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Paleo Perfection: 6 Meals To Kick Start Your Caveman Lifestyle!

The Paleo principles are simple: if you can grow it or kill it, eat it. If it's been processed, don't. Here are six meals for one full day of Paleo perfection!

Paleo is more than a diet?it's a way of life. Paleo nourishes your body with clean, natural foods and provides all the minerals, nutrients, and vitamins it needs to stay healthy. The diet is designed to keep an active body properly fueled throughout the day, so if you lead an active life, Paleo is a perfect fit.

I have been following the Paleo diet for more than six months and I've never felt better. I sleep well, maintain a high energy level throughout the day, and keep my metabolism burning hot. My digestion is great and my body is strong. I feed my body natural foods at the right frequency, and I feel great!

Paleo may seem complicated, but you'll find that it's easy to maintain and simple to follow. It's also delicious! Start your personal Paleo revolution by trying this full-day plan that includes complete recipes for six meals. Once you've gotten the hang of the principles of the diet, you'll be on your way to Paleo success. Eat clean and stay lean.

1. Sweet Potato Hash with Egg and Almond-Coconut Waffle

Click Here For The Sweet Potato Hash Recipe

Click Here For The Almond-Coconut Waffle Recipe

2. Chicken and Broccoli

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3. Bison and Greens

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4. Tilapia and Sweet Potatoes

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5. Artichokes and Healthy Ice Cream

Click Here For The Artichokes With Dipping Sauce Recipe

Click Here For The Healthy Ice Cream Recipe

6. Hearty Paleo Juice

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