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"The reason I'm doing this is because I'm trying to prove to you that with efficiency can come the longevity," Kris Gethin says. "Especially when it comes to endurance."

This is the essence of his unique hybrid approach: Do what matters most and do it hard, rather than just doing more. As his work and travel demands ramp up, it gets tested almost daily.

With just three weeks to go until race day, it could be easy for Kris to simply trust the training and forget to bring intensity to everything he does. But then he'd be someone other than Kris Gethin. Download this week's workout breakdown!

Training and Nutrition Tips from Week 21:

  • Breakfast burrito, anyone? Kris spends his rest day making his favorite variety, which any bodybuilder can fit into their macros. Just cook up egg whites, tomatoes, fat-free cheese, and mushrooms, and wrap them in a whole-grain tortilla with your sauce of choice. Kris' sauce choice: a little ketchup.
  • Remember, when compound exercises are on the menu, you need fewer total exercises since each one works so many muscles and joints. When it's isolation moves, use more moves and more total volume.
  • Struggling to fit all the cardio into a single day? Split it up as necessary. 45-60 minutes in the morning and another 45-60 minutes in the evening can produce incredible results.
  • It's normal to be better at one part of training, or one part of a triathlon, than others. But don't let it get too unbalanced, or you'll have to scramble excessively during your weak events. "You don't want to be too much stronger on one than the other," Kris says.
  • "It's very easy for people to do more of the things they want to do, as opposed to focusing on the things they don't want to do," Kris says. Is lifting getting more of your love? Find balance, and you'll find elite performance.
  • Lifting and cardio on just four hours of sleep? It happens, and Kris is well experienced with it. The only thing that enables him to make it through is the voice in his head saying, "Do another 500. Do another 500." Your voice is in there, if you allow yourself to hear it.

Ambitious athletic goals require strategic nutrition. Fuel up right to get big and go long.

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