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If you thought Kris Gethin's version of a pre-race taper would look boring, you're watching the wrong video series. Sure, he takes a mandated day off from cardio—his first in a very long time—but he more than makes up for it by bringing the intensity elsewhere.

Hard cycling temp rides followed by heavy deadlifts? Check. Terrifying chest training with pro bodybuilder Guy Cisternino and online lifting beast Tony Sentmanat? Check. Trying out every glute machine in the gym with IFBB bikini pro Tawna Eubanks? Check.

This is the kind of varied, wild fun that only a hybrid athlete gets to have. Download this week's breakdown and enjoy the ride!

Training and Nutrition Tips from Week 23:

  • You'd think that Kris has learned everything there is to know about race-day nutrition and hydration, but he continues asking questions, grilling experienced athletes, and learning new things to the very end. Follow his lead!
  • A proper deload is all about resisting urges. Kris isn't great at that—when it comes to not training, at least. Do your best!
  • One benefit of being a hybrid athlete is that bodybuilders are fantastic at pushing through high lactate levels. This bears out in Kris' lactate-threshold training, but it only works because he trains so hard and is perpetually on point with his nutrition and supps.
  • "Swimming is just like swinging a golf club. You have to keep getting a feel for it," Kris says. Keep chasing that "relaxed and efficient" feeling in the water. It'll do more for you than chasing numbers ever does!
  • "Eating healthy, even on his birthday," Sunshine says of Kris. Yes, he is a master of self-control. But guess what? It works.
  • "If you're preparing for an Ironman, and even if you're not, you need to be able to activate your glutes," Kris says. Listen to the truth of the backside and be stronger at everything you love to do!

Ambitious athletic goals require strategic nutrition. Fuel up right to get big and go long.

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