Best Of The Forums: September 23rd, 2007.

This week we have topics about testing a new product, fat loss, cheat meals, and much more... See what our forum members have to say about these topics and share your own opinion right here!

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Supplement Log Of The Week
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-> Lab Rat Recomp: Anabolic Xtreme Superdrol NG (Next Generation)

Unless you've been living under a rock for the last few years (or are new to the game), I'm sure you have at heard of Superdrol. This particular substance is no longer being produced by its parent company 'Anabolic Xtreme' but the company is now releasing the first wave of their next generation of muscle builder, 'Superdrol NG'.

Now, there are a lot of doubters that this product will be even a fraction as effective as its now banned predecessor so AX is sponsoring some testers and logs - one of which is this weeks best 'Supplement Log'. Because this formula is still new, who knows how well it will do but 'Pu12en12g' has thrown together a very promising log and since his are always top notch, I don't think this will be an exception. Check it out here and follow to see if this is the real deal!

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Fat Loss Thread Of The Week
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-> EC Stack A Real Kick In The Nuts!

This week I'm throwing in a fat loss thread simply because I think it's important and a solution to a lot of questions that are asked over and over again. Too many people come on the boards looking for a quick fix to lose some fat and ask what the best formulated product for fat loss is. The answer, as '5streams' as found, is simple, cheap, and most of all, works. The EC (or ephedrine and caffeine) stack has been a staple in cutting for years (though it they used to add aspirin too - now less often added).

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5streams' Transformation. December 2006 - May 2007.
184 lbs - 163 lbs.

The reason that people have been using it is because it works and a lot of the expensive proprietary blends are usually just ephedrine and caffeine mixed with some patented product. The fact of the matter is that for those of you looking for something to give you a fat loss boost, look no further than here. A great thread with a lot of great info on the EC stack.

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Workout Log Of The Week
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-> IKermit's Workout Log:

Next up we have a gentleman who, after breaking his foot, is looking to his log to keep him on track. 'IKermit' is back in the game and has been keeping track of his progress in an excellent log. Lots of people come in and out of the game because they have a lack of motivation.

IKermit's Workout Log.

I find it extremely helpful to post my workouts on the forums because unless I want to be booed, I will have to keep it updated and this means going to the gym! 'IKermit' is of a similar mentality and has composed a very detailed and easy to follow log of his training. It can be found here and is a great tool for all you people looking to start your own.

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Nutrition Thread Of The Week
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-> What Was Your PRIZED Meal Of The Day?

The lifestyle of a bodybuilder, fitness enthusiast, or anyone looking to get healthy is not an easy one. There are a lot of sacrifices that are made day in and day out and most people don't appreciate the time and effort that we all put in to change the way we are (and feel about ourselves). That being said, we all need some time to relax and enjoy the finer (or greasier) things in life. I know that I always look forward to my cheat meal as it keeps me focused and on track.

In this thread, forum members of all makes, shapes, sizes, and goals get to spill the beans and tell us what meal they prized the most. There are a lot of interesting posts and it's funny to see what people miss the most and just cannot get enough of! Check it out and add your own. Thanks to 'zkid002' for this popular one!

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Poll Of The Week
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-> How Many Protein Shakes Do You Have Per Day?

Here is a thread which, now that I think about it, I'm surprised to have gone this long without seeing. As we all know, protein is an extremely key element in the fitness arena and as such, one of the most sought after products from the store is protein powder (and for good reason).

    View Protein Powders Sorted By Top Sellers Here.

So 'Kung-fusion' has started this poll and wants to know something very straightforward - how many protein shakes do you consume each day? This will vary from person to person and from lifestyle to lifestyle but it's interesting to see the results of the poll so far. Go check out how much others are consuming and how your total fits with the others!


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Supplement Thread Of The Week
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-> Most Underrated Supplement?

There are a lot of products that come and go in this industry. There are also some products that get a lot of hype and then fail to deliver (I'm not going to name and names, but you know who they are). On the other hand, there are also a good amount of products that don't get so much attention or marketing finances and therefore people don't give them a shot.

This thread is a dedication to all those products who, though aren't as well known as the others, have provided the users with very good and unexpected results. There are a lot of overrated supplements out there but this thread is a place to discuss the most underrated supplements. If you've ever used something that gave you great results but isn't marketed like MuscleTech, hit up the thread and get your opinion out there - it really is important!