Ask The Fighter Diet Girl: Glute Activation, Killer Cardio, And Max Muscle Growth!

Pauline Nordin, founder of the Fighter Diet, answers your burning fitness questions via video. Knock out your goals with this new, hard-hitting column!

You have to train hard to build a hard body. You have to fight for your own Fighter Diet physique. Luckily, you've got me, the original Fighter Diet Girl, in your corner! In this first video of my new series, I teach you how to build a gorgeous gluteus maximus, explain my favorite forms of cardio, and offer three tips to build the killer muscle you crave.

Ask The Fighter Diet Girl Episode 1
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How can I build a butt like yours?

I've heard that some people believe I have a pretty decent gluteus maximus. To build a booty like mine, you have to work your ass off, seriously. That muscle is dense. It's supposed to be thick. It takes hard work to build a killer butt.

I see girls at the gym pick up seven-pound dumbbells and show them to their butts and their butts are like, "Pffft! What's that? That's not even going to produce a fart."

You have to lift heavy, with a lot of reps, to build a great butt. You have to use supersets, triple sets, dropsets—everything! If you are not sore after your workout, if you don't feel it, then you're not hitting it hard enough!

What are your favorite forms of cardio?

My favorites are the Stepmill, sand running, and Antoni Hardonk!

Sand running

Deep sand sucks, and that's why I do it. Sprint on the beach to really challenge your legs and cardiovascular system. I hate being outdoors, but I will do it just to get that burn in my thighs.


There's just one way up. I've fallen off the machine when it broke down. I do it at level 20 for 3-minute rounds.


I love to train with UFC Fighter Antoni Hardonk. He kicks my ass. He's really big, and I'm really tiny! It's a great workout.

What are your top three muscle-building tips?

Combine these three things to build big muscles!

You gotta have passion!

When you train, you have to train like all you want to do is build muscle. It's all about the mindset.

Choose exercises that are consistently proven to build

Deadlifts, squats, overhead presses, and other compound lifts. If you can sit down and read a magazine while you work out, if you can pump a little and look good doing it, then you're not doing the right exercise!


Yes, you need to have patience, because without it, you're not going to get anywhere. So many people train all they can for maybe one to two weeks, and then they wonder why they don't look like someone who has trained for 10 years. Patience is something you can't be without.

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