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"It was supposed to be a 90-minute, easy ride."

With these ominous words, Kris Gethin starts his discussion this week with his triathlon coach, Alex Viada. Since he began lifting, Kris has embraced intensity in every workout, and every part of his life. And his current goal, of preparing for a full Ironman triathlon in just six months, is definitely intense. But, as Viada tells him, getting there will require precise throttle control—and specifically, learning to keep it off the floor.

If you want to see the full breakdown of Kris' workouts this week, either out of curiosity or because you want the full Man of Iron experience yourself, download the PDF. Or just watch as he does the hard work for you!

Training and Nutrition Tips from Week 2:

  • Learning to pace yourself in running is essential. If you have plenty left in the tank in the latter stages of a race, it means you can sprint past those in front of you!
  • Alex Viada's words of wisdom: "Get aggressive about recovery." Track everything, and figure out what you could be doing better.
  • "Some days will go hard, and other days will be very, very easy," Kris says. Expect it, and don't hang out too much in that tweener zone where it's not hard enough to push your limits, but too hard to easily recover from.
  • Pouring extra egg whites on top of your fried, whole eggs in the pan is an easy way to boost protein content. Brilliant!
  • Don't skip your strength workouts just because you're also training for endurance—particularly if your goal is to still look like a bodybuilder!
  • Injuries and equipment malfunctions happen. Deal with them! Kris' rolled ankle and flat bike tire aren't going to stop him from doing everything altogether. And he even finishes his cardio on a stationary bike. No excuses.

Ambitious athletic goals require strategic nutrition. Fuel up right to get big and go long.

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