How Bodybuilding Can Help You Increase Your Libido!

Do you lie awake at night wondering why you have no sex drive even though your partner is the best thing that has happened in your life? You are far from alone - many people are affected... Learn more.

Do you lie awake at night wondering why you have no sex drive even though your partner is the best thing that has happened in your life? You are far from alone - many people are affected by sexual problems.

What Is Libido?

Libido is defined as interest in sex. A drop in libido can happen at any time, develop gradually over the course of years or occur suddenly. And there are many potential physical and psychological causes to a decrease libido including:

    • Marital or relationship problems
    • Depression
    • Sexual fears or guilt
    • Past sexual trauma
    • Certain diseases
    • Drugs - alcohol, nicotine, narcotics, stimulants, blood pressure lowering medications, antihistamines, and some drugs used to treat anxiety and/or depression (especially Prozac, Paxil and Zoloft)
    • Endocrine disorders
    • Hormonal fluctuations - a drop in estrogen in women or testosterone (men and women)
    • Fatigue, stress, anxiety
    • Lack of sexual excitement or pleasure
    • Painful intercourse
    • Sexual problems

How Bodybuilding Can Help You Increase Your Libido

There are many potential factors that can impact a person's sex life. And therefore, sometimes a combination of these may play a role in loss of libido. Luckily, bodybuilding can help you increase your libido so you have a healthy sex life.

Bodybuilders Take Care Of Themselves

If you take care of yourself, you are more likely to want to fix any little thing that doesn't seem right. If stress, fatigue, anxiety or hormonal changes seem like they are impacting your life, as a bodybuilder, you are more likely to get these issues taken care of right away rather than waiting until the problem gets worse.

Bodybuilding Boosts Your Self-Esteem

If you look good you feel good. And when you feel better, you are more likely to want sex. Bodybuilding increases your confidence and makes you feel better about yourself. And there is nothing like confidence to attract a partner and make them, and you, more excited about all aspects of your relationship including the physical part.

Limited Alcohol/Nicotine/Narcotics

Bodybuilders abstain from alcoholnicotine and narcotics, all of which can impair sexual functioning. They do not stop taking prescribed anti-depressants/anti-anxiety medications though without speaking with their healthcare practitioner first (remember, untreated depression certainly won't make your libido better).

Bodybuilders Are Active

Physical activity improves sexual health. As a bodybuilder you are regularly moving your body because you know doing so will make you look and feel a lot better.

Bodybuilders Have A "Can Do" Attitude

A positive attitude goes a long way. And when it comes to dealing with any obstacle life throws your way, as a bodybuilder you are more likely to tackle it head on just like you tackle a challenge in the weight room. By dealing with low libido right away, you are showing your partner that you respect your relationship and that you will do what it takes to overcome this issue.

Additional Tips To Help You Increase Your Libido

Set The Mood

Certain smells such as cinnamon are said to be natural aphrodisiacs. Try lighting a cinnamon flavored candle and rekindle those romantic encounters that put you in the mood.


Talk to your physician about prescription medication that can help increase sex drive and/or treat erectile dysfunction or impotence.

See A Doctor

Schedule an appointment with your health care provider if your loss of libido persists.


As a bodybuilder you won't let a drop in libido sideline you. Instead, you'll use the skills you learned in the gym and figure out what is causing this change in your body. Keep on bodybuilding and many aspects of your life will only get better, including your libido.

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