Body Transformation: Fine Tuning British Muscle

Scott’s world flipped when he switched gyms and discovered muscular diversity. See how his detailed approach prepares him for a future in bodybuilding!

Name: Scott Turnbull
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Scott Turnbull Scott Turnbull
AGE 16
183 lbs
AGE 17
181 lbs

Why I Got Started

I had always been athletic in my younger years and enjoyed pushing my body to the limit. At 15 I joined a small gym with no knowledge about training or dieting.

As I trained more and more I began to pick up knowledge on how to train correctly and began to love it. I then moved to a bigger gym with more equipment. This is when things got serious.

I began to read online about training and dieting then slowly picked up a lot of knowledge. I wanted to change what I saw in the mirror and be proud of my body, so I did!

How I Did It

After I joined a bigger gym and had decent knowledge on what I was doing, the first thing I did was get my diet sorted out. I did this by asking my mother to buy nothing but lean meat, slow carbs and vegetables!

I then planned out my training schedule which was a basic split of one muscle group per day and cardio 3 times per week. As I progressed I wanted to compete in a bodybuilding show more and more, and I decided to compete in the BNBF Teen's category.

The competition was on June 19th and it was late November by the time I had decided I wanted to compete. I had 6 months to get my body in competition shape. As I got closer to my competition my diet was strict and my training was tough. On the day I placed 4th in the teen's class.

I wasn't happy about the condition I came in but I sure as hell learned a lot! Now that I have the experience of competing I cannot wait to get back on stage this year and show everyone (mostly myself) what I am made of.

After the show I decided to try and bulk while giving myself plenty time to prepare for my show. My competition is on June 10th and I am currently just under 20 weeks out. I will start cutting and dieting strictly at 16 weeks from the date.

For now I am still "bulking" using the training program FST-7.

Suggestions For Others

Patience is key. You are not going to have the body of your dreams over night. It all takes time, dedication and hard work! You can accomplish anything once you believe in yourself.

Train hard and eat smart! It is not 40% diet 60% training etc. It is 100% diet and 100% training. To be get where you want to be is all about sacrifice.

Another thing that has helped me is having an inspiration, someone to look up to and follow. For me personally this would be Phil Heath.

Finally, never give up. Every meal/workout is one step closer to your goal. Stay motivated, determined and patient!