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Kris' final week before race day starts off with a bang, in the form of an exploding shaker bottle full of supplements and apple cider vinegar. But despite this inauspicious start, his final week was one of triumphs.

On "judgement day" in the lab, he discovers that his body composition has improved dramatically over the course of his six months as an aspiring hybrid athlete. Even more surprising, he experiences a dramatic improvement in his VO2 max, a classic measurement of aerobic fitness that, in most cases, is quite difficult to improve.

So is Man of Iron a success? Training-wise, yes. Health-wise, yes. Performance-wise…Kris will only know at the end of the week. First download week 24 and then get ready for week 25, the dramatic climax to the Man of Iron series!

Training and Nutrition Tips from Week 24:

  • Race week is the ultimate taper. Rule 1: Don't push it. Rule 2: If you have any doubt about your ability to follow Rule 1, don't lift at all. Just practice what you'll need to have mastered on race day, and make sure your equipment is up to par.
  • Kris says it elsewhere, but race week isn't going to make your performance (although it can break it), the weeks and months leading up to it will.
  • If you're preparing for a race, everything Kris said about his half-Ironman applies here, too. Pack your supps in checked bags if you're flying to a destination. But most importantly, make sure you've practiced your nutritional and supplementation approaches extensively. Your stomach won't like surprises on race day!
  • Most importantly, believe in what you're doing! "You can live in both of these worlds," Kris proclaims. "You can live as a bodybuilder and as an endurance athlete without losing muscle, and you can possibly build muscle. But remember, you have to supplement and train like a bodybuilder, and especially eat like one."

Ambitious athletic goals require strategic nutrition. Fuel up right to get big and go long.

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