4 Ways To Keep Your Fitness In Focus--No Matter What

The life road contains series of switchbacks and hairpin curves, forcing you to change direction in the middle of your voyage. When you reach an obstacle, you power through.

This rollercoaster of emotions also known as LIFE can stand in the way of reaching our goals. Just when we think that E-ticket coaster is about to downshift, we can be thrown for another loop. Work hours, relationships, juggling family and friends, the daily grind, errands, that dang laundry, time crunches, traffic, financial woes - you name it.

So how do we handle life when life has its own agenda? I want to share what I learned through my personal experience to maintain a healthy and attractive physique through my life, my crazy careers, failures, successes and setbacks. I don't let life get in the way. I expand my resources to keep me on track.

With the tips below, I hope I can help you do the same.

Hairpin Curve No. 1: Low Funds And High Stress

You may be between jobs right now, investing in a new project, or you may simply need to put some money away or spend it on your children. Can't afford a gym membership? No worries. Wherever you live, you can still shape up. Let Mother Nature guide you. Hills, stairs, streets, mountains and trails are there for you to accelerate your cardio. Walk, run, skip, lunge - if there's space, there's no excuse. Seize the day!

Mother Nature will provide. A full workout, that is!

I had a wonderful television career, but the economy hit me and I found myself without a gym pass for the first time in my life. I was in expensive Santa Monica, California, so the Santa Monica stairs became my saving grace. I worked those mile-high stairs for a good year and kept my physique tight without spending a dime! I also invested in some medicine balls and resistance bands that I tied to trees. Tada! Full workout!

Since you're on a budget, you'll have no extra cash to splurge on unnecessary snacks and treats! Being broke actually works in your favor in this way.

Hairpin Curve No. 2: Family And Relationship Problems

When s-t hits the fan, we need to pour out cocktails of sorrow (alcohol is a certified depressant) and make a major physical commitment. It's hard when your world turns upside down - especially when you lose a loved one - but this is when yoga, cardio and strength training are the most beneficial.

Daily exercise is the No. 1 antidepressant. I suggest opening your daily gift of exercise early in the morning to get your spirit on track … and if needed, again in the evening or perhaps during your lunch break - your "hour of power!" Whenever I am upset, angry, frustrated, sad or depressed, I take a yoga class and clear it all away. A long hike produces the same effect.

Like attracts like. If you're sad, you'll attract sadness. So break the cycle. If you get mentally stable, strong and learn to walk through turmoil with grace and strength, you'll exude and attract glorious traits back into your life.

When life sends you a storm, become a lightning rod of positive emotion.

Hairpin Curve No. 3: Time Vanishes

Once you make a commitment to not miss a training day, you will search out and find the time for that crucial 20-to-30 minutes of amazing heart-pumping exertion to get blood flowing. Commitment is the key to building confidence and staying on track mentally and emotionally.

I used to be a grouch to my boyfriend for no apparent reason. I'd think: Why am I so cranky and mean right now? The answer: I hadn't exercised that day. So even if there were only 30 minutes until closing, I'd jam to the gym for a workout and close the place down. I can't even articulate how much it shifted my energy, making me feel like I finally accomplished what I needed to stay on track.

So, keep a workout wardrobe handy at all times, just in case you can't go to a gym and have to run a trail to blow off steam before you go home.

If the "tireds" kick in, grab a friend, roommate, significant other or family member and go for a late-night or early-morning stroll. Empty streets are amazing settings for daily reflection and intimate conversations. Or you can throw on the tunes and just GO! You never know whom you might meet along the way - maybe me!

When I was on the road hosting my travel show, I worked the longest hours of my life. I'd reach my hotel room at 3 a.m. dreading the 6 a.m. wakeup call. All I had energy for was my ab routine, or some squats or lunges, or yoga. But I still did it. What's more, I always woke up more refreshed and confident the next day.

The Internet is a wonderful library of quick tips on quick workouts that can be done anywhere. And we all know Bodybuilding.com has tons of how-to fitness videos.

Hairpin Curve No. 4: Yikes! Injury Strikes!

Injuries have been the source of my biggest setbacks, thanks to 10 surgeries and several painful rehabilitations. But I got creative. Ever since a 2001 snowboarding accident landed me in a wheelchair, I haven't been able to run or do any high-impact cardio. I easily could have slipped out of shape, but oh no - I wasn't going down like that. Ten years later, I continue working around chronic arthritis and full-body aches. Instead of running, I spin, do yoga, hike up hills, bike and do light weight training.

Tight as a bowstring, straight as an arrow—even after an injury.

I live on the beach, but only on special occasions do I run on the beach. When I do, I'm immediately home icing my ankle, but it's worth it. Even icing is a commitment. Don't give up if you are injured or live with consistent pain. Find the routine that works for you. I found yoga three years ago and because of this discovery I am healing.

My heart goes out to you. I hope you found my article helpful and inspiring to you and your wonderful life. Remember, you are an artist, and your life is your canvas, so paint with your favorite colors. With commitment, consistence, passion, love and patience, you will surely paint your masterpiece.

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