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"What a fucking wonderful view this is up here," says Kris Gethin while staggering through a trail run.

In the two days building up to the run, he did two brutal hill-climb workouts on the bike, after crushing legs in the weight room that morning. But he still sees the silver lining through the lactate.

"As painful as it is, it's so pleasurable that I have the opportunity to do this. I have my health, I have my limbs, I have my mobility, and what's even better is that I look like a bodybuilder doing it," he says.

That line says it all about this week's episode. It's a battle at times—such as when Kris has to abort an entire open-water swimming workout due to an equipment malfunction. But there are unexpected triumphs throughout—such as when he goes for a trail run in the Las Vegas desert with none other than six-time Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates.

"A run? With the Shadow?" you may be asking yourself. Yep! Turns out Kris isn't the only hybrid bodybuilder out there after all. Continue your hybrid-athlete journey by downloading the follow-along workouts

Training and Nutrition Tips from Week 19:

  • For bodybuilder arms—not just muscular arms—you need both full-ROM reps and heavy partials on curls. Let Kris show you the way!
  • Kris hit a hard hill climb with Alex Viada at the end of last week's episode, then started this week with another climb on his own just a day later. Why? "I feel like I've got a little inspiration and motivation." That's a precious commodity, so use it when you have it!
  • One day after that climb, Kris…hits legs. Crazy? Maybe. But it made the ice bath at the end of the day feel just right. "You may get a little shrinkage, guys," he warns, but it's more than worth it
  • Swimming is a skill, as Kris realizes more and more each week. To get better at any skill, "little and often" beats "every once in a while" every time.
  • Equipment malfunctions happen. And when they do, they ruin training sessions. If you let them, they'll ruin days, as well. Prepare yourself emotionally for some hard moments.
  • Have a space in your calendar blocked out for a run? Be generous with the bumper on either side. As Kris attests, you can't rush it.

Ambitious athletic goals require strategic nutrition. Fuel up right to get big and go long.

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