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6 Stellar Protein Smoothie Recipes!

Whether you're looking for a post-workout recovery shake or simply want to top off your meal with a protein-rich treat, each of these recipes offers up a healthy option to fuel your gains!

6 Stellar Protein Smoothie Recipes!
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In need of recipes to add to your protein-shake repertoire? Well, you're in luck! Each one of these athlete-approved smoothies packs a powerful protein punch and a hearty helping of carbs and fat, making them perfect for post-workout recovery, as a meal replacement, or as a nighttime treat.

1. Mixed Berry Chocolate Smoothie

International cover model and Natural Eastern USA Physique Champion Melih Cologlu swears by this protein shake with five-star flavor. With a full scoop of protein, a bit of nonfat Greek yogurt, and a handful of berries, it adds a fruity punch to a sweet, chocolate base. Yum!

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2. Killa Smoothie

What do you get when you combine the antioxidant powerhouse spinach with the healthful fats in avocado and the sweetness of blueberries and bananas? Why, a delicious morning shake, of course! Personal trainer and Grenade athlete James St Leger recommends this treat. Add in a few scoops of vanilla protein, and you're really in for a macro-meeting treat.

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3. Chunky Monkey Charge Smoothie

No need to dig into a pint of full-fat ice cream to get the classic flavors of chocolate and banana. This shake, which has an added boost of peanut butter, is the epitome of dessert in a glass. It’s a favourite of WBFF Pro Muscle Model Jamie Alderton. From the creamy yogurt to the spicy-sweet combination of maple and cinnamon, this shake works perfectly as a meal replacement or pre-workout fuel.

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4. Hydra 6 Anabolic Recovery Smoothie

With a generous helping of rolled oats and a serving of creamy peanut butter and flaxseed, this shake screams post-workout cure. Fitness althelete and online physique coach Rich Elston recommends it.With a 50/50 split of fast- and slow-digesting quality protein that ensures that your blood stream has high volumes of top-quality amino acids to aid muscle growth and recovery.

If you'd like to drink this before your head hits the pillow, the combination of complex carbs and healthy fats will also keep nighttime munchies at bay and leave you feeling full and satisfied. Added leucine will flick the switch on protein synthesis and trigger new growth, while the added glutamine may boost your immune system and speed up the recovery process. Boom!

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5. High-Calorie Hydra 6 Mass Smoothie

Looking to add some size to your frame? Take a cue from personal trainer and fitness athlete Adam Parr. He recommends this mass-gaining smoothie! With a healthy dose of carbs, protein, and fats, its creamy texture goes down smooth and is the perfect portable muscle meal in a glass.

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6. Creamy Cookie Chaos Hydra 6 Smoothie

Who doesn't love the taste of cookies first thing in the morning? This shake, a favorite of bikini athlete Melissa Haywood, combines the power of potassium-rich bananas with the hydrating effect of coconut milk. The healthy fats in avocado also create a rich texture that makes this muscle-building shake taste like a cheat meal.

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