An Interview With Brandon Curry!

Brandon is relatively injury-free because he trains the front of his body as well as the back of his body. Read this interview to see how.

Brandon Curry is a natural competitive bodybuilder from Tennessee. Although he has been involved in competitive sports for most of his life, he only recently entered the sport of bodybuilding. Brandon is one of those truly genetically gifted athletes that take their bodies and their minds to their maximum potential.

Brandon Curry

Brandon trains hard and heavy. He remains relatively injury-free because he makes sure to train the front of his body (chest) as well as the back of his body (rear delts, rhomboids). Brandon also has great symmetry with a great upper body as well as awesome legs.


How old are you?

I'm 22 years old.

How tall are you, and how much do you weigh?

I'm 5'8" tall and weight between 190 and 200 lbs.

Do you play any competitive sports?

I've played a variety of sports: gymnastics, football, wrestling, and track. I now compete in bodybuilding.

Were you always a big guy?

Not really just always pretty lean and muscular (abs and bicep peak).

Do you have siblings? Do genetics run in the family (brothers, sisters, parents)?

I have two younger sisters. My dad is tall and slim. My uncles on my mom's side have some potential. My great-grandmother on my dad's side is a strong woman.

Even in her old age, she still moves furniture around. My great-grandmother's younger brother and his sons were the ones who weight trained. My great uncle built his weight training equipment in his back yard.

I remember going over there when his son was younger, and they always had their shirts off. They were some pretty muscular and athletic guys.

Are you in college? If so, what are you majoring in?

I'm attending Middle Tennessee State University. I'm majoring in Exercise Science.

How has your major helped you in bodybuilding?

It has given me the tools for better understanding of in-depth aspects of training and better use of the material. I can better decipher the legit material over the bull-crap!

I have learned to rely on more reliable sources and not your everyday bodybuilding magazines.

When did you start competing in bodybuilding?

In the Summer of 2003.

Why did you get involved in bodybuilding?

A friend named Michael at my gym bugged me about it until I finally gave in 5 weeks out. He helped me with my diet and posing, and I won.

What's your bodybuilding record so far?

  • 1st - SNBF TN Novice
  • 1st - SNBF TN Open Middle Wt.
  • 2nd - SNBF Nationals Middle Wt.
  • 1st - Muscle Mania Superbody Jr.

What is it like to be onstage?

It's hot, bright, and the floor is pretty hard. I don't get a high off of it. It's not better than sex. It's not nerve racking. It's just apart of it.

What drives you to bodybuild?

It's just a natural gift and a way I can show off my hard work in the gym.

What's your nutrition like?

I eat 7-8 times a day, mostly whole foods (meats, eggs, milk, vegetables, fruits, white rice, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, and nuts).

Do you have cheat foods?

Gummies, fruits snacks, Twizzlers, Twix, and Snickers.

Do you use any supplements?

Basically, pre/post workout supplements (Surge or personal mix), protein (Grow), ZMA, vitamins, and Hot-Rox (fat burner) for competitions.

Tell us about your training? Do you have a particular philosophy?

My training varies with my growth of knowledge. I love compound movements (big three). Progressive overload is my aim, mostly in the aspect of intensity.

I am currently using Accentuated Eccentric base training in the beginning of the week, and Strength/Power at end of the week. I am a big fan of functional muscle, even though that's not necessarily what bodybuilding is about.

All show and no go is just not the way I'd like to flow.

Is your training different getting ready for a competition vs. "off-season"? Do you even have an off-season?

Not much, just a little less volume and negatives. Off-season what's that?

Brandon Curry

You don't use wrist straps, do you? Why not?

Straps are so uncomfortable! I just don't like using them because I like to work on my grip strength.

I don't believe you should use them unless your grip is gone and that is the only way you can overload the muscle you're training. Even still, I don't use them.

What is/are your favorite bodypart(s)?

Hams and back.

What are your strongest lifts in the gym?

Haven't made max attempts at lifts in a while but deadlifts are my forte.

Do you have any tips for those bodybuilders trying to get involved in the sport?

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Make realistic goals.
  • Use compound lifts.
  • Use periodization.
  • Do research. Don't just read bodybuilding magazines.
  • Progressive overload is key.
  • Learn your own body before doing "so & so" workouts.
  • It takes time, even more than you assume.
  • There is no such thing as scientifically proven.
  • Be efficient in the gym.
  • Complaining gets you nowhere fast.
  • Beware of bodybuilding fads.
  • Good nutrition accelerates gains.
  • Shortcuts only bring you to the end faster, and they don't always define success.
  • You don't always have to train to failure.
  • Bodybuilding is full of smoke and mirrors.
  • The best bodybuilders are naturally gifted. This is not just a sport of chemical warfare.
  • Bodybuilding is political so don't get upset.
  • Symmetry matters.
  • Hard work doesn't always pay off. That's life.
  • Everyone can't be the best.

Brandon Curry's Workout

The workout I use on myself is a bit complex, so read this carefully. I've use a few different training techniques to create my workout routine.

Brandon Curry

I train four days per week, where total body is worked twice in this period. Chest, back and shoulders are worked during the first day of the week with an emphasis on hypertrophy-style technique, such as double contraction one-and-a-half rep and rest-pause sets.

The second workout is legs and arms with an emphasis on strength techniques using methods such as the wave. The third workout is chest, back, and shoulders but with an emphasis on strength techniques.

The final workout is legs and arms but with hypertrophy techniques. I use a four week cycle with a back-off or rest week on the fourth week. This back-off week consists of minimal training and volume with an emphasis on power and speed using mostly compound lifts.

The third week is eccentric focused week, in which I use methods like 2 and 1, superslow, and assisted negative in my hypertrophy workouts.

Workout Schedule

Monday: Chest, Back, Shoulders (Hypertrophy)

Tuesday: Legs and Arms (Strength)

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Chest, Back, Shoulders (Strength)

Friday: Legs and Arms (Hypertrophy)

Weekends: Rest

Workout Techniques

Double Contraction 1 1/2 Rep Techniques:
1 1/2 rep = 1 rep (Note this for later.)
(Example bench press: down, halfway up, down, and then all the way up is one rep.)

One set involves three set with 10 second rest between each and the same weight is used the whole set.

Wave (Used During Strength Days):
Set 1 at 150 lb for 5 reps
Set 2 at 160 lb for 4 reps
Set 3 at 170 lb for 3 reps
Set 4 at 155 for 5 reps
Set 5 at 165 for 4 reps
Set 6 at 175 for 3 reps

Strength Days:
1st week 5-7x4, 2nd week wave 5/4/3/5/4/3, and 3rd week wave 3/2/1/3/2/1.

Sample Workout

Monday: Chest/Back/Shoulders

Tuesday: Legs/Arms

Thursday: Chest/Back/Shoulders

Friday: Legs/Arms