What do Tim Tebow and Steve Weatherford have in common? Both, of course, are former NFL players now chasing down different career paths: Tebow in baseball, and Weatherford in fitness, including numerous articles, workouts, and the 9-Week True Muscle Trainer with Bodybuilding.com.

But the similarities don't end there. Both men are also fond of "Tebowing"—aka taking a knee and striking a prayer pose, no matter what everyone around them is doing. Weatherford recently showed off the concentration curl variation he calls "Tebow curls" on his fitness-focused Instagram account Weatherfordfit.

Steve recommends supersetting these with a heavier biceps exercise—his go-to is heavy AF alternating dumbbell cheat curls—for 4 sets of 10 slow, controlled reps.

"1 second squeeze at the top, and do NOT go to full extension, stop 2 inches short of full extension to maintain tension on the bicep and recruit the Type 1 muscle fibers," he writes.

Given how serious this former kicker has become about arm training since his retirement, we recommend following his advice.

If you want to give your entire upper body a Steve-style makeover, try his Rapid Fire Workout—heck, you could even do Tebow curls in the place of the concentration curls in that workout. Or leap into our immensely popular (and free) program True Muscle: 9 Weeks to Elite Fitness, where Steve and top strength coach Nick Tumminello give you everything you need to add muscle and athleticism head to toe.

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