Eat Clean While Traveling: The Road Rules!

How do you eat clean while traveling? Here's a brief outline with tips to help keep you lean and mean while at the airport, hotel and more.

I am sitting here at The Houston Airport, named after President George Bush the 1st, and thinking about a few things to pass the time. One is, "Man, Laura Bush (George W. Bush's wife) was decently hot. I mean, not Sarah Palin hot, but for an older lady, she's pretty hot!"

Then my mind wanders into a question asked all the time on Derek, Rob and my blog. "How do you eat clean and maintain your conditioning while traveling?" I am writing this article on July 31, 2009 and here is a shot of me yesterday:

Without further ado, this road warrior along with his faithful Team including diet gurus Derek Charlebois and Rob Moran, will outline a plan to keep you lean and mean on the road.

On The Plane And In The Airport

  • Bring an empty Tupperware or shaker cup. Bring ziplocks with pre-measured Whey and a bag of almonds. If your diet calls for carbs, rock some dry oats. Remember, this is a flight, so you need to leave the liquid behind to get through security.
  • When it is time to eat, buy some water and you can have either sludge (mix as you would with peanut butter, but with less liquid) and drop the almonds in after to make a pudding-like sludge with your protein. Or, you can simply shake up some whey and eat the almonds.
  • If you need carbs, simply add the oats to your shake or your sludge. Boom! You just got served a knowledge bomb of chocolaty goodness!

Scivation's Marc Lobliner Makes Protein Sludge
Watch The Video - 03:18


  • Order meat and veggies and if you need carbs, order a dry sweet potato, baked potato, or even rice.
  • For veggies, be sure to ask for them "steamed with no butter".
  • Ask for your meat to be cooked dry with no oil or butter.
  • Ask for your eggs to be cooked in spray and not in butter.
  • Reiterate "no sauce" on anything!
  • Have fun and plan ahead! For example, we found that the Chicken Fajita Omelet with no cheese and no sour cream with Harvest Grain and Nut Pancakes with no butter and sugar-free syrup from IHOP, fit my macros perfectly and is a darn clean meal!
  • Denny's! This place will grill plain chicken and eggs at a great price.
  • At steakhouses: always opt for lean sirloin and fillet. Remember the "no butter" rule!

Hotel Room

  • If you have a microwave, rock a brownie !
  • Sludge is still your friend. Unless going out, sludge it up, or make shakes. A 2lb container of Scivation Whey takes up very little space in a carry-on or backpack!
  • Buy peanut butter and all goods when you get in town. Blueberries will keep unrefrigerated for quite a while.
  • To make oatmeal in your room, use the in-room coffee pot and make hot water. Pour over oats and BAM, SLAM, Thank you MA'AM! You got oatmeal.

In The Car

  • Protein shakes and almonds while you drive. All you need to know... follow restaurant rules when you eat out.


There you have it. There is never a reason to be a fat slob. Eat clean, stay lean, and be sexy. Team Scivation is all about being sexy and getting results.