Ask The Expert Panel: 24-Hour Nutrition

Performance optimization requires nutrient timing with a whole-day perspective. Consume the right foods at the right time, and you'll soar through more intense training while maximizing growth and recovery!

Ask The Expert Panel: 24-Hour Nutrition
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When it comes to nutrition, it seems as if most of the focus these days is centered on pre- and post-workout strategies. And while there's no denying these are key times that play a large role in muscle growth and recovery, properly planning the rest of your day's meals is just as important for reaching long-term performance goals.

In this episode of our expert-panel roundtable discussions, we invited Dr. Robert Wildman and Dr. Krissy Kendall to discuss how to structure an entire day's worth of eating so you don't leave any gains on the table. They lay out the guidelines for establishing daily calorie needs and how to determine optimal protein, carbohydrate, and fat intake. They also explain how to time your meals appropriately so that you're getting the most out of your workouts, and how to time your supplements to see optimal results.

The best way to learn from these experts is to watch the entire video. Then, if you'd like to refer back to specific sections, use the bookmark links below. Don't see your question answered here? Shout it out in the comments below so we can address it in the future!

THE EXPERT PANEL With Dr. Rob Wildman and Dr. Krissy Kendall
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Dr. Robert Wildman

  • PhD in human nutrition, registered dietitian (RD), fellow of the International Society of Sports Nutrition (FISSN)
  • Chief Science Officer for Dymatize Nutrition
  • expert contributor
  • Author of "Sports & Fitness Nutrition; "The Nutritionist: Food, Nutrition & Optimal Health;" "Advanced Human Nutrition;" and "The Handbook of Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods"
  • Author of more than 75 journal articles, book chapters, and abstracts on nutrition, performance, and health
  • Website:

Krissy Kendall

  • PhD in exercise physiology, certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS), sports nutritionist (CISSN), and exercise physiologist (ACSM)
  • Science Editor at
  • Author of's "Ask the Science Chick" column
  • Author/co-author of over 100 peer-reviewed papers, book chapters, and abstracts on sports nutrition, supplementation, and training

Expert Panel Table of Contents

Who are Krissy Kendall and Rob Wildman - 0:10
Why do you need to think about nutrition with a 24-hour perspective? - 0:40
  • Exercise and nutrition as stimulus for growth and physique change
  • What are the key concepts when it comes to 24-hour nutrition?
  • The nutrients that enable a better workout and speed up recovery
  • What it means to look at nutrition in the full 24-hour window
What's happening throughout the day in your muscle? - 5:00
  • The anatomy of muscle
  • Why muscle is never truly at rest, but rather constantly being made and broken down
  • How training creates a stimulus to increase muscle protein synthesis and breakdown
  • The role played by nutrition synthesis and minimizing muscle protein breakdown
What can be done in a 24-hour period to maximize strength and muscle gains? - 7:15
  • The phenomenon of "gram warfare"
  • How much protein you need to gain one pound of muscle
What impact does training have on muscle hypertrophy? - 9:55
  • How to build muscle effectively through training
  • Optimal training intensity, sets, and reps for muscle hypertrophy
  • The best exercises for stimulating muscle growth
  • How training and nutrition work synergistically to help you reach your goals

How do I manage training and nutrition to see maximum results? - 13:25
  • The importance of meal planning and tracking
  • Applying training concepts to your nutrition plan
  • The equal importance of diet and training for reaching goals
  • How to set effective goals and reach them

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How do I establish my baseline calorie needs - 19:00
  • Determining caloric intake based on goals.
  • How to calculate calories using the Mifflin St. Jeor equation
  • The challenge of monitoring body weight and making small adjustments
How do I determine my ideal macronutrient breakdown? - 21:45
  • Determining your minimum protein needs to achieve your goal
  • How to determine daily protein, carb, and fat requirements
  • How to tweak your nonprotein calorie contributors
What are the benefits of consuming higher amounts of protein? - 25:15
  • The anabolic effect of protein
  • The satiating effect of protein
  • The thermic effect of protein
  • Why higher protein diets are safe
  • How to eat a high-protein diet without compromising carb and fat intake
What does the "perfect" day look like for building muscle? - 28:10
  • Why protein is essential for breakfast
  • The magic 2:1 carb-to-protein ratio for breakfast
  • What a muscle-building breakfast should look like
  • What 40 grams of protein looks like
How should I time my meals throughout the day? - 33:15
  • Eating every 3-4 hours to keep amino acid levels elevated
  • Timing meals pre- and post-workout to take advantage of the "metabolic window"
  • The reasoning for sipping BCAAs between meals
  • How BCAAs can aid recovery and hydration
What should my pre-workout drink contain? - 38:30
  • The importance of energy and circulation support in your pre-workout
  • Pomegranate and beetroot: the new pre-workout all-stars
  • The "muscle aminos": beta-alanine, creatine, and BCAAs
  • Supplements that provide an acute response versus supplements that provide benefits over the long term
What should I drink or take during my workout? - 42:10
  • Why staying hydrated during a workout is key
  • How adding BCAAs to your water can help keep you hydrated
  • The dramatic effects of dehydration on training performance

What is the perfect post-workout meal? - 43:50
  • The "anabolic window" and why it still matters
  • Immediate post-workout meal versus the "24-hour window"
  • The importance of a post-workout meal when doing multiple workouts a day
  • The crucial role of carbohydrates in your post-workout meal
What is the perfect muscle-building bedtime snack? - 48:40
  • How protein can boost muscle protein synthesis during sleep
  • Casein's effect on resting metabolic rate and morning hunger levels
  • Debunking the myth of not eating after 8:00 p.m.
  • Bedtime snack ideas
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