BodySpace Member Of The Month - MsFitFern!

BodySpace once had 25,000 members, one of whom was MsFitFern. Today, the ranks have mushroomed to more than 700,000. What hasn't changed? MsFitFern is still one of our most inspiring members.

Article Summary:
  • MsFitFern has been on Bodyspace for about 4 years now and joined when the membership was about 25,000.
  • She is a self-employed fitness model and does online consultation.
  • She believes that progress photos are an absolute must if you want to reach your goals.


BodySpace Member Of The Month - MsFitFern!


It is hard to believe that at one time Bodyspace was at a membership of around 25,000 when nowadays we are closing in on 700,000 but it is true. One of those first 25,000 was MsFitFern. She has grown and seen as much success as BodySpace itself has and many people can contribute their own success and growth to her for being so inspiring and willing to share the knowledge with them.

With all she has done and plans to do in the future, would like to shine a spotlight on MsFitFern as this month's Bodyspace Member of the Month.

She Has Grown And Seen As Much Success As BodySpace Itself
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She Has Grown And Seen As Much Success As BodySpace Itself.

[ Q ] What is your name, where are you from, and how old are you?

Fern Assard, Connecticut, and I'm 42 years old.

[ Q ] How long have you been visiting and using BodySpace, how did you find out about it, and have you met any BodySpace members in person?

I have been using Bodyspace for about 4 years. I found it while looking for supplements online and I think there were only about 25,000 members when I joined. I have met a few people in person while attending shows, competing and during fitness expos.

[ Q ] What do you do for a living, and what made you decide to get yourself into such great shape?

I am currently a self employed fitness model and I do online consults as well. As far as what made me get into shape, well I was formerly an anorexic and realized no matter how "skinny" you get by "dieting" or going without food, you never look good. So I decided to find a healthier way to look good and feel good...and I did just that.

I Decided To Find A Healthier Way To Look Good And Feel Good And I Did Just That
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I Decided To Find A Healthier Way To Look
Good And Feel Good And I Did Just That.

[ Q ] If you could only pick one, what would be your absolute favorite supplement?

My favorite supplement of all time is Gaspari Nutrition's Superpump250. It has gotten me through more workouts than I can count. I used to work out at night after a full time day job and it gave me a huge boost. Without it, I may have just decided to nap rather than go to the gym.

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[ Q ] What is the most important thing you've learned since you started training?

I've learned the value of eating right. Most people are taught the food pyramid in school, three meals a day and to live by counting calories and none of that works. You have to learn what type of food to eat and when to eat them.

Without proper nutrition, even weight training is pretty useless because you can't grow muscle without it, either that or you will just have the same amount of body fat you started with no matter how hard you train or do cardio.

[ Q ] If I looked in your refrigerator, what would I find?

My fridge is currently a "mixed bag". Like many parents who train, the kids won't eat the same as we do. I try to keep them on healthier things, but they do like mac and cheese and hot dogs. For myself, staples are ground turkey, brown rice and vegetables.

I also enjoy shrimp on salad, lots of eggs, the usual boiled chicken, and most anything that is considered "clean eating". Essentially this is food that is "unadulterated" and is eaten the way nature intended; not altered with in a factory.

[ Q ] What is the best fitness advice you could give to someone?

I tell everyone....Progress Photos are a must. A young woman asked me today as a matter of fact. I told her to put up a picture of herself that she hated and she had to look at day after day.

Also I tell them to start a Bodyspace profile and they can continue to post photos which will show up next to each other for comparison which will show you actually are changing, even when you get discouraged.

I Tell Everyone Progress Photos Are A Must
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I Tell Everyone Progress Photos Are A Must.

[ Q ] Did you make any mistakes when you first started working out?

Of course I did! I didn't know how to eat, hurt myself in the gym a few times, overdid cardio, etc. You name it, I probably did it. It's a learning process and everyone is different.

You have to get a little info here and there and try it and see what works for you. We are not all born with the same metabolism, body shape and lifestyle, so everything has to be custom tailored to your needs and situation.

[ Q ] What are your future fitness goals?

I hope to put out a fitness CD someday. I really think women (and men too) over 30 and mothers are forgotten as far as fitness and it irritates me to see us left out or told that lifting 3lb pink dumbbells are going to make you fit. I want people to learn how to have a fit lifestyle and not to believe in "diets".

That word is a temporary word and fitness is not's a way of life. I also want to continue competing in figure for as long as possible. For me, having a mark on my calendar telling me I have to be in top shape is a serious motivator.

I Want To Continue Competing In Figure For As Long As Possible
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I Want To Continue Competing In Figure For As Long As Possible.

[ Q ] Is there anything you would like to say to all the BodySpace people out there?

Ask yourself "why NOT me?" My life isn't perfect, but fitness has changed me so much and it can do the same for you. Part of what I do is offer advice when I can because I started with nothing myself and I know people are led to believe they need a trainer to get anywhere. It's not true.

If you really want it, it can happen with hard work. I also want to thank people who list me as "inspirational" on Bodyspace. It's a huge honor for me and helps me keep going on my own bad days as well.

    Check Out MsFitFern's BodySpace Profile Here.

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