5 Ways To Make Halibut Insanely Delicious

Not all fish is white, bland, and tasteless. Turn that fillet into something fantastic with these five recipes.

Halibut is one of the healthiest, tastiest fish varieties under the sea. The slightly sweet taste of the snow white fish makes it a popular choice. The flavor it brings to your palate is also backed up by its macros. Halibut is lean, coming in at 158 calories per 4-ounce serving, packing 30 grams of protein and 3 grams of healthy fat.

The fat content this fish provides serves up a good dose of essential omega-3 fats which help foster a healthier mind and a leaner body composition while helping ward off a number of potentially life-threatening diseases such as cancer and diabetes. Have you tried halibut before but found that you're not a fan or the popular flatfish? It all comes down to cooking method. Trust me, when prepared it can be one of the tastiest protein sources you'll eat.

Here are five great ways to serve halibut. Try them out and start including this fish as a dietary staple.

1. Dijon Mustard Halibut In Parchment Paper

This tangy halibut dish is a fast-and-easy meal that will provide you with a hearty dose of protein. If you're on a lower-carb diet, simply add more vegetables to the bag and forgo the brown rice or quinoa. Feeling indulgent? Consider doubling the sauce.

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2. Tomato Basil Halibut

This rustic take on halibut is a great dish for a cozy dinner in. The olives provide a good dose of heart-healthy fats while the tomatoes provide plenty of antioxidants to keep you in top health.

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3. Zesty Orange Halibut

This halibut recipe is a great way to keep your calories low while taking the flavor profile of your diet to an all-time high. The addition of the orange zest sets this recipe apart and takes the dish to a whole new level and helps ensure that it is one that you will come to love.

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4. Cajun Halibut With Corn

This Cajun-style meal is sure to please your taste buds and offer up plenty of antioxidants in the form of corn and salsa. The added cayenne pepper is ideal for people looking to boost their metabolic rate a few hours after consumption since it contains capsaicin—the same lipophilic chemical found in chilli peppers—which offers a nice spike to your metabolic rate.

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5. Coconut Halibut With Green Beans

Pair the muscle-building power of halibut with heart healthy coconut. It's a win-win. In addition to the star protein, you'll get the benefits of coconut, which includes a slight boost to your metabolic rate to give you extra energy as you head into your day.

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