Fitness 360: Samantha Ann Leete, Supplement Program

Learn how basic supplementation helped Samantha transform her body and turned her from being a supp skeptic into a protein shaker!

Fitness 360: Samantha Ann Leete, Supplement Program

When she first started training, Samantha didn't take any supplements. She simply believed they didn't work. After doing some research and trying some products out for herself, Samantha changed her tune. Here's the basic supplement regimen that's helped her reach her fitness dreams!

Samantha Ann Leete Fitness 360
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Although she was a supplement skeptic at the beginning of her fitness career, Samantha now believes that they can help fill dietary gaps—especially when she's dieting for a contest—and increase performance and recovery. But she doesn't rely on supplements for magical changes. "You must have a good exercise and nutrition plan to go along with your supplement plan. I keep mine pretty simple, but I've come to realize even basic supplementation can help me achieve my goals," she says.

"The top three supplements I would recommend to a beginner are fish oil, glutamine, and protein powder," Samantha says. "Fish oils are great because it's unlikely anybody eats enough fish to get the amount of essential fatty acids that you need. When I first started working out, I didn't take glutamine, but after I started using it—I usually take it before bed—I noticed big changes in my muscles."

Samantha admits it's difficult to eat 5-6 meals every day, so she prefers protein powders. To ensure that she doesn't get tired of having the same shakes over and over again, Samantha uses protein in a variety of ways. She bakes with it, cooks with it, and finds little ways to make her protein shakes a tad sexier. "I started mixing protein with just a little bit of water and then putting it in the fridge," she says. "I call it my protein cookie dough."

When it comes to selecting supplements, Samantha urges everyone to do their own research. "I spoke to a lot of people and asked a lot of questions. But, I didn't take anyone's word for it. I did a lot of research and looked at the science behind a product so I knew what it was doing for my body."

Samantha's Supp Stack

Before Cardio

L-Carnitine 2-3 caps


BCAAs 10 g

Pre and Post Workout

Samantha Ann leete Fitness 360