Beginning Bodybuilding For Teens!

New to bodybuilding? Need some help getting started? In this article you will learn the basics to get you started with your bodybuilding program!

At the age of eighteen I have been doing weightlifting for four years now. To me its been one of the greatest experiences ever. Not only did my body get bigger and stronger I was also able to develop my mind. A lot of teenagers when they start out bodybuilding they go in the gym being all macho. They go to the rack and pick up the largest weight they think they can lift.

They start lifting, not only are they struggling to lift the weight but their form is so sloppy that they are hurting themselves more than increasing their muscles. With everyone that I ever worked out with or trained at the gym I always say the same thing. Bodybuilding is not about lifting heavy, its all about proper technique and physique.

Keys To Success

A lot of times at the gym you will see teen bodybuilders who are starting out working out the same muscle day in and day out. You are tearing your muscle instead of letting it grow. You must let your muscles rest for 48 hours after workout before you can work that same muscle out again. Your muscles are not growing when you are working out but when you are resting.

Another key to bodybuilding is proper nutrition you have to watch what enters your body. You do not want unnecessary fat or unnecessary sugars. Eating a lot of salad which has enzymes is good for your digestive system and will help to break down your food a lot easier. If your trying to put on mass you need to concentrate on eating high protein foods such as fish, turkey, chicken, white meat only, peanuts, beef.

Water is an important factor too since your muscles are mostly made up of water. Drinking a lot of water during workouts and while resting is important too. Don't let your body dehydrate especially during workouts.

Beginner Workout

If you're a beginning bodybuilder, first you need to increase your upper and lower body strength before you hit the gym. Here are some exercises to do to increase your strength a little bit and get your body into shape.

Advanced Workout

If your not a beginner in bodybuilding all your looking for is a routine to bulk up or get muscle definitions. Here is a routine I have been using for past 2 years to help me.

Six Days A Week

Monday & Thursday



    Leg raises - as much as you can minimum 50 reps
    Twists - 50 reps and up
    Crunches - 50 and up none stop as many as you can
    Leg extensions - 50 reps and up


Click here for printable workout log!

Tuesday & Friday





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Wednesday & Saturday


Biceps Click here for printable workout log!

This is a routine that has been working for me for the past 2 years I have noticed a lot of results from it and I do recommend others to try it. Try to switch up your routines every 3 months so that your muscles don't get used to the same routine. Give your muscles a little bit of variation. Also give it that extra push to feel the pump. If you stick to this routine day in and day out with proper dieting you will begin to see results.

Also set a goal for yourself what you want out of bodybuilding. That goal will help to develop your muscles more. Keep track of your weight and how much you lift on the exercises so that your getting that extra push. Plus try to increase the weights slowly and gradually on each exercise.