It works out that way.

Nick: Hmm, so now, you guys have both been competing for how many years now?

Chassidy: 2013, 2014?

Antonio: 2012, 13, 14, yeah, but a lot of shows in that time span.

Nick: Yeah, I think I heard one of you say in the first year was like three times.

Antonio: Yeah, maybe four.

Nick: It wasn't just yeah, let's do it one time, see how it is. Have you always-

Chassidy: No.

Nick: -approached that from the start is like, "Yeah, we're going to do this as an ongoing project."

Chassidy: Yeah, we were just like, "Okay, we're getting a pro card." That's it. Bam. As soon as we started, we were like okay-

Nick: Really?

Chassidy: -we're not going to stop until we get our pro card. The first year, we both went ... we started in January-

Antonio: February.

Chassidy: February was your first show, and by that November, we both had went to nationals. We did a few shows along the way. Then, kind of kept going. Then, I got my pro card a year later.

Antonio: Next year, yeah.

Chassidy: Yeah, and I did two pro shows. Then, I was like ,I don't know.

Nick: Might be done?

Chassidy: Yeah. I don't know. It was always just ... we're going to keep going until we get our pro card. That was pretty much the goal from jump.

Nick: When you guys met, got married, this was not part of your life, right?

Chassidy: No.

Nick: How did you get to "All right, I got to get that procard?" How did you get from there to there together.

Antonio: Instagram.

Chassidy: Yeah.

Antonio: Chassidy.

Chassidy: We always were both athletes, so we always were exercising and working out. We just probably weren't dieting very well. I was in the military, so I was working out and stuff for the military. Then, yeah, we started seeing it on social media, so we started trying things on our own. Bodybuilding.com, we started reading a lot of articles and learning how to eat better, I guess you can say that's where it started. Then, yeah.

Nick: Planted the seed somewhere in there.

Chassidy: Yeah.

Nick: Maybe.

Chassidy: Social media, we're like, yeah, we saw a lot of people doing it. We were like yeah, let's jump on-

Antonio: I remember following Layne Norton, one of his programs he had on Bodybuilding.com.

Nick: On yeah, he had a show-prep one like a million years ago.

Antonio: Yeah, really, exactly. Yeah, from there, it just happened. 2012 was when we started to transition into a better diet. Started on trail mix, cashews, these little boot-camp workouts on saturdays. Then, on Saturday night, we have a pitcher of mimosa.

Chassidy: Yeah.

Antonio: No lie. I'm so serious. I am so serious.

Nick: Are we talking about sharing a pitcher, or you got one pitcher in each hand?

Antonio: Own pitcher.

Chassidy: It's baby steps. You got to do it one thing at a time.

Nick: His and hers.

Chassidy: Swap out your morning, healthier morning, and then-

Antonio: She get mad if she got too much ice. "Why I got all the ice?" Oh okay.

Chassidy: I was like, "I want a splash of orange juice. What is this?"

Antonio: Those were the days.

Nick: After that first show ... you competed first, right?

Antonio: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Nick: Was it everything you wanted it to be, or were you like, "Okay, is that all there is?"

Antonio: You know what's crazy is I knew there was more, but I guess in terms of success, yeah, because my first show, up until after that, the success was already there, so I was like, "Okay, people, I can do this." You start at different levels, but for me, I think starting from the level I started, and the competition during that time period, I'll never forget. 2013 was when Instagram and fitness really came together, the merger. It was huge, so a lot of the new categories were coming out, like men's physique, so a lot of people were trying to get on board fast so they can get their name out there.

Chassidy: It was really popular.

Antonio: It was really popular. A lot of people, the physique was our first show. Remember that?

Chassidy: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Antonio: There was a lot of people that were there. Then, it just exploded. Then, being part of that top tier of athletes, it made it more comfortable and made me excited to want to continue. Made it very exciting.

Nick: Sure.

Krissy: After your first show, was it being on stage that was, "Okay, I want to do it again?" Was it the process of seeing your body change? I want to do that again and make it better. Was it I didn't finish first, I didn't place first, I'm going to go again. What was it that ... because you did so many shows, so what was it that kept you pushing and pushing and going. Obviously, the pro card, but of the actual process, the show itself, after the show, what was it that was like, "I want that again. I want to experience that again?"

Chassidy: I definitely think seeing your body transform and pushing the limits of your body and seeing what you can do with your body is definitely motivation. I want to keep doing this. I want to see where I can go with my body, but unlike him, he did pretty well. He did really well from the jump. His first show, he was top three. His second show, he was overall, okay?

Krissy: Rough start.

Chassidy: Yeah.

Krissy: Sorry. When you're good-

Antonio: I couldn't-

Chassidy: For me, it wasn't like that. I didn't do well my very first show. After that first show, I was like, "Oh, no way. I'm way too competitive for this. I got to do it again, at least to keep up with him."

Antonio: What she won't tell you is that she got overall her second show. That's what she won't tell you.

Chassidy: I was trying to leave some suspense, but-

Antonio: No.

Nick: You watched him go through prep the first time before you had competed?

Chassidy: Mm-hmm (affirmative). He did two or three, yeah two shows-

Antonio: Three.

Chassidy: -three shows before I did.

Nick: Okay, so you watched him get all low carb and miserable toward the end, and you were still like, "I want that."

Chassidy: What I did his very first couple of shows, in support of him, was I prepped too. I wasn't prepping for a show or anything, but I made sure I prepped too. I got up in the morning, did fasted cardio with him. I did everything with him. I was going through all that too. I remember we got to LA, because that's where he did his first show. We were living in Washington state at the time. We got to LA, and it was kind of like the end of the road for me. I was like, "I need something," and it was so weird, because we didn't think ... even though I was prepping too, I wasn't preparing for a show, so I didn't dial in or drop any water, but I got to a place where I was like, "My mind is crazy," so we just went and got a bunch of fruit and started to-

Antonio: Yeah, I do remember that.

Chassidy: I was crabby. I was like, "I'm not even competing. Why am I so crabby?"

Nick: A piece of fruit is a wonderful thing.

Chassidy: Yeah.

Nick: People forget that sometimes.

Antonio: You know what's funny? You touched on it, but I would say this. Preparing for a show together, that was the one time ... we have a fabulous relationship. We love each other to death. Best friend all day long-

Chassidy: But.

Antonio: -but, no really, I will say this. I don't mind sharing it, because it was part of our growth, especially in fitness. We actually went through a trial and tribulations during that first prep that I ever had. It was crazy. It was incredible to see how we changed, the dynamic of our relationship changed. You want to talk about quiet and irritable. It was insane, and we don't miss those moments at all. From that day, or from that time period to now, we always take note. Okay, we remember this, this is what happened then. This is what we don't do anymore. We communicate even more. Like I said, we already did that a lot, but for some reason during that time period, it was just bad. I was just in this place. Then, she was tired of me being in that place. Hit the road, go home. Go to the gym. Stay there.

Nick: When you're in that mood, too, that head space you're in, you still have to keep training too. You have to keep going back to do the selfish thing over and over again.

Antonio: Exactly.

Nick: I was preparing for a certification recently I trained for for six months. I felt bad that I go home, yeah, I got to still work out for another half hour before I end my sight. Can you keep watching the kids, honey? I've got to do a little more here. It was nothing like preparing for a show. I was not having to meet the same level of standards that you guys are meeting for that, but it's tough-

Chassidy: Even still, it's taxing.

Nick: -keep going. It's in the back of your head all the time that event off in the future. All right, is this going to be positive? Is it going to be negative. It takes on this cataclysmic sort of thing, like what am I walking into here.

Antonio: We character it as a delayed gratification, to delay your gratification and to realize this will pay off in the long run. We done had that cheat meal yesterday.

Nick: It pays off in your relationship maybe too though. We're all pretty privileged in the way that we're able to lift together and work together in a way that few generations ago, people would disappear for months. You know this. You went to Korea, you guys were separated-

Chassidy: Yeah, for two years.

Nick: -for years, right?

Chassidy: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Nick: Communicating by mail.

Chassidy: Yeah.

Krissy: Written letters.

Antonio: That was before FaceTime.

Nick: Did that make all this just seem easy?

Chassidy: Well, we've always just ... I think when I left, that's when ... because that was actually the firs two years of my marriage, we were-

Krissy: That's crazy.

Chassidy: -real early.

Antonio: That was the first two years of our marriage?

Chassidy: Yeah, but when I left, it was a 15 minute ... 15 hour time difference, so we only had phones. We talked with each other on the phone, but we really thought it developed our communication skills. In our marriage, we've always prided ourselves on our communication. I think after that first show where we were like, "Okay, things are changing now with our communication, and things are getting a little bit more tough," after that, we were able to sit back and say let's talk this through how we can fix this going forward.

Krissy: Do you get on the phone when you do that, like separate rooms? Get on the phone and talk this one out?

Antonio: SnapChat.

Krissy: Yeah, that's what I feel most comfortable with. That's-

Nick: You do what you got to do.

Krissy: Yeah. That's great.

Antonio: Puppets and role playing.

Krissy: Yeah.

Chassidy: Maybe we should try that.

Antonio: Want to do that?

Chassidy: Go in the other room.

Antonio: I'll hear your voice.

Krissy: Go in the other room, let's get on the phone. Yeah.

Antonio: That's hilarious.

Nick: When you were overseas, is that when you guys go more serious about training too? I can just imagine being like, "OH, my wife, I miss her. I'm going to start training hard."

Antonio: Yeah, she was definitely-

Nick: She's living on MREs over there.

Antonio: She definitely started before I did as far as really wanting to implement better food choices, and I remember you were doing so many sit ups. You sent me a picture. "Babe, look at my abs."

Chassidy: Yeah, that was my very first booty boot camp. I always held a countdown for when I was going to see him again. We got to see each other every six months, so I always got to look my best. I haven't seen him in six months. You want to make him fall in love with you over and over-

Nick: Or think that you could kick his ass.

Chassidy: Either way. Threaten him before I go back home. Yeah. Then, you were playing college football at the time too, so we were both-

Nick: Just athletes all the way.

Chassidy: Yeah, from the get go.

Antonio: I did the wrong ... I had mass gainer, so I was nice, but I was bloated. "Hey, baby."

Chassidy: We were learning still.

Antonio: We were still learning.

Nick: Football players know everything there is to know about nutrition. The bigger, the better.

Chassidy: No matter how you get that size.

Nick: You guys don't really train together all that much, right?

Antonio: We used to. It was ... that's another thing-

Krissy: What changed?

Antonio: Hey, you know what, 2012, when we lived in Washington, we took on that obstacle. I want to call it an obstacle, because it was kind of hard at first, but I think it was ... again it was fun. It was another communication type thing. I think Chassidy's actually done a blog on this. Different people have different gym languages was it? Was it gym-

Chassidy: Oh yeah. Gym languages.

Antonio: You know, I might be the type that wants to be high intensity, or I'll yell more. "Let's go. Next." That's football too, in me. Getting yelled at, so I'm-

Nick: Coaches, yeah.

Antonio: Yeah, so I'm used to-

Chassidy: In your face.

Antonio: She doesn't like that, so if I do it to her, she'll actually stare me down.

Chassidy: Are you done?

Antonio: Seriously. We had to learn together, but yeah, we definitely had so much fun training together. It was really good times. It was a lot of good times.

Chassidy: Yeah, and then we kind of just ... it was even as we started competing, we started doing our own thing. Schedules, of course, you got to get in when you can get in. Yeah, since our goals were different, he wasn't going to come do all those glute workouts with me. I didn't want to do all them chest workouts-

Krissy: No booty blaster.

Antonio: She was doing jump lunges-

Chassidy: Jump squats, jump lunges. He's not about that life at all.

Krissy: You're more about calf raises.

Chassidy: Yeah.

Antonio: She's natural born calves. I just hate-

Chassidy: Genetics, I just threw it out there. You know, I was like no, I'm not going to do that. We kind of grew apart in that, but it's good for us. When we go to the gym at the same time, it's like high fives from across the room.

Antonio: Energy.

Chassidy: Maybe slaps on the glutes, like good job.

Krissy: I enjoy the time apart to train apart, especially different goals, like you mentioned. It makes it easier, and then you don't get frustrated like I don't want to do that, or why am I doing this? I don't want to train that. I'm on a different rep range. When you see them, or maybe you just need that occasional spot, or you just need that little-

Chassidy: Exactly.

Krissy: -high five, pat on the ass, whatever it may be to keep going. That's huge.

Antonio: Everyone thinks this is corny, some people probably do, but whenever I feel down, or I need motivation, I'll look at her if she's on the treadmill. For some reason, that just gives me inspiration.

Krissy: Awe.

Chassidy: Awe.

Nick: Points, baby.

Krissy: Brownie points.

Nick: You still kind of influence each other when you're not training.

Antonio: Oh, a lot. Yeah. When she would compete, Chassidy was a master poser, is a master poser. I never ... she posed so much that when she'd walk around the house, or even when we would go, let's say, to the mall and try on shoes or something, she's bikini posing. It's just the same thing. Babe, look at me. Like what? Tell me I'm lying. All you do is pose.

Chassidy: Practicing is important.

Antonio: That was your thing. Wake up, pose. Brush my teeth.

Chassidy: I mean, it helped.

Krissy: Yeah, get comfortable with it.

Nick: It's a skill.

Antonio: I was jealous. I still am.

Chassidy: In turn, you did the same thing, so it worked out.

Antonio: Yeah. True. That's true.

Nick: Has this changed what you guys fight about, too?

Antonio: Yeah, totally.

Nick: I'm assuming you still fight, right?

Antonio: Totally. Our fights last like an hour, two hours.

Chassidy: If that. Yeah.

Krissy: Until the next meal. It's just when you get a little low on energy, and then you eat again. It's happy time.

Chassidy: I think right now, in this moment, it's like oh my gosh, you ate all that steak already? I have to cook more steak? It's just ugh.

Nick: Food, yeah.

Antonio: Yeah, very true.

Chassidy: That's pretty much it, yeah.

Antonio: She hates going to the grocery store all the time.

Chassidy: I mean, who doesn't?

Antonio: I like the grocery store.

Chassidy: Yeah, okay.

Krissy: Maybe you should go more often.

Chassidy: Mental note.

Nick: I imagine that a competing couple's fridge has got to be an egg factory, too.

Chassidy: Oh yeah. For sure.

Krissy: What is in your fridge? If we were to open it right now ... well probably nothing if you're out of town.

Nick: The hotel, too.

Antonio: You know what's funny? No people think, and I guess if they're not on a diet, like a prep diet, they would think we had nothing in our fridge. My friend, he always laughs. He comes in my house. He's like, "You guys got nothing to eat." I'm like, "We got chicken, we got top sirloin, we got eggs. We got liquid egg whites. We got everything."

Chassidy: Yeah, the basics. We always keep the B-Elite Meals in our freezer. We load up on those.

Antonio: Those pancakes.

Chassidy: Oh man. Come through pancakes. Yeah. We always keep those in our freezer, you know those last minute I don't have time or the chicken's not thawed yet, throw those in.

Antonio: That's very true.

Nick: Yeah, I think it's just interesting to think about I can see people doing this once or twice together, but you guys have really embraced it as a lifestyle. How does that change you and your relationship over years doing it like this?

Antonio: Relationship with-

Nick: We've touched on-

Antonio: -each other or-

Nick: Yeah. Your relationship with each other.

Antonio: I think it actually makes us accountable more, more accountable. I think especially when we both know that ... let's say Chassidy has a photo shoot or something coming up, I'll definitely make sure I hold her accountable for her actions prior to, so I think it's definitely changed that dynamic, because if I didn't care, she'd probably actually question that. Oh, so you don't care?

Nick: Somebody listening is probably going to hear that and think that sounds kind of mean.

Krissy: I was going to say, constructive criticism is really solid around your house, because I know some people, whether you're practicing posing, or you want someone to do a quick physique update, or should you really be eating this, I think anyone else would be like don't. Do not tell me what I'm going to eat or whatever.

Nick: Trust me, yeah.

Antonio: I'll tell you, it won't be to the point where I think we're nagging each other, but we definitely will make sure each of us are mindful.

Chassidy: Right, and you can't be the, "Oh, that looks great," if you don't really think so. You have to, when it comes to competing, be 1000% honest. He's going to go on stage. I can't be like, "Oh, yeah, you look great," and he doesn't really look great. I need to be honest. No, babe, the waist looks a little thick. Let's-

Antonio: I hate all those words.

Nick: It never starts hurting.

Antonio: It's a face she makes. If she's like- If I see this face, I know that-

Krissy: You're like, don't even have to say anything.

Antonio: Do it over. Whatever.

Chassidy: Normal very day couples, for the most part, it's like, "Yeah, that looks great." You do things for their feelings, right? But competing, you have to be 1000% honest, because you don't want them to go on stage like, "Why didn't you tell me I look like this?" You see yourself every day, so sometimes, you don't realize how you look in certain ... so yeah, definitely. The honesty aspect is just 1000 times even more important. I think, too, since we are prepping, not me so much for shows, but for photo shoots and stuff like that, most of the year, we cherish those small moments where we're not so ... typically, for some reason, Christmas time, we're not normally doing anything. We just-

Antonio: Oh, never.

Chassidy: Man, we enjoy those moments. That carried over from when I was in the military too. We only had time every six months together, so we had those few moments throughout the year that we really cherish. It kind of helped as we got into competing and stuff to really cherish those small increments that we had together.

Antonio: Oh yeah.

Nick: It sounds like it reinforced that you're on the same team.

Chassidy: Right, absolutely.

Nick: Has to be, because otherwise, all of that stuff could be-

Krissy: A fight waiting to happen. Yeah.

Antonio: I like that our families embrace that about our relationship. They embrace that, so it actually makes us closer sometimes too, because you need that support. That's important big time.

Chassidy: You look just in the day to day, competing is not easy on relationships at all, especially for the first time. For the very first time, it's not easy on relationships, because it's a lot of learning and that going back to that being selfish. In relationships, it's very hard to be selfish, because you need to be thinking about the other person. We see that, definitely, a lot. If we could tell anybody anything, it's just wait until the second time, okay? Get through that first one. The second time will be better.

Antonio: As the person who's competing, be mindful of your spouse's, or your boyfriend or girlfriend's feelings. Don't shut them out. They're a person too. They have feelings. As much as you're doing this show, they're doing the show too. More emotionally.

Chassidy: Yeah.

Nick: Your message isn't really think twice about competing, it's get the first one out of the way.

Chassidy: Yeah, everything gets better after the first one. Even when I'm talking to new bikini competitors, the first one is just about learning. You're leaning everything. You're learning what it's like to be in front of those lights for the first time. You're learning how the production goes. You're learning how exactly I'm supposed to walk on this ground with the tan. Everything is learning, so that first time is just embrace it and take in that experience from the entire prep to that actual day of the show and then after that, now, I know what I can do better from the last time. That first time is just popping the cherry really.

Krissy: That makes sense.

Antonio: The way you talk.

Nick: Do most people find that it's just a really positive environment, though, behind stage and on stage? Is everybody kind of on the same ... you think comparing it to other athletic events that people really get. Somebody's going to run a marathon, some of those races you go to, everybody's like, "Yeah," everybody's on the same team.

Nick: Some of them, they're like, "Get the hell out of my way, goddammit."

Antonio: I made a mistake, football background, track background.

Chassidy: Yeah.

Antonio: I went into my first couple of shows just, "I hate you. You're not me. I'm better than you." I swear, so you know, I burned a couple of bridges along the way. People also sit in like, "Hey, bro." Yeah, I had to learn that. Chassidy taught me that, because I took notice of her back stage. All the girls are all happy, taking pictures together. Me, I was like how come I never take pictures? Oh, because of my attitude. Got it. Yeah, I think the vibe ... if you can control your own environment. If you go into it like I did, that mindset, you're not going to meet a lot of people. Won't get any shout outs.

Chassidy: Yeah, I would definitely say between the amateur level, it still is kind of we don't know a lot of people, or this could be our first time, so people will talk to each other, but it's still kind of-

Antonio: Cutthroat.

Chassidy: Yeah, cutthroat individuals back there basically. When I got into the pros, it's a small community of pros, and you probably are with the same girls almost every show. It's almost like more of a sisterhood. People get along a lot more, because you're going to see that person all the dang time. Yeah, it's a little bit different for sure.

Nick: You brought up an interesting point earlier about ... maybe it was you ... about Instagram. Instagram was fundamental. It's interesting thinking about being a fitness model used to be like, "Oh, I'm on the pages of Muscle Mag. I'm here, I'm on the website." You're kind of an Instagram model. That's kind of what it means to commit to that, right? Do you guys ... has your relationship with Instagram changed? Have you dialed back at all? You still keep steady just like putting it out there, putting that persona out there over the years.

Antonio: I think for me, it just depends on what your message is and what you're trying to convey, because it could be interpreted framing. They see what you ... you let people see what you want them to see, obviously, but if you convey that let's say I'm sitting in front of this Mazzarati every day, he's got a mazzarati. You know what I mean? Just saying.

Nick: Your neighbor's Mazzarati?

Antonio: Yeah, they don't know. I think to definitely I want to try to be transparent as much as I can, but still hold true to myself and be mysterious at the same time, which is kind of hard. It sounds strange to do, but I think you can definitely do that if you're not reckless and you don't post the wrong things or say the wrong thing in your message. That's another thing. I don't want to offend anybody, which is hard to do in this day and age. Everything you do, you cough, someone's offended. I feel that you just have to definitely be mindful what you post.

Chassidy: Yeah, I think, too, as you are in the industry a little bit longer, it moves from being just fun and I'm going to throw anything I want up there to more business like. That's definitely how I feel like Instagram has changed. Now, you have to be mindful of who you represent and the things they require. You know, if you have athletes, your own athletes, or clients, or anything like that too, you're a business, so I got to make sure that they see me in a certain light as opposed to in the beginning, it's all fun, so I'm throwing up anything, it doesn't matter.

Nick: There's a little over-sharing going on in the-

Chassidy: Right.

Krissy: That's what SnapChat is now for.

Krissy: Those photos are gone.

Chassidy: Exactly.

Antonio: I totally agree with that.

Nick: Okay, so now, you do not compete as much now?

Chassidy: I don't compete as much now.

Nick: Just ran the course, you think?

Chassidy: Yeah. I'm not sure.

Antonio: She got success so fast.

Chassidy: Yeah, because it was that drive for the pro card, and then once I got the pro card, I did those first couple shows, and then it turned into why am I doing this? Let me rewind. Okay, after I won the spokesmodel contest with Bodybuilding.com, I went to my first expo, the Arnold. I got to be around all these athletes that I had admired so much, Jessie Hilgenberg, Ashley Horner, even Jamie Eason I met at that time. I met all of them, and they were all like, "Yeah, I competed every once in a while, but no, heck no I don't compete anymore." That's when my mind was like-

Antonio: You were just full of-

Chassidy: I was like, "I don't have to compete." In that moment, that was my first moment where I was like, "Do I need to compete if I want to be successful in the industry?" I still wanted to get my pro card, because that was the initial goal, so I got my pro card. After that, that mindset just kept coming back, like-

Nick: Do I need to?

Chassidy: -do I need to do this? Do I need to put my body through that stress or my mental through that stress? Now, it's kind of like you know what, if one day I wake up and I want to compete, I'll do it, because it'll always be there. It's not necessarily like I have to do it. I don't have this big goal.

Krissy: Your goals shift.

Chassidy: It did shift.

Krissy: Yeah, so it moves from one thing and then goes onto-

Chassidy: What's next? Yeah.

Krissy: Yeah. Online, training, programming, whatever that may be. I think it can be overwhelming if you're 100% mindset into competing and doing that or now, am I going to try to build a business? That takes a lot of energy and a lot of focus. You start to see where do I want my priorities. I think you have to ... the stage is going to be there. It's not going anywhere.

Chassidy: Exactly. They have master's. I can do that.

Krissy: Yeah, exactly.

Chassidy: Doesn't matter.

Nick: Has it been hard for you to find the next calling after that once that voice-

Chassidy: No, you know what, I'm just going to say this, but I'm turning 30 soon, and we've been married almost seven years.

Antonio: I did it the same month. I don't know what I was thinking.

Chassidy: Yeah, so June's a big month for us. Now, I got to think long term, so now it's family, so that's where my mind is. Am I set up for one day sooner than later for us to have children? That's where my mind is. It's kind of freeing to not think that, "Oh, I got to get ready for a show." It's definitely freeing off my mind and the stress. To even be able to support him again, obviously, because shoots pop up whenever. I kind of always need to be in a good place as far as keeping my figure where it needs to be. It goes back to the very beginning where he was competing and I was just supporting him. It's kind of nice.

Krissy: Yeah.

Nick: There are all sorts of super fit pregnant lady Instagrams now too.

Chassidy: I know. It was so awesome.

Nick: Every one of those models that you mentioned had a couple of great pictures. There are a a number of women at Bodybuilding.com that kept lifting relatively heavy.

Krissy: One of our own editors, yeah.

Antonio: Really?

Krissy: Yeah, she was squatting to the day before she gave birth. Yeah.

Nick: It can be done.

Antonio: That's incredible.

Krissy: It should be done. You should continue to do some form of physical activity.

Nick: That's right, and you still need to compete.

Antonio: Oh yeah. I still have that mindset, but I will tell you this. After watching her maturation through the process of competing and earning the pro card and going further, it's definitely changed my mindset. I'm more friendly back stage. That's one thing. Definitely, it's not the ... it doesn't define me. I think also when we first got into this, we wanted our placings, and I think a lot of people nowadays, who are getting new into Instagram or just competing, that environment, they let it define them. After our first couple of shows, I remember my first national show in Vegas. I never got last place, I got 10th, and I remember that it crushed me, because mentally, where I was at, I felt like that defined me for a month. I just let that define me. I was like, "I'm 10th place in life." That's not how it is, so I think nowadays, my last show I did, I won the show, thank God, and I was just in a different head space. My wife thought something was wrong with me. I wasn't even excited. She's like, "You won, right?" I was like, "Yeah, I won. Let's go eat."

Chassidy: Yeah.

Antonio: It was just ... I like the head space that I'm in right now. I like the head space, and yeah, it's not what it used to be as far as letting it define me. I'm happy that I had-

Chassidy: This is more fun for sure.

Antonio: -way more fun-

Nick: Coming in 10th was maybe good for you then.

Antonio: No-

Nick: Let's not say anything crazy.

Antonio: I'm walking around Vegas just mad. You know what, I did get $100 that day though.

Chassidy: Yeah. Found it on the ground.

Antonio: I looked around though. I tried to look for it, but I didn't look too long.

Chassidy: Anybody?

Antonio: I remember that.

Nick: Okay, that makes 10th place a little bit easier.

Antonio: Yeah, I'll take 10th.

Krissy: Yeah, 100 bucks.

Chassidy: Even the 1st place person didn't get $100.

Nick: The Internet has a way, though, of just focusing on that achievement part of it, not just in the you stand in front of your mazzarati, but you look in the comments. It's like, "Oh, this is how much you lift." There's this narrative that you just have to be a winner or you're a loser. Somebody has to come in last place, you know?

Chassidy: Right.

Nick: It's a pretty important experience to suck at something, isn't it?

Antonio: You know what? From the male side of it, after meeting a lot of people and knowing them, and actually, I've grown with a lot of people that I know from social media, and also that compete as well. Some people, they really let that define them.

Chassidy: Absolutely.

Antonio: They really do. It's almost sad a little bit, because you would love to see them out of that head space so they can live a little bit more and be a little more comfortable in their skin, because on day, what if, God forbid, something happened, and they can't physically be able to do that anymore, now what? What happens to them now?

Nick: Right.

Antonio: I really try to tell other people that compete the same thing she says. Don't let the placing define you and be able to learn and keep going. You got to do that.

Nick: A person that goes to their first show, they get that disappointing placing. Do you think it's more important for that person to turn around and do it again then?

Chassidy: I think it depends on your goal from jump. What if you used a show to help you lose 30 pounds? You came in last, but you won, because you hit that goal. I think it all depends on that. Because we are athletes, we are extremely competitive in natures, so I think for us ... well, not for him, for me, when I got that first show, and I didn't do well, it was just important for me to get up and keep going. That was my message when I first started. Never give up, and you got to keep trying. It doesn't matter how you come in. Keep going. One time, there will be a breakthrough. Again, it just all depends on what your overall goal is, because it's not always going to be my goal is to get ... you're always going to be striving for 1st place, but it's not going to the the main goal. It could be many other things.

Nick: After you came in 8th the first time and 1st the second time, what do you feel like you figured out about yourself and your physique and whatever? What was the difference between 8th place you and 1st place you that you can take forward and say, "Ah, I figured it out."

Krissy: How far apart were the shows?

Antonio: July, and then the other one was in-

Chassidy: October.

Antonio: -October.

Nick: Not that far.

Chassidy: Not that far, no.

Antonio: She was-

Nick: Is there a show tomorrow?

Antonio: She was ready.

Chassidy: Yeah, but then I did the same thing, too, with nationals. The first year, I came in 14th, 15th, or something, 12th?

Antonio: We're talking about out of 60 something girls.

Chassidy: Yeah, there was a lot of girls, but still I didn't come in the first or second call outs my first national show, but then my second national show, I got my pro card, so I repeated that cycle all over again. I think for me, personally what I got out of it was I realized that I need a lot of time for prep. Some people can do six weeks, some people can do 12 weeks. I need to be more like 16, 20 week prep. I need time to get into it, especially as I'm getting older. Things start to hurt or break down. Not break down. I won't say break down.

Antonio: Close to being serviced.

Chassidy: Things start to ache, so sometimes-

Krissy: It takes longer to recover.

Chassidy: Exactly. I need more time. You can't always be doing these triple double days. I don't know if there's such thing as a triple double day, but you get what I'm saying.

Krissy: Oh, I'm sure someone-

Nick: There's a triple double something.

Chassidy: Somebody's doing a triple double something.

Krissy: Yeah.

Nick: It's not fun whatever it is.

Antonio: Not fun. Doesn't even sound fun.

Nick: Except at In-N-Out, they do the triple decker.

Chassidy: Maybe that's where my brain was.

Antonio: They now cut it out to four by fours.

Chassidy: He knows personally.

Antonio: Don't ask why, but I just know that. Through the grapevine.

Nick: I just ate my first In-N-Out burger like two weeks ago.

Chassidy: What?

Antonio: What did you think?

Nick: It was okay. The thing is I don't know how to order at that place. Everybody else, they were getting all these things. I was like what is that?

Antonio: Animal style

Chassidy: Why didn't I get that?

Nick: I knew that there was such a thing as the "secret menu", and I just didn't do my research. I was like I'm just going to go over there and see what happens when it comes to-

Chassidy: You got a cheeseburger.

Nick: I pretty much got a cheeseburger. I was like you know what? This is an all right little cheeseburger here.

Antonio: What's you think of the fries?

Nick: The fries are solid.

Antonio: Thank you.

Chassidy: Yeah, I know I feel like I'm going to get in trouble for saying this being from California, but I'm not a big In-N-Out fan, but I'm primarily not a big In-N-Out fan, because I think it's kind of-

Antonio: Go ahead and say it.

Chassidy: I don't believe you should have a cheeseburger without bacon.

Antonio: Without bacon.

Chassidy: They don't offer bacon at all.

Antonio: She holds a grudge.

Nick: That's the thing. I feel the same way about an egg. I want an egg on a cheeseburger, or on a hamburger.

Nick: Once I had it one time, I thought, "Where has this been my whole life?"

Antonio: That's amazing.

Nick: Now, I'll eat a non egg cheeseburger every once in a while-

Chassidy: It's not the same.

Nick: It's not the same, yeah. Bacon's the same way. I would agree with that. Yeah, all these crazy sauces and onions and stuff. I was like won't somebody just tell me what to do here? Yeah.

Chassidy: This is my first time menu.

Nick: Fries are drowning in mystery goo.

Krissy: You need a tutorial to go there. I've never been. I don't know that-

Nick: To In-N-Out?

Krissy: Yeah. Now, I'm a little scared.

Nick: It's good. I mean, I thought the fries were solid. They weren't like my favorite fries ever, but they were solid. You can go to Five Guys any day of the week and get-

Antonio: Ooh, that's another place she doesn't like.

Nick: -a burger that is pretty good and you don't have to be a professor in Five Guys talk.

Krissy: You know how to order from the menu.

Antonio: They have bacon.

Nick: Mm-hmm (affirmative). They have bacon.

Antonio: I like the Cajun fries.

Nick: They have peanuts.

Chassidy: I was going to say that's what they have.

Nick: You don't like Five Guys either, huh?

Chassidy: Well, it's not that I think they're disgusting, but it's the only restaurant I've ever had problems with. Every time I went, they messed up my order. Every time. It's not that I think their food is disgusting, because I like the fact that they serve hot dogs too. Yeah, I just never had good luck with them I guess.

Nick: Okay, so where's you to go burger here? That's the most important question.

Chassidy: Yeah, that's-

Antonio: Do I know? I think I do know.

Chassidy: I like Red Robin.

Antonio: Yeah.

Krissy: Yum.

Antonio: Saw that coming.

Chassidy: It's actually who we're sponsored by.

Antonio: Thank you, Red Robin, for the royal burger that you provide with the egg on it.

Krissy: Unlimited french fries.

Antonio: Unlimited french fries.

Nick: Red Robin.

Krissy: Yeah.

Nick: Is that a hashtag, #RedRobin?

Krissy: It is now.

Chassidy: It is now.

Antonio: I'll tell you another thing, competing will make your whole meals expand. Our meals are insane now.

Nick: Just in terms of the sheer volume of food?

Antonio: Yes. One time we went-

Chassidy: Both in quality-

Antonio: -it was A&W mixed with-

Chassidy: KFC maybe?

Antonio: Was it KFC?

Nick: Oh yeah, I've been to one of those.

Antonio: We spent $40.

Chassidy: The two of us.

Antonio: She was so worried that I was ordering more than her. She was like give me something else too, because you seem to be ordering more.

Nick: Did you have the root beer milkshake?

Antonio: Yes.

Nick: Isn't that thing fantastic.

Chassidy: Amazing. Yeah.

Antonio: I'm a root beer fan, so-

Krissy: Post show, are you more into the pizza, hamburgers, what not, or is it the dessert you want, or is it both?

Antonio: You know what?

Chassidy: He's desserts.

Krissy: Dessert?

Chassidy: The carbs. That's normally how women are.

Antonio: I bartended and I serve also at a BJ's, so-

Krissy: Ah, [kazooki's 00:47:30]? They have my heart.

Antonio: I want to go there all the time. I actually love their food too. Can't do it. Let's go. Every time.

Krissy: I'll go with you. I love that place.

Chassidy: He's been working there for how long? Six?

Antonio: Six years.

Chassidy: Six years, so he's been working there for a long time, and even when we moved from state to state when I was in the military, he would transfer BJ's. It's also his favorite restaurant, so I'm like ah.

Antonio: There's nowhere else to go, I'm like-

Chassidy: Most people, whenever you-

Nick: Want to go to BJ's?

Chassidy: Yeah.

Antonio: That's [inaudible] into every conversation.

Chassidy: You know normally when you work in a restaurant, you hate it, I'm there all the time, but I guess because he doesn't ... he works there but he doesn't eat there, because he's always prepping or eating clean, so that-

Antonio: In California, they're just like Starbucks, and they're just like McDonald's. There's a BJ's, and actually just in our area alone, 20 minutes from each other, except for one of them, there's five. I can always go to different ones so I don't see the same people.

Chassidy: Yeah.

Nick: They're like what are you doing here?

Chassidy: He has a system.

Krissy: Yes.

Antonio: It is a system. Very true.

Krissy: I guess I'm just really picky in this conversation.

Nick: You feel like your day job's, at this point, just supporting this? Supporting what you do? How is your view of what you do changed as you've gotten more serious into modeling, competing, that sort of thing?

Chassidy: We both became trainers, so we are both certified trainers. We both do that and we have a training business.

Nick: I thought so. I saw the website.

Chassidy: Mm-hmm (affirmative), so-

Nick: You're allowed to give a shout out to your website I think.

Chassidy: SmothersFitU.com. Thank you. Call me. Yeah, so that's definitely how it's changed. He doesn't eat everything at work, right?

Antonio: No.

Chassidy: That's how it's changed.

Antonio: It sucks too, because we get a lot of people that raff. We have to raff's will try out new foods, so when a customer's like, "Hey, what does this taste like?" I'm like-

Nick: You watch the raff-

Chassidy: He's like, "Good. It tastes good."

Antonio: I'll say word for word what the description said. Yes, it's very zesty. I swear that's exactly what I say. I'm telling you. I don't even drink beer, and people are like, "What do you think about this stout?" "It's full body."

Antonio: Really? I'm like, "Yeah." Awesome.

Krissy: If you like stout, you'll like this stout. It is the stout of stouts.

Antonio: If it's a stout, I'll like it. All right cool. That's a good one.

Nick: That's all people are looking for.

Antonio: You'd be surprised, because we have a yardhouse close to us, and yardhouse, there's so many beers, so when they come to BJ's, they want a big soliloquy on every type of beer we have. Then, they want to say, "What's the IBU though?"

Nick: What's the IBU?

Antonio: That's one thing you really don't hear often. I'm just like, "Four?" You want to sell me a four? Goddammit. Then, they'll say, "It can't be a four. I know it's not a four."

Nick: Five?

Antonio: No. Then, when you find out, you come back, "32." They're like oh dang. I was so off. It's great.

Nick: If you like IBUs, you'll love this. It's the most IBU thing-

Chassidy: It's zesty, just go back, run through your spiel all over again.

Antonio: We're talking about a salad.

Krissy: Maybe.

Antonio: That's insane.

Nick: IBU, that's your pro card, your IBU-

Chassidy: My IBU, yeah. I do have my IBU.

Nick: Competitive drinking.

Chassidy: Yeah.

Antonio: I'll tell you this, the mentality as far as working makes me want to get out of the business, because it's difficult. The more that we diet, or the more that let's say I'm bulking at a certain time, oh my gosh, am I the center of attention at work. It's not fun. There's this one there I can say it around not necessarily normal people, people that aren't in that field or don't know much about it, man, you become a big time target. It's not fun. I've told Chassidy, we were able to wear cut off shirts at work now, and I get hot. I can get hot real quick. I'll take my shirt, put the cut off on. No. Every time I come back, I'm like, "Why did I do that?" It's because I just want to be cooler, but it never ... I don't like it. I can only imagine what big bodybuilders go through. I'm a little guy compared to those guys, so I can only imagine.

Nick: Just little jokey comments?

Antonio: It's comments, it's eyes. It's everything. Even when I wear my regular collar shirt, roll up our sleeves a little bit, but even then, it could definitely change your opinion on people. I don't like people.

Nick: It can definitely put you in an us and them mindset.

Antonio: Yeah, just I don't know. I question myself, should I have done this? Should I be this person? It's uncomfortable. It can be uncomfortable sometimes.

Krissy: It's so funny to me, because I'm around people who are not necessarily ... they don't work at Bodybuilding.com, they're not surrounded by that, but they'll see someone like you and say, "He's on steroids."

Krissy: Trust me. I can tell you who's on steroids. They just see someone who has muscle who is not either overweight or has a [inaudible], your typical American, and the first thing they think, "They're on steroids."

Antonio: I totally agree.

Nick: That's why you don't read the comments.

Krissy: That's right, you don't read the comments, yeah.

Chassidy: Yeah, when I very first started, I put up this transformation photo of my entire backside, because when I started, I had a lot of cellulite, and then it went away. It was a nine month transformation.

Antonio: Nine months.

Chassidy: I had maybe 1000 followers or something, so it wasn't a big deal. I didn't put no tag on there. I was like it's just me. It went viral, so people kept stealing it, and it went all over the place. Whenever I found it, I would go and read the comments. They were like, "Man, this girl's on steroids."

Antonio: It's horrible.

Chassidy: It's fake. Her tattoo is shifted.

Nick: The tattoo moved from one side to the other.

Antonio: There's a filter on this one, but not on this one, and there really wasn't a filter.

Chassidy: Yeah, it was all kinds of stuff.

Antonio: I remember that.

Chassidy: Yeah, when I saw the steroids one, I was like, "Really?" I didn't have ... I still don't know much about steroids or anything. For me, okay, when I got into the pro world, they started talking about bikini competitors being on steroids. It blew my mind, because you think steroids, you think big.

Krissy: Bulky, yeah.

Chassidy: Yeah, so I was like, "How is this even possible?" When that transformation photo went viral, I'm like, "Steroids? I'm like 130 pounds, how would you think I'm on steroids?" Yeah.

Antonio: It's true.

Chassidy: I guess they don't know.

Krissy: Easy to judge.

Chassidy: Easy to judge.

Nick: Do you feel like looking back at the version of you when you met her and when you met him, if that person walked up to you, would they be like, "Well," you know? Would they be mind blown?

Antonio: That guy would not want me to be around that girl. Be like, "You know what, don't even touch her, don't be around her."

Chassidy: Why? What do you mean?

Antonio: I'd be jealous of me. What are you talking about? I'd be jealous of me.

Nick: Okay, so you don't trust that guy.

Antonio: No.

Nick: That was the guy that showed up in your house shirtless, right? That was the-

Antonio: Oh no.

Nick: There's this-

Krissy: I need to hear this.

Nick: There's a story that they have the how we met video online. It's the most adorable thing ever.

Krissy: Let's hear it.

Nick: He's a naked man in her house pretty much.

Antonio: First of all, I wasn't getting my body fat test done, so don't-

Krissy: That's the easiest-

Antonio: There wasn't hair random places.

Krissy: -way to just go in and be like, "OH, I thought this was for body fat testing. No? Okay, I'm in the wrong place."

Antonio: That's hilarious.

Krissy: While I'm here, yeah.

Antonio: Put you on blast.

Chassidy: Since he was an athlete when we met, and you were playing football at the time I think.

Antonio: At that time, no.

Chassidy: The next year then? Anyways, you've always worked out, just maybe we didn't know what to eat to make things shine through, so he's always been fit. He's always been the most fittest guy I've ever dated. I'm trying to get my brownie points now. I'll just throw that out there.

Nick: Shirt was optional from the start.

Antonio: She dated a pro soccer player, okay?

Chassidy: Okay, but yeah, so he's always been pretty fit, but yeah, he's just I got lucky. As we grow, he looks better.

Nick: That's going to continue our whole lives.

Chassidy: Just keep going, you know, yeah, so-

Antonio: That was an interesting time. Yeah, you were mad at me.

Chassidy: I was never impressed, well even still, I'm not really impressed-

Antonio: Not impressed by anything.

Chassidy: -by guys who just take off their shirt and, "Oh, I look great." When we first met, I had a cousin who was living with me, and she had friends over at our house. I was out dancing or something.

Antonio: Oh yeah. You were at the club.

Chassidy: I was at the club.

Antonio: Just put it out there.

Chassidy: I came home, and he was in my kitchen, and he didn't have a shirt on. Even though he had a nice body, I'm not impressed. I was like-

Nick: Raiding the fridge with your shirt off?

Antonio: She opens the door, right? The door faces everybody else. I'm behind the door in front of the refrigerator. She says hi to everyone else in the entire house. "Hi." Turned the corner, look at me, mug me, right? Doesn't say a word. Mugged me. Looked me up and down. Whatever. What was I supposed to do? Shirt off-

Nick: You were in love.

Antonio: I was confused. I was like, "This normally works."

Nick: Let's marry this woman.

Krissy: Yeah, this normally works.

Chassidy: Something is wrong.

Antonio: I was kind of confused. A friend of mine, she goes in her room, ignores us, and I'll never forget. My friend was like, "Hey, look, I'm going to get you hooked up with this girl." I'm like, "Well, she didn't really say anything when she saw me without a shirt, so I don't know what I can do." Yeah, he's like, "Well, she's 23." At the time, I'm 20. He's like, "I'm just going to say you're 23." I'm like-

Nick: That works every time.

Krissy: Start the relationship on a lie.

Antonio: You don't need to do that. I promise you don't need to do it. "No, I got your back. Hey, Chassidy, I got my friend in the room." I was doing music at the time, so I told him my rap name, and shout out to the rap name, rap game, you know?

Nick: Hashtag rap name.

Antonio: Rap name, don't want to know about it ,but yeah, so I go in the room after he introduces me, knowing I have this lie, I'm 23 all the sudden, and introduced myself. I'm like, "Hi, my name is Lucky." She goes, "What's your name? That's not your name." Antonio. That's my name.

Krissy: She just brought you right down to ground level.

Chassidy: I just wasn't impressed when I first met him.

Nick: The truth is she just found out now his true age.

Chassidy: Yeah.

Krissy: She's like oh, what?

Chassidy: Wait a minute, what?

Krissy: You're not the same age?

Antonio: Cougar.

Nick: Older women are the only way to go.

Antonio: I like it.

Chassidy: They know what they want.

Antonio: She used to tell me all about what 30's like before I even hit it.

Chassidy: Okay.

Krissy: Okay, now you're going too far. Let's stop now.

Antonio: I'm just saying.

Chassidy: Pushing the limits now. Let him bring it back.

Antonio: Chassidy hated my guts. She hated my guts.

Chassidy: Now, we live happily ever after.

Nick: Yeah, at least 24 hours to change that.

Antonio: It took her not being drunk to realize-

Antonio: You were sober? This is the lifestyle.

Chassidy: Yeah, so we don't drink that much.

Krissy: Drink in moderation.

Chassidy: Drink in moderation.

Antonio: When I drink, certain people, when they actually do drink again, it's nowhere near the same, even close.

Chassidy: Oh yeah. Lightweights, yeah.

Nick: That's the only way to be, man.

Krissy: It takes three days to recover from it.

Chassidy: Exactly. You have like three gallons of water now.

Krissy: Yes, it takes forever.

Nick: Being a cheap date is the only way to live.

Antonio: See, it's worse for me, because I get drunk off of an Angry Orchard's. I swear-

Antonio: We went to yardhouse, at half yard, and she orders a Blue Moon or something. She said, "What do you want?" I was like, "I'll take a woodchuck cider, raspberry."

Nick: Blue raspberry.

Chassidy: The server always looks at him like, "Is this a joke? Are you serious?" No, I'm serious. Spoon free.

Nick: How many IBUs in that raspberry.

Antonio: Ooh, there's probably zero actually. Negative zero. Yeah, I was-

Chassidy: It's healthy for you.

Antonio: That's funny. I like cider though. I'm a cider fan.

Nick: Okay.

Antonio: Big time.

Nick: I won't judge you for that.

Krissy: You are. You're a-

Antonio: You a beer guy?

Chassidy: He's like, "That's cute."

Krissy: Yeah, he's a beer guy.

Nick: Sweet doesn't do it for me. I'm not a big sweet guy.

Antonio: The stouts, huh?

Nick: No, I'll drink the occasional stout, but I like it a little more bitter. I like those IBUs.

Antonio: Okay.

Nick: I don't get scientific about it- Too much information. I just like anybody else, you hear a conversation about something you like, and you go, "God, that's fucking obnoxious, I don't want to hang out."

Antonio: Exactly.

Nick: Is that what I sound like when I talk ... make it a point to never talk about beer again. I just try to enjoy it silently.

Antonio: From now on, I know not to ask about IBUs.

Nick: Yeah.

Antonio: I guarantee that server, whoever it's going to be is going to go right back behind you, "This guy's over here talking about IBU. We don't care. Does he want the beer or not?"

Nick: I got an IBU tattoo. IBU for life. Well thanks for coming and talking with us, guys. This is a lot of fun.

Chassidy: Yes, a lot of fun. Thanks for having us.

Nick: Eh, it's our pleasure. I'm sure we went way over the time.

Krissy: Eh, that happens.

Nick: Now, you're all done shooting, so it's time to have a little fun and go over to five guys, see if they can screw up your order in an interesting way.

Chassidy: Kick off our next challenge we have.

Nick: Oh, that's right, still in it. Maybe not five guys just yet.

Chassidy: Just yeah.

Krissy: Not yet.

Chassidy: Yeah, so we're actually going to head over to the headquarters and talk to all the employees about the still in it challenge. That will be excited.

Krissy Kendall, Ph.D.: Get them motivated. Keep going.

Chassidy: Yes. Doesn't have to stop after the transformation challenge, right?

Nick: Yeah, you guys are on all year, except for Christmas.

Chassidy Smothers: Except for Christmas, yeah. Best time to be off.

Nick: All right-

Antonio Smothers: Definitely is the best time to be off.

Nick Collias: Chassidy Smothers, Antonio Smothers, thanks a lot.

How To Measure Your Body Fat

How To Measure Your Body Fat

Pinch yourself. No, you're not dreaming. You're measuring your own body fat with the help of a friend. Follow these instructions, keep practicing, and you'll have all the info you need to track your progress!

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