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Guy Grundy Interview!

Guy is a top-level bodybuilder who has some impressive titles under his belt. Find out what he is up to.

Gooday Mate! That's "Hi!" for us in the states. But down under in Australia that's how you greet someone properly. So, when you see a massive Aussi coming your way that's what you better say. And that big Aussi I bet will be Guy Grundy. Guy is a top-level bodybuilder who has some impressive titles under his belt. Mr. World, and Mr. Universe, though he could have received his pro card, Guy is more realistic in his pursuit of professional status. Let's talk with the big Aussi and see what's up with the muscle from down under. Are you going to compete again? It's been brought to my attention that you hooked up with Chris is that true?

GG: I will definitely compete again, I know what level I am at & competing as a pro with the IFBB is a little out of my league at this stage. I have won the IFBB & NABBA nationals back home & have taken 2nd at the World Championships on two occasions, so for me to turn pro & place out of the top 10 would hurt me, as I am thought of quite highly as an amateur. I know everyone is in such a hurry to turn pro with the IFBB, but what most people don't realize is that once you turn pro you are up against the best there is & most of these guys are all in their mid to late thirties. So I am just sitting back training & enjoying it all. I am only thirty & have few more years before I deserve the right to call myself-an IFBB pro. I may do the Universe, as that has always been a dream of mine to hold that title. But competing with NABBA at this level is very tough, as you have to compete in Europe. I have had to spend a minimum of 24-hrs traveling to get to every World Championships I have competed at. Flying really screws my body up & being really claustrophobic doesn't help either. So yes I will compete, I have NEVER walked on stage in the type of condition I am capable of, so I figure I am due to get it right sooner or later ha ha. I am a good friend with Chris (Cormier) we have hung out & get on really well. But being a bodybuilder is pretty selfish sport & you need to work on what needs improving for your own physique. So if I did train with Chris it would be his way or the highway as he is one of the best in the World. Also Chris is a genetic freak. He can train only a minimal amount & he just blows up, I have to work my ass of to put on muscle. So, You're doing it on your own. Then the magazines are reporting it wrong then right? If you are doing the Universe that's not too far away do you think you better get going?

GG: No, I am not working with Chris or anyone else. I do of course listen & learn from the guys ahead of me as they have been there and done that. I wont be doing the Universe this year. I want to WIN the overall & I am not 100% confident that I can do that at this stage. There are a lot of really good bodybuilders that compete at the Universe & they favor size over shape & condition so I need to put on about 8 more lb. of muscle to come in at what I consider will be the condition & size needed to win the Overall. In NABBA a lot of the guys that do well in the IFBB wouldn't do so well at the Universe as they seem to favor a bigger less pleasing physique which is not good for me. But I have been able to do well with my shape & condition & as I said I am not turning pro with the IFBB to make up the numbers. Are you focused now that you're over with that internal battle you had recently?

GG: Definitely yeah, all that is behind me now. It made me so much stronger as going cold turkey of Nubain was the toughest thing I have ever done. It made me a lot stronger mentally that is for sure & I of course feel a lot better about myself now. I have always been very focused but as I am sure you are aware when competing at this level you have to be very focused but you also have a lot more things to focus on as you get older, you have more responsibilities that you have to take care of such as businesses, family & looking to the future. So I am not as consumed with bodybuilding like I was in my early twenties when all I did was eat, sleep & train. I am now also able to enjoy all this a lot more & look at the business side of the sport a lot more than in the past. But my focus to reach the level I believe I am capable of is a lot stronger as I feel that I am better person than in the past from the things I have dealt with beaten on the way to where I am. So, if your taking the year off from competition, what are you getting prepared for next season?

GG: I have a whole heap of guest posing this year & next year is getting booked already. I love doing the guest posing more than anything. I do not really enjoy competing to be honest, but guests posing you are big, full & your not feeling like death & it feels great to hear the crowd cheer. I have a big ego like every bodybuilder, so I always want to look my best when people see me. So I always stay in shape. I am also getting into acting & have signed with ACME talent & have already done work for Fox sports, which was cool. I am going to be an actor (who isn't ha ha) so I am really going to be focusing on that as well. I have to also take care of my various businesses. And most importantly I am going to be a father & get married so I have few things to do ha ha. Do you like training in the Mecca with all the pressure of being top dog?

GG: The Mecca was a goal of mine all through my bodybuilding career back home in Australia. I would read about Gold's in the mags & I knew I just had to be there. I wouldn't say I am anywhere near being one of the big guys at Gold's. I do feel that I get a lot more respect from all the other guys than I did in the past. I am a little older now & don't really get caught up in the bullshit that goes on. But I do feel the pressure from the other guys as I know how hungry they are & that would push any bodybuilder to train harder. It is a very competitive atmosphere but I get along with just about everybody so it is Great…I feel great walking in Gold's. I stood out side the Gold's gym front doors at 4am waiting for them to open, as soon as I got off the plane from Australia. When I walked in there for the first time with my training partner Steve. It was like I had achieved this huge goal. I think Gold's is dream a lot of us have especially if you are from overseas as it's like the symbol of what bodybuilding is all about. So, you're with ACME talent? Is that the same ACME that Wiley Coyote deals with? Only kidding. Other then doing work for Fox Sports what movies or projects have you been in?

GG: Ha ha I haven't seen Wiley at ACME in a while. I haven't done a lot of movie work as yet. I have been featured in documentaries on bodybuilding. I did one for the BBC & it was the best thing I ever did. I became really well known in Europe, as it was a really popular show that series so they keep running it all the time. It went all over the world. Here's a funny story. I like fast cars & I bought an 84 Mustang hotted up & the old owner says to me treat my car good. He was very attached to that car. He rings me up a few months later & says he seen me in the car while he was flying to England. I was giving the car a good hammering as I recall it to. He never said anything but I could sense that he was a little emotional on the phone ha ha. I haven't done many other fitness/bodybuilding-related things, but nothing in the movies as yet. That's what I am working on now. Tying the knot? When's the big day?

GG: Yeah I have been tamed. We haven't made a definite date as yet but when it comes to getting married mate, I am sure you know none of that stuff is up to us anyway. It her big day so whatever she wants is good for me. Fast cars and fast women are always a prerequisite. Are you into street machines and hot rods as a hobby?

GG: They sure are, boys will be boys. I enjoy a fast car that's for sure. I have an 84 5.0 Mustang convertible that goes as fast as that model can without changing the motor, so it goes pretty fast. I have driven a few really fast cars like a Porsche & Lamborghini & I loved the power & the control. I am looking to do some racing, but with the baby due on Christmas Eve, I have put those plans on hold for while. But I will have a few races & see how I go. What's your training like? Can you give us a short run down of your training regiment?

GG: I have tried every system of training & all of them work well to some degree. I am currently training 3 days on 1 day off, & if I need an extra day off I will just take it. I am using the push pull system Day 1 Chest Shoulders, Triceps & abs Day 2 Back & biceps Day 3 Legs & calves

The first 3 day phase I will go as heavy as possible for around 5 to 8 reps on everything. Except for legs which would be 12 -15,

I do only a few sets per body part. I would say it is very similar to the way Dorian trained & then the 2nd 3-day phase. I will do a lot of sets for each bodypart (approx. 15 sets) using only moderate weights. I get a great pump & I look forward to the heavier workouts again, as my joints are fine. I cannot train heavy all the time as my joints are to small to handle the heavy weights every day, so I find this way really helps. I believe that you need to vary your reps as muscles are both fast & slow twitch so using high reps & low reps makes sense to me. If you are looking to build as much muscle as you can. I totally understand about fast cars. My wife and I are building our personalized street machines. I bought her a 69' Impala and I'm building a Cuda. Muscle Bods and Muscle Cars go together. So, to help with the baby coming you have your own online supplement and training business. Tell us about it?

GG: Nice let me know when they are on the road. I think a Grundy test drive is called for ha ha.

I have few businesses going & thankfully they are starting to really take off. Having a baby & knowing we are financially comfortable has been great. I started my On-line store, about 18 months ago. I have done all the work on the site myself; I am like a 250-lb computer Nerd ha ha. I taught myself everything & I am pretty proud of that & the fact that it's really doing well is a great feeling. We have over 50 supplement lines all as well videos, training equipment etc. I have few more stores lined up in different fields. I released my own fat burner Adrena-Burn 6 months ago & that has been getting some really good feedback & sales have grown steadily.

I also have my own column in Musclemag, which is awesome, as I couldn't read or write until I was 13. My new thing is the Pro Muscle Camp, where basically I teach client everything I have learnt in bodybuilding in a 2 day camp & at the same time they get to see the whole Venice bodybuilding scene. I call it the Californian bodybuilding Dream. I really enjoy these the most. I enjoy teaching & helping people get on the right track to reach their goals, but also get to see the look on the guy or girls face when they walk into gold's & live the Californian Bodybuilding lifestyle for 2 days. To be honest I think I enjoy the Camps just as much as the people who take them. You got it. When we get them rolling I'll give you buzz. With all that going on when do find time to work out?

GG: I will take you up on that; you're a big guy, so I will be very gentle ha ha. I do 45 minutes cardio just after I get up & take care of all the 9 to 5 business during the day. I have an office at home so that is a huge bonuses. I train in the evening generally as I prefer the gym a little quitter & cooler. I pretty much train whenever I get the feeling for it, which is pretty cool. I have a lot of things going on, but I really enjoy it all so it's not like work. I am living the dream so how could ever complain. I noticed something regarding Are you part owner of it too?

GG: I am working with the owner to get it some more exposure; he has a pretty good set up where the fans get to chat with the pros. I am scheduled for a chat soon & like most people I really enjoy catching up with the fans & talking shop. I like what I do & I generally get to talk about me in the chats & we all like talking about our selves. I have been called a lot of things in my life, but modest isn't one of them ha ha. OK, I was wondering about that. I thought you were holding out on us, and hiding in the wings of another business venture. Would you be willing to give to our readers a few words of wisdom on taking the trail into the bodybuilding world?

GG: If you are looking to be a successful bodybuilder, the first things to realize is that you have to be a total professional in & out of the gym. You have to promote your self, get your name out there. I would also be looking to set up some other businesses as the money you earn from contracts & endorsements will be spent on the SUPPLEMENTS you will be using. It is cool to say, I have a contract & it is, but I have seen so many top guys living of their contracts & then they loose them & they are doing door work to pay the bills. It is sad to see these things, but it is the reality of bodybuilding. You must also realize that you are not going to be a successful pro until you're mid thirty's, some make it sooner, but they are the exception to the rule. I have been training since I was 13, that's a long time. Chase your dreams & never stop, but be aware that the road to the top is a tough & long one to walk. So, what is your dream car?

GG: I love Porsche's big time, the smoothest ride I ever had. A black 911 convertible with brown leather latest edition. Do you have an individual in the sport that you idolize?

GG: I admire different bodybuilders for different reasons. For his work ethic no one comes close to Dorian Yates, I loved how professional Lee Labrada was both on stage & off. My favorite physique would have to be Flex Wheeler in the mid 90's & Kevin Levrone is awesome. What does it mean to you to turn pro?

GG: I could petition for my Pro card as I have won the Australasia back home & the Australia. I meet with Joe Weider 3 times & he was going to help me with it, but the powers that be back home would not allow it. In hindsight it was the best thing that ever happened to me, I WASN'T ready back then that's for sure. Of course turning pro is every bodybuilder's dream, but I do not see the point in turning pro to make up the numbers. I will turn pro when I know that I belong & can place inside the top 6 in pro event. Being a new father and bodybuilder?

GG: Yeah, I am really excited about being a father; I have been reading all the books on pregnancy & what the woman is feeling, etc., as well as books on fatherhood. I know one thing I am so glad that men cannot get pregnant. For 3 months Kiyoko was always nausea's tired & irritable, (It reminded me of Andarol 50 ha ha) I know that having a child is a big commitment & is very time consuming, but I am looking forward to it 100%. Jay Cutler vs. Ron Coleman. Your thoughts?

GG: It was close & could have gone either way, Ronnie was off & Jay was really on. I think that Jay may have had him, but all this has done is hurt Ronnie's ego. He will be shredded at the Olympia & no one will even take a point of him this year. Jay is wise not to compete, he knows how good he looked & how much better Ronnie can look. Jay is very a smart business man & knows what he is doing. Thanks Guy. Keep us advised of the new comer in the family and when he or she arrives. Good luck t you on that stage in your career.