The Lighter Side Of Pro Sport With Guy Grundy. Installment One.

Guy Grundy's insightful commentary and entertaining experiences... Now, on a monthly basis at, we can look forward to outrageous experiences of his 'never a dull moment' life.

Guy Grundy's insightful commentary and entertaining experiences, have, over the past couple of years, livened up the pages of Now, on a monthly basis, we can look forward to various outrageous experiences direct from the files of his "never a dull moment" life!

Guy Grundy is known in the bodybuilding and martial arts industries as a man who always has an entertaining story to share. This first in an ongoing series of stories shows us how the funny side of life can be seen in the most brutal of circumstances. Enjoy.

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Guy Speaks

Guy Grundy speaking. I am looking forward to sharing with you guys a funny story each and every month from the Grundy archives of my life. I have a lot of funny stories. Some are embarrassing, crazy, or just plain weird! But then again all good stories encompass one of these elements!

I have lived a very exciting and eventful life. I suffered from malnutrition, severe acne, I was unable to read or write at thirteen and was left to fend for myself at the age of 16. I will bring you stories from bodybuilding, MMA/Fighting and other areas of my life that have had me shaking my head!

Let's start off with this little gem that took place a couple of months ago!

The Kicker

I was sparring with a former Australian Kick boxing champion while he was doing a tour in L.A. Anyway, we are boxing!

While going about 30%, just getting used to each other so we could set the tempo. After less than 30 seconds, this twit throws a right round house kick straight to my head. I wasn't expecting kicks as we were boxing and he wasn't wearing shin pads. I braced just in time and took the kick to the head.

Thankfully, I have an extremely hard head. I shook my head and said "What was that?". I was training with Eric Paulson who is a very respected fighter and trainer at the Inosanto academy and I was a guest, so I didn't go after the guy, plus I have to stay out of any trouble till after my citizenship comes through.

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That was the first thing that came into my head, other than his right foot! It was a good kick - I have to say! Anyway, my right eye was split open, ruptured blood vessels in the eye, and a very attractive black eye to follow.

I am friends with some professional fighters and we decided to super glue the gash rather than stitched it as it is faster and leaves less scarring. It works really well!

I have a scar on the right eye in the exact same spot. So my symmetry is very good. I now have 4 scars on my face: 3 around the eyes, and a fourth under my chin. Kioyko counted all my scars and I had 15 on my body. I think I best slow down...

Freddie George, who took care of me, had his eye socket broken a month earlier and had surgery to help correct his balance and eye sight, so his balance is off at times. I have my eyes closed while he super glues the cut closed, he then starts fanning me with his hand to help it dry.

I am feeling good at this stage? I can feel the nice cool breeze drifting onto my face. The next thing I know Freddy has slapped me right in the eye, his balance went bad. And he whacked me straight on the gash he just closed.

It hurt a little, just quietly! I could handle the kick to the head, I could handle the slap to the head, but the worst part was that he had toilet paper in his hand when he slapped me in the head, so I had toilet paper stuck to my eye.

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That sh*t was there for 3 whole days, guys. It's hard to be cool when you have a wad of toilet paper stuck to your eye. I don't know what the moral of this story is, but what I do know is that super glue and toilet paper are bad combination for me.

Guy Grundy
Mr. Australia