Our Athletes Reveal Their 2015 Resolutions

These Bodybuilding.com athletes shared their 2015 resolutions. What are yours?

Our Athletes Reveal Their 2015 Resolutions

While fitness resolutions like, "I am going to lose 25 pounds!" or "I am going to get abs!" are fairly commonplace, you might wonder what someone who already has an admirable physique, or is really fit, will want to achieve over the next twelve months. So I asked some of the fittest and baddest folks in the fitness industry—our own Bodybuilding.com athletes—about their 2015 resolutions.

Their answers might surprise you.

Despite having enviable bodies, our athletes are just like everyone else: still vulnerable to the busyness of life, family, and other obligations. Let their resolutions inspire you to make your own, and show that even the fittest people aren't perfect. We can only strive to constantly better ourselves, one year at a time.

Jamie Eason

I definitely want to regrow a booty.

"My workout schedule has had to take a backseat to family and work, so I'd like to get back to my roots and get consistent with it."

My workout schedule has had to take a backseat to family and work, so I'd like to get back to my roots and get consistent with it. Maybe more of a traditional workout split since that's how I've typically achieved my best results. On the business side, I'd like to continue to expand my line of natural supplements to more mommy- and family-focused products.

As a family, I hope to move out of my current home to make room for the possibility of another child.

Rachel Flint

After having my third baby in July, my body hasn't bounced back as quickly as it did with my previous two pregnancies. So this year I'm aiming to get in the best shape of my life by April 24th, when my baby boy turns 9 months old. I'm even contemplating entering a bikini competition to celebrate my new physique! Having a deadline keeps me focused and helps me stay on track.

Dr. Sara Solomon

I need to get to bed earlier and get more sleep! Insufficient sleep can cause human growth hormone secretion to decrease. This can increase the chance of weight gain. Growth hormone is released from your pituitary gland as you enter the deep sleep part of your sleep cycle. You typically have about four of these cycles when you sleep for 7-8 hours a night. So going to bed late and only getting 4 or 5 hours of sleep will cut the normal dose of growth hormone by half.

Thus, more sleep!

Craig Capurso

Perhaps the most notable thing for me is to emphasize the health and longevity of my body and slowly nurse it back to health after all the years of thrashing from hard training. I got married in 2014, and would like to organize my days better so I can spend at least two hours a day with my lovely wife.

On the business side, I'd really like to hire a virtual assistant for extraneous tasks (any takers?) and spend my time doing things that will make my life better. I have two ebooks in progress, and would like to launch them in 2015.

Vincent Russo

My resolution has two parts.

The first is to "reverse diet" and fire up my metabolism to be able to handle 325+ grams of carbohydrates per day. I know that doing this will take time and persistence, but it will also make my next prep that much easier!

The second part is to expand my nutritional planning business, Team OrthRUSSOpus (pronounced orth-russ-O-pus). My passion is to teach people how to live a healthy and fit lifestyle with sound nutrition. I guide them along, explaining in detail my methods, philosophy, and tricks, so they fully understand how to eat and utilize the macronutrients they consume. My hope is for my clients to grasp how their bodies respond to nutrition, and to be able to make the right choices for their bodies without further assistance.

Zane Hadzick

I want to add muscle mass while simultaneously increasing my functional strength, agility, endurance, and flexibility.

I want to be able to play with my daughter as she grows up and enjoy every moment of her most active ages! I want to set an admirable, healthy example of how one can age gracefully (did I mention I'm turning 30?) while still improving health and fitness. Sounds ambitious, but that's what this is all about—striving to be our best!

Chassidy Smothers

I have several challenge-oriented goals: I'd like to finally try CrossFit, and be more consistent with my yoga practice.

Then I want to compete at the 2015 Bikini Olympia, start a charity boot camp, and learn as much new fitness knowledge as I can from as many people as possible.

"I have several challenge-oriented goals: I'd like to finally try CrossFit, and be more consistent with my yoga practice."

Kizzito Ejam

I'd like to complete all three types of Spartan races: the Sprint, the Super, and the Beast. (They all differ in terms of length and difficulty.)

I'm also planning on doing the Grand Canyon Running. So basically my goal in 2015 is to tire myself out!

Lauren Abraham

My goal is to give myself a minimum of one hour to work out every day—no matter how busy I am! Even if that means an hour of stretching at night or using my bands at home, I am determined to make this happen.

I want to have a rocking 2015 winter season so I'll be doing uphill trail running and lifting, and doing yoga at least 2-3 times a week.

I will continue to have a minimum of one salad a day as well.

Michelle Hanson

Starting in January, I intend to maintain a healthy pregnancy with a four-mile walk every day to keep active and burn calories. I want to focus all of my energy on my own health and the baby's via sound nutrition, especially because of complications with my last pregnancy. Based on how I feel, I will slowly add lightweight exercises. It's so important to listen to your body.

I've had to realize that being pregnant in my 40s is a lot different from being pregnant in my 20s. My baby is due in July, so I suppose my real resolution will begin then. In the meantime, I intend to keep my fitness simple and enjoy the journey!

Brooke Erickson

I want to practice mindfulness.

I believe that to truly be present in the now takes concerted effort. It's easy to let a busy schedule and daily life stressors get in the way of being mindful. I know that I am guilty of this. I aspire to wake up every day with a loving acceptance of who I am, the kind of life I live, and the energy I carry.

Additionally, I would like to learn to let go of excess baggage, the type that you pack all of your emotions in. I carry a lot of baggage from my childhood and early adulthood, and it only weighs me down with unnecessary stress, guilt, and disappointment. I know that I will not be able to accomplish mindfulness if I cannot complete this task first. What is the point of growing and changing on the outside if the inside remains stagnant?

My physical New Year's resolution is to look like I can beat anyone in an arm-wrestling contest and out-race someone in a full-on sprint!

"My physical New Year's resolution is to look like I can beat anyone in an arm-wrestling contest and out-race someone in a full-on sprint!"

Jackie Kastelic

My 2015 goals include competing in another NPC bikini competition or a Women's Tri-Fitness event.

As far as strength goes, it would be awesome to hit a 230-pound back squat and a 135-pound snatch. As well, I aspire to make it to CrossFit Regionals as a team with CrossFit Unrivaled.

It probably wouldn't hurt me to have more patience and enjoy the ride, too.

Nikki Walter

I have an evolving bucket list, but off the top of my head I'd really like to continue my physical goals of building muscle—the goal is to get six pounds of lean muscle! For the "smaller things" in life, I want to dust off my Kindle and read five books this year, learn to play guitar for some mother-daughter bonding time, take an online graduate course, and expand my clean-eating business.

Brandan Fokken

I want to use the platform provided to me by Bodybuilding.com to continue to help others. My main goal is to help people achieve their goals. I want to inspire, educate, and motivate other people while in turn continuing to be inspired by them. I want to continue my own personal fitness journey, incorporate new training methods, and attempt things outside of my current comfort zone, such as a Spartan race and a Tough Mudder. Perhaps I should team up with Kizzito!

Another big one for me is to just enjoy life and live in the moment. I feel like we are constantly looking ahead or being led astray by distractions like technology.

Chad Hollmer

For 2015, I hope to make a huge impact on others around me and the fitness community. I plan to release an ebook to show people exactly what I've done over the years to help me achieve my physique. Along with that, I will be doing some workout and how-to videos that will be available on YouTube and my Instagram page.

My passion is in coaching and fitness, so I want to combine the two and help athletes perform and feel better through good strength and conditioning.

"I hope to make a huge impact on others around me and the fitness community."

Corey St. Clair

Really, I just want to get my arms up to 21 inches and continue to maintain a respectable body fat percentage at 280 pounds. It's also been nice having little to no back pain, so I will continue to focus on my core and stretching routine twice a week. As for getting my arms to 21 inches, I will be ramping up the intensity of my arm workouts. Just you wait!

Brandon Johnson

This year I want to add 5 pounds of lean muscle and 10 pounds to my squat, deadlift, and bench press maxes. I aim to do at least one major photo shoot, and launch my own web page with information on my training and nutrition programs.

Ashley Horner

My new year will be starting out with a bang, welcoming my newest baby (due mid-January). My resolution is to not feel pressured to strip my baby pounds in an unreasonable amount of time. I have always told moms that it took nine months for you to put weight on, so expect nine months of healthy weight loss to get it off. My goal is simply to gain my strength back and find my balance with my newborn and my very busy life, while taking care of my other two boys to the best of my ability.

Tabitha Klausen

One of my resolutions is to help others and give back by getting involved in the community more, looking into becoming a Big Sister this year, and volunteering at local soup kitchens, animal shelters, and programs like Habitat for Humanity. For me, nothing feels better than helping others in need!

I would also love to get outside more and hike at Yosemite and some of the other beautiful parks located around the Bay Area.

"I would also love to get outside more and hike at Yosemite."

Shelsea Sanchez

Quite simply, I want to maintain a lean physique throughout the year and avoid yo-yoing. And more importantly, I want to continue living a happy, healthy, balanced life.

Jerome Ferguson

This year I am spreading love to more people. While I'm at it, I want to inspire more people to be the best that they can be, and motivate more people to work out and get into the best shape of their lives. I want people to know that they have a choice to be happy, to be strong, to live a healthy lifestyle, and most importantly, to love themselves.

Much love!

Lawrence Ballenger

I want to take the time to cook a nice dinner for myself at least twice a week. I usually prep my meals, but it's nice to eat a hot meal that was just cooked. I want to drink more water, because sometimes I get so focused that I forget to stay hydrated. As far as fitness goes, I am going to increase my cardio to three times a week, even if I am not cutting.

Samantha Leete

My goals are simple: I want to be able to do 15 pull-ups in a row unassisted, and do a straddle hold.

"I want to be able to do 15 pull-ups in a row unassisted."

Jennifer Thompson

I live a life on the road, traveling most days of the year. I have managed to maintain a certain level of fitness, but my 2015 fitness resolution is to live a healthier life on the road by being more aggressive with my training and nutrition, to add about five pounds of lean muscle, and to keep my body fat percentage in check.

Training while traveling can be tough, but my goal is to be more proactive in finding gyms or using my surroundings to train, no matter what—no excuses!

Laura Bailey

I'm used to training about 90 minutes per day, and having more freedom with my training. But running a 5 a.m. boot camp, working 10 hours a day, and studying for 3 hours a night doesn't give me the luxury of training and proper recovery. I'd like to restructure my training so that I can accommodate this busy lifestyle and still get the results I want.

The other thing is to increase health awareness and encourage the members in the Mental Health Department, where I work, to be more mindful of food choices by getting a transformation challenge going at work.

Kathleen Tesori

This year I will stay up-to-date on my daily readings, and I want to complete "The Daily Bible-In Chronological Order: 365 Daily Readings " by the end of the year. I have always wanted to read the whole Bible, and this book structures it in such a way to help me complete this goal. I plan on turning off my electronics by 9 p.m. each night to spend more time reading and winding down.

On the fitness side of things, I'd love to complete two Bodybuilding.com trainers. I have always wanted to try a plan from start to finish and document my progress.

Nick Scott

One of my big resolutions is to win all 3 IFBB Pro Wheelchair Shows in 2015: 2015 UK BodyPower Pro, 2015 Toronto Pro SuperShow, and IFBB Dallas Pro. I want to lead the sport of wheelchair bodybuilding by example, show that disabled athletes can bring amazing physiques, and give hope, inspiration, and motivation through my actions.

I am not trying to impress anybody, just impress upon them that anything is possible.

Rachael Labender

I need to make sure that I am always in tune with my heart and listen to it, even if that means a big change or stepping out of my comfort zone. Are my decisions based off what my heart truly wants? I will always look for answers within and through regular meditation.

I learned a lot in 2014 and can't wait to embrace the changes and newness of 2015. Let's make 2015 a year of fearlessness and bravery!

Lindsey Weigand

I aim to do 30 minutes of cardio in the mornings, six days a week minimum. I know that may not sound like a big deal, but for m, the struggle is real. I've used an app to monitor my cardio for the past several months—in particular, the time leading up to the Las Vegas Classic and Nationals, both in November. It has helped me realize my cardio patterns and periods of laziness. I can't make up excuses when the data is so clear and in front of me. I'll be using this tool throughout 2015 to keep myself in check!

Alicia Renee Harris

My baby should be coming any day now, so my resolution is, of course, to take care of my child, but also to take care of myself. I would like to shed the weight in the healthiest way possible.

Rachelle Dejean

I like to separate my goals into both short-term and long-term goals. As far as short-term ones, I want to beat my 2014 placements in IFBB Pro Bikini, and book photo shoots with at least one photographer on my must-have list (two of which are Michael Neveux and Paul Buceta). It'd be great to head back to the Bodybuilding.com HQ for a photo op, as well (hint, hint).

My long-term goals would be to release another ebook that will be specific to conditioning workouts, qualify for the 2015 Olympia, and earn a published feature in a newsstand magazine. As they say, think big!

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